G Pen Pro: The 6 Minute Review

Grenco Science has done it again. Over the years, vape aficionados will have become accustomed to Grenco Science producing the highest quality vaporizers that boast designs as luxurious as their function. Well, the G Pen Pro does exactly that. It’s not their most extravagant product, but it’s not their most expensive either. It’s the perfect portable dry herb vaporizer for the flower connoisseurs out there.

G Pen Pro Vaporizer

$48.74 $74.99

Whether you’re familiar with the G Pen Pro vaporizer or not, over the course of this review we’ll answer all possible questions on the unit. From the process of unboxing, to getting started, to optimizing, you’ll be a specialist by the end of our g pen pro review, leaving you in the best position to make an informed decision. 

G Pen Pro: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs

Q1: How much does the G Pen Pro cost?

Available at EveryoneDoesIt for just $74.99, there’s no denying it’s a great value for your money.

Q2: What can you vape with the G Pen Pro?

The Pro is a portable vaporizer built for use exclusively with dry herbs. As a more entry-level vaporizer, it does not boast dual compatibility with concentrates. It’s only for dry herbs, so if concentrates are your material of choice you’d be better off looking elsewhere. 

Q3: How big is the G Pen Pro vaporizer?

The most important thing for any portable vaporizer is...you guessed it, portability. Contributing to this element of portability is the size of the unit. The dimensions are as follows: 11.6 x 2.5 x 2.4 cm. Standing at just 11.6 centimeters, it’ll travel with you on all your adventures with ease. 

Q4: How much does the G Pen Pro weigh?

Coming in at just 80 grams, it’s ideal for taking wherever you go, and without the issue of it weighing you down at all. 

Q5: What is the capacity of the oven chamber?

The heating chamber holds approximately 0.25 grams of finely ground dry herbs. This is the optimum size to support solo sessions on the go. It should be noted that this is ideal for those who vape alone, however, those seeking large extended sessions for multiple people may not be satisfied. 

Q6: What’s the G Pen Pro’s heating system?

Just as we’ve come to experience by the majority of portable vaporizers on the market, the Pro features a convection heating system. Rather than conduction, convection uses warm air to heat the herb. This, in turn, heats the dry herb within the chamber and vaporizes it ready for you to inhale. 

Q7: Can it be charged wirelessly?

Unfortunately, the G Pen Pro does not come with a wireless charger. It is possible to charge the unit using the included micro USB charging wire included in the box. 

Q8: How long does the battery last?

Now, while acceptable, it’s fair to say the battery life could be better considering the size of the unit. When fully charged the unit will survive approximately 30-40 minutes of continuous vaping before requiring a recharge. 

Q9: How long does G Pen Pro take to charge?

It’ll take about 2 hours to completely charge from zero battery. 

Q10: Does the G Pen pro smell?

Like with all vapes there is a slight smell when vaping out of the G pen Pro. 

Q11: What’s the temperature range?

Unlike some of G Pen’s more extravagant models, the Pro comes with 3 preset temperature settings for users to choose from. The lower temperature setting will focus more on the flavor profile of your herbs, the highest will focus on cloud production, and the middle setting a combination of the two. 

The 3 settings are as follows: 

  • Blue - 375 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Green - 400 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Red - 428 degrees Fahrenheit

Q12: How does the G Pen Pro display temperature?

The temperature is indicated by the small LED lights on the front of the device. Each of the settings is represented by its own LED. While the lights are blinking it shows that the unit is heating to your desired temperature. 

Q13: Can you use it with a smartphone App?

No, the G Pen Pro does not have a smartphone app. 

Q14: Does it come with a warranty?

Grenco Science has built an excellent relationship with its customers over the years. Each of their products, although expertly made, is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covering the electrical components of the vape. 

G Pen Pro: What's in the box?

g pen pro - what's in the

1 x G Pen Pro Vaporizer

1 x Stirring Tool

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Instructions Manual

How Does The G Pen Pro Work?

So, at this point, we’ve covered just about everything in regard to the technical specifications and unboxing. This means there’s only one thing left to do, get you using the Pro to its full potential. We’ll cover everything from its heating system to loading and optimizing the unit for the best vapor quality. 

1. The Heating System

Now, the heating system. We’ve already briefly mentioned that the vaporizer features a convection heating system. The convection system directly heats the dry herb within the chamber causing it to vaporize for you to enjoy.  

2. Loading the Chamber

Loading the G Pen Pro has been made super easy and convenient with portable use in mind. You’ll be able to speedily load this unit wherever you are to begin your next session. 

First, you’ll need to remove the mouthpiece to expose the chamber. Once this is done, load the chamber with your finely ground dry herbs before packing down and reattaching the mouthpiece. 

3. Turning on the G Pen Pro

Adding to this user-friendly and convenient aspect of the G Pen Pro. To turn on the unit, all you’ll need to do is press the button on the front of the unit 5 times in quick succession. At this point, you’ll see the LED lights shine and begin to flash indicating that the unit has begun heating. 

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4. Setting the Temperature

Setting the temperature is just as simple as loading and turning on the unit. Doing so is also achievable through the button on the front of the vaporizer. Press and hold the button once the unit is on to cycle through the 3 different heat settings. You’ll always know which one you’re on because the LEDs will light up in each respective color to indicate this. 

5. Hitting the G Pen Pro

Hitting the Pro will be an absolute pleasure. To do so, all you’ll need to do is press down the button and begin to inhale while doing so. 

6. How's the Vapor Quality?

The vapor quality of the Pro is great. As far as portable dry herb vaporizers at this price point go, it’s certainly one of the best. While it may not quite rival more high-end products such as the G Pen Roam with its internal water bubbler, it’s still great. For the price, it’s difficult to fault it. 

Tips For Getting the Best Vapor Quality With the G Pen Pro

Getting the best vapor quality should be at the top of the list of priorities for any user. Doing so has been made excellently simple. 

It’s best to experiment as much as possible with various temperature settings and methods of inhalation to find out what works best for you. 

In addition to this, the cleanliness and maintenance of your vaporizer will equally impact the quality of your vapor. 

How to clean G Pen Pro?

So what about the cleaning process. Well, just as easy as it is to use it is to clean. The areas to focus on are the mouthpiece and the chamber. Using the included cleaning brush, it’s recommended to wipe away all residue from both elements to avoid any unwanted flavors creeping into your vapor. 

Those willing to go the extra mile can also soak the mouthpiece in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol to ensure it’s as good as new before the next session. 

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Who Should Buy the G Pen Pro?

The G Pen Pro is the perfect addition to any vape enthusiast’s collection. No matter how long you’ve been in the vape game you’ll appreciate the Pro’s value for money, portability, and vapor quality. Some would argue it’s been created for those new to vaping due to its great affordability and user-friendly interface, but we think it’s good enough for anyone to appreciate. 

For the price, you can’t go wrong. If dry herbs are your material of choice, and you’re an avid on-the-go consumer, look no further than the G Pen Pro by Grenco Science.