Grinder Guide - Finding "The One" For You

Whether you use a vaporizer, a bong, or like to roll, there is one thing you cannot do without - a grinder.

A herb grinder is an essential part of any herb fan’s smoking kit, it unlocks the true potential of your herb and helps ensure that what you have goes further and tastes better.

It does this by increasing the overall surface area of your herb by literally chopping it up and exposing more of your herb.

When you put this chopped herb into your vape’s chamber, your bong’s bowl, or into your blunt paper, you’ll find that you get more flavor, a more intense effect, and that it’ll go further.

So clearly a grinder is a seriously important piece of kit and it is important that you choose the right one for you.

When you’re choosing a grinder it’s important to remember one thing in particular: good grinders chop up your herb, cheap ones crush them.

So be sure that you choose a grinder that has good, sharp teeth that will slice and dice your herb without destroying the delicate flavor.

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Four Piece Sifter Grinder From Phoenician

Four Piece Sifter Grinder From Phoenician

Phoenician are the go to name when you want a high quality grinder. This is certainly a striking grinder thanks to its vibrant finish and four piece design.

It certainly isn’t cheap, coming in at £85, but you get what you pay for and with this price you get the pinnacle of grinder design. Phoenician have lived up to their name and built this grinder to an incredibly exacting standard.

They haven’t spared any expense in creating an amazing grinder going as far as to use aerospace grade aluminum! The clever four piece design of this

Phoenician grinder fits together easily thanks to a system of handy twist locks. The two top parts are held together with a strong magnet that will help protect your herb from accidental spills and leaks.

When it comes to the teeth of this great grinder you can be sure that they are of the highest quality.

They are set in a patented and innovative cut position that maximizes grinding efficiency and reduces the amount of physical effort required to perfectly grind your herbs. Finally, the Phoenician grinder comes with a handy little slot that can hold your skins.

GR8TR Jar Sifter Grinder

GR8TR Jar Sifter Grinder

This is a seriously unique and innovative grinder, combining great herb grinding properties with a handy storage solution.

Designed by a company (appropriately) called Kannaster, this grinder costs £61.99. The clever design of this piece makes sure that grinding is quick and easy, as you grind down your herb it will drop down into the glass jar for easy collection.

The swappable grinder plates allow you to choose the consistency of your dry herb so you can get the ideal consistency for you!

Four Piece Magnetic Grinder

Four Piece Magnetic Grinder

Coming in at £44.99 this grinder is somewhat more affordable and it is fantastic value for money.

It is a solidly put together grinder that uses ingenious magnets to ensure that the lid stays on when you’re grinding your herb.

This is a godsend as many of the more basic grinders on the market don’t have any grip keeping the lid on. This grinder comes in a variety of different sizes, allowing you to choose the best one for you!

Thorinder Mini Herb Grinder

Thorinder Mini Herb Grinder

Named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder this little grinder certainly is mighty. It has a homage of its namesake in the form of little lightning bolts cut into its top plate.

At £33.99 this compact grinder is perfect for those in the market for a mid range piece.

Built from anodized aluminum and high-grade stainless steel, the Thorinder mini grinder is decorated with colored metal to compliment the distinctive thunderbolts.

A handy feature it has is a clear top so you can judge the quality of your grind. On top of all that the lid is held on with a magnetic lock, which is incredibly convenient.

Four-Piece Herb Grinder with Rotary Crank Handle

Four-Piece Herb Grinder with Rotary Crank Handle

Costing only £29.99 this clever rotary crank grinder is perfect for the herb fan who wants to enjoy their herb in the comfort of their own home.

This aluminum, four piece grinder is from the Everyone Does It range and is made out of high quality aluminum.

It utilized a clever mechanical rotary crank to make grinding down your herb incredibly easy. The four part construction allows you to easily sift out the material in the grinder.

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Four Part Aircraft Aluminum Grinder From Wolf

Four Part Aircraft Aluminum Grinder From Wolf

This is one of the more affordable grinders on the list coming in at £16.99! This Wolf grinder is a great medium grinder made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.

For those of you who appreciate variety, the Wolf grinder is available in a variety of colors. To add to the style of this great grinder the cap featured a striking wolf wireframe decal.

The sharp metal teeth built into the Wolf grinder will make sure that your dry herbs are sliced and diced down perfectly.

The Wolf grinder can be found in Black, Grey, or Silver and comes with a striking and handy velvet pouch.

Whatever you choose, all of these grinders are sure to deliver a great and even grind. To have a look at our wider range of high quality grinders check out our range on