G Pen Roam: The 6 Minute Review

Grenco Science has provided us with a stroke of pure genius in the G Pen Roam. In general G Pen has had a mixed bag of responses to some of its previous models, not the Roam, though. The Roam has arrived and is rivaling the very best portable dab rigs on the market. So much so, in fact, according to some, it’s knocked the famous Puffco Peak Pro off of its perch. 

G Pen Roam Vaporizer

$174.99 $249.99

The G Pen Roam by Grenco Science has changed our perception of portable concentrate consumption with its magnetic structure, internal water bubbler, and phenomenal vapor quality. There’s no better way to enjoy your concentrates, whether on the go or in the comfort of your home, the Roam is undefeated. 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer every question there is to ask about the G Pen Roam. Never heard of the Roam before? Well, we assure you that by the end of this review you’ll be an expert. 

The GPen Roam Review: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs

Q1: How much does the G Pen Roam cost?

The Roam vaporizer is available for $249.99. 

Q2: What can you vape with the G Pen Roam?

The G Pen Roam is solely compatible with concentrates. Unfortunately, for all the dry herb enthusiasts out there, you’ll have to stick to extracts with the Roam. Rather than create a dually compatible device that functions with two materials well, Grenco Science has doubled down, creating a specialist device that expertly vaporizes concentrates. 

Q3: How big is the Roam?

The dimensions of the Roam are as follows: 5-inches x 4-inches x 7-inches. Its super portable design makes it easy to take anywhere with you, while the superb function allows large potent hits. 

Q4: How much does the G Pen Roam weigh?

The Roam vape weighs approximately 317grams in total. This adds to the supreme portability of the unit, meaning it’ll barely weigh you down at all. 

Q5: What is the G Pen Roam’s oven chamber made of?

The chamber inside the Roam vaporizer is expertly crafted using quartz to ensure the concentrate is burned evenly. Quartz can withstand soaringly high temperatures allowing users to enjoy large, potent hits. 

Q6: What’s the Roam’s heating system?

The GPen Roam’s all-conduction heating system boasts 2 different modes: manual and automatic. Automatic mode allows the Roam to automatically heat to your chosen temperature. Manual mode requires the user to manually hold down the button to heat the device until it’s reached temperature. 

Q7: Does the G Pen Roam have a wireless charger?

No, the Roam doesn’t offer wireless charging. 

Q8: How long does the G Pen Roam’s battery last?

As with any battery-powered device, it’s highly recommended to charge the GPen Roam fully before first use. This won’t take long and will equate to approximately 30-40 minutes of continuous vaping depending on the temperature you’re vaping at. Typically, that’ll provide about 20 sessions per charge. 

Q9: How long is the charging time?

As previously mentioned, the Roam vaporizer won’t keep you waiting long at all while it recharges. It’ll take roughly 1-2 hours for the unit to charge fully. 

Q10: What’s the temperature range of the G Pen Roam?

There’s nothing that exemplifies the luxury and class of a portable vaporizer other than an extensive range of temperature settings. Well, the Roam vape grants users the ability to cycle through temperatures between 600–800°F (315–425°C) in 25-degree increments using the +/- buttons. 

Q11: How does the G Pen Roam display temperature?

Situated just below the buttons to navigate through the different temperatures, the G Pen Roam has an LED screen. The screen displays the current temperature of the device, the target temperature, and the battery life too. 

Q12: Is there an auto-shutoff feature?

After 4 minutes of no use, the Roam will automatically shut off, expertly conserving the battery life of the unit. 

Q13: Can it connect to a smartphone app?

No, unfortunately, there is no smartphone app to control the device. 

Q14: Does the G Pen Roam have a warranty?

Grenco Science has a superb relationship with its customers. Not only are their products top of the range with the flawless build quality, but they’re also ensured too. For the first 12 months after the original purchase, the Roam’s electrical components are all covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

What's in the box?

1 x G Pen Roam Battery

1 x G Pen Roam Carrying Case

1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Glass Tube

1 x Quartz Chamber

1 x G Pen Roam Quartz Atomizer 

1 x Mouthpiece 

How Does the GPen Roam Work?

Now we’ve covered some of the basics, we can get into the real nitty-gritty. Here are some of our best tips and practices on how to use the G Pen Roam. 

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1. The G Pen Roam Heating System

The G Pen Roam, as mentioned briefly above, features a conduction heating system. Conduction is the direct heating of a surface, causing the entire object to heat as the heat spreads. In this case, the battery powers the heating of the quartz chamber that holds the concentrates. This, in turn, causes the concentrate to vaporize at the desired temperature, ready to be filtered before inhalation. 

2. Loading the device

Thanks to the amazingly user-friendly, intuitive design of the Roam, loading the chamber is easy. To lift the lid of the chamber simply push up on the cap to expose the quartz atomizer. 

Now, use the loading tool provided to place concentrates directly into the center of the atomizer for any even burn. 

3. Turning on the device

The main button on the front of the body of the unit will turn the device’s power on. To do so, press the button 5 times. 

4. Setting the Temperature

The G Pen Roam has two navigational buttons situated directly above the LED display screen. These are +/- buttons, so users can increase and decrease the temperature of the unit in 25-degree increments. 

5. Hitting the G Pen Roam

Once the temperature has been set, the device will use haptic feedback to vibrate once it’s ready to vape. At this point, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and begin to inhale to begin taking hits from the Roam. 

6. How's Vapor Quality?

As you’d expect from any device that filters vapor through water, the vapor quality is excellent. As the concentrate vaporizes within the atomizer, the vapor travels through the long vapor path on its way to the water bubbler, before then traveling to the mouthpiece. 

7. Tips For Getting the Best Vapor Quality

Let’s face it, anybody owning a Roam will want the best possible vapor quality at all times. To ensure this, there are one or two practices that’ll set you on your way. 

Firstly, you’ll want to keep the Roam vaporizern clean. Ensuring all residue is removed from the chamber before each session will prevent combustion, and any unwanted flavors as a result. 

Secondly, keep the water fresh. Before each session, it’s recommended to refill the water tube with fresh, cool water to ensure optimum flavor. 

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Is the GPen Roam Easy to Clean?

The Roam is super-easy to disassemble. Each element connects magnetically, while some slide into one another. Once it’s disassembled the areas to focus on are the chamber, the mouthpiece, and the water bubbler. 

The bubbler and mouthpiece just require some wiping and rinsing to ensure there’s no unwanted tastes or residue build-up. The chamber is slightly more complex to clean, however still won’t set you back for long. All you’ll need is some isopropyl soaked cleaning swabs to wipe away any burnt bits of concentrate from the atomizer. 

What are the Pros and Cons of The G Pen Roam?

G Pen Roam Pros

G P Roam Cons

Great Vapor



Water Bubbler Potential Hazard

Internal Water Bubbler

Huge Temperature Range

Portable & Durable Design

Who Should Buy the G Pen Roam?

The G Pen Roam is an extravagant portable concentrate-consuming powerhouse. It’s created for the true vape and extract aficionados out there, and it’s sure not to disappoint. 

It’s undoubtedly rather pricey, so it’s for those trying to elevate their experience further than ever before. 

The wide temperature range, simple interface, and superb vapor quality make it one of the best models on the market. 

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