Happy 7/10: The Day of The Dab

We know that you’re familiar with 4/20 but did you know that there is another cannabis holiday on the calendar? 7/10 is the newest phenomenon recognised by the marijuana community, it first came to light in 2012 and continues to grow every year. It’s now celebrated each year with sales across the market on all of your favourite concentrate vaporizers and accessories, including 10% off at EveryoneDoesit US. 

Now you’re aware of the 7/10 holiday, but what is it all about? Well, ‘710’ is the number that is associated with dabs, cannabis oils, and extracts. If you’re wondering why,  the answer is pretty simple - turn ‘710’ upside down and it spells the word ‘OIL’. It’s basically a special holiday for all that enjoy concentrates, so hook up your rigs, fire your torches, and consume extracts in each form to your heart’s delight. 

Dabbing on oil day 

It’s pretty recent that dabbing and a love of concentrates has rose to prominence. It’s a fairly new form of cannabis consumption, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. For those of you who are still a little unsure, (it can be a confusing topic) a dab is a concentrated form of cannabis and dabbing is when these are consumed. They’re created using a solvent such as butane to extract THC and other cannabinoids into a very concentrated form. The end result is usually referred to as a wax, shatter, budder, or butane hash oil (BHO). These materials are then heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and inhaled through a dab rig or vaporizer. It’s a popular method as concentrates are usually very potent and pure. 

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The Best 7/10 Sale Items 

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen

Dr Dabber AuroraIf there’s one thing that we’re certain of, it’s that Dr. Dabber knows concentrates. And, the Aurora Pen from the popular brand is one of the most enjoyable ways you can consume your dabs. The product is celebrated for its top flavor, portability, and it’s ergonomic and discreet design. It comes with a smooth satin finish and three carefully calibrated heating settings paired with three different atomizers.  Meaning you can customise your vapor experience and get exactly what you need out of this pen. 

Eyce Silicone Oil Rig II

Eyce Silicone RigThe Eyce Silicone Oil Rig is a must for anyone who plans on vaping concentrates while out and about. You can easily take this product on-the-go without worrying about dropping or damaging it - like you might with a fragile glass piece. It comes in a range of bright colors and as a full kit, complete with GR2 Titanium Nail, oil tool, and a built in silicone storage compartment for all of your oils. A built in diffuser at the base of the stem will also allow you perfect filtration, and cooling for thick, smooth, and silky rips time after time. 

Pulsar Elite Series Mini ENail Kit

Pulsar Elite Series Kit

Whether you enjoy small rich-in-flavour hits or lung busting dabs, the Pulsar Elite Series can do both, and in a matter of seconds. This is because unlike most enails, it features precise temperature control ranging from 0-999ºF, which is a whole lot of power. You can also reach your temperature of choice with ease using the LED display and simple ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows. The portable powerhouse kit also provides simple push-button operation, with a digital control box, removable locking 5ft cord, and a grade 2 Titanium carb cap with dabber handle for happy dabbing! 

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