How Do Bongs Work And Tips On How To Use One

Bongs come in different forms and shapes, and they have been in use for a number of years. In fact, there is evidence of the water bongs that have been in use in Africa, Laos, Thailand, along with a number of other countries and places across the world for a number of centuries. 

However, today we will discuss the modern-day bongs that we are familiar with. Keep reading to find out more about how bongs actually work, and the correct way to use one. 

If you have already experimented with using a bong, then you might already know about the basics. This includes pouring in the water, packing the bowl and lighting up. It may seem like something easy to do, right?

Well, this is where you may be wrong. 

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What Are The Different Bong Types?

Today there are actually only two recognizable and distinct bong types. These include:

1. The Standard Bongs

These bongs are usually made from wood, plastic, glass, along with other material types. These are usually the bongs that come to mind when someone is talking about a bong. These bongs come with a long neck, water at the bottom, while smoke gathers and clusters inside the neck. 

2. The Gravity Bongs

Gravity Bong

These are typically crafted and handmade from items that you find lying around your house. 

In our guide on how bongs work and how to use one correctly, we are talking mainly about the standard bongs. 

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Does Using A Bong Help To Get You Higher?

The short answer to this is yes. Using a bong can help to get a bigger hit much faster than many of the other smoking means.

Here is the reason why:

The act of inhaling these larger hits “straight to the head” is typically the easiest and fastest way to obtain an immediate large hit.

So, by now we are sure you are able to recognize, that bongs have a definite edge when compared to other dry herb consumption styles. 

The water inside a bong turns brown after a while, which helps you to smoke slightly healthier. Smoke from dry herbs is harmful similar to other forms of smoke, as it also contains tar, ash, and other types of harmful components that are filtered partially by water inside the bong. 

The Right Way To Use A Water Bong

The water bongs operate on a system whereby most of the process is conducted with a simple suction. Most bongs are made up of 3 to 5 parts which include:

The Mouthpiece: This is the part where you put your mouth around to inhale the smoke. 

The Chamber: This is the area where the smoke will go once the dry herb has been burnt. 

The Bowl: This is where you pack the dry herb into and light it.

The Downstem: Some of the bongs that come with sliders will not feature this part. 

How to |Use a bong

Here are the steps to follow when using water bongs:

- Fill the bong up with water. The downstem should be completely submerged. 

- Use around 1/2 gram of ground buds in the bowl.

- Place your mouth directly over the mouthpiece, followed by lighting the bowl. Now slowly inhale.

- Once the chamber fills up with milky-white smoke pull on the slider or release your carb, you can now inhale the rest of the smoke that is left in the chamber. Exhale followed by returning the slider. 

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How Does A Bong Work?

The bongs operate on the principle of basic physics, and each one is relatively easy to understand. The first includes the vacuum. 

When lighting up your bowl, and the dry herb ignites, it will release smoke. 

When the dry herb lights up, and you start to inhale slowly, you are creating a quasi-vacuum which sucks the smoke that is coming off the bowl where it is then stored inside the chamber. 

The bubbles that start to appear as you begin inhaling can be described as the “lungs of the bong”, and these bubbles create micro-vacuums which suck the smoke inside the chamber. 

Even if you take your mouth away from the mouth-piece the smoke will not rapidly escape out of the chamber. As it cools down as it passes through water, it typically remains inside. 

When removing your finger off the carb or pulling the slider, inhale the rest of the smoke quickly that remains in the chamber. When you release the carb it offers an easy way to inhale the remaining smoke. This has to do with the pressure from the outside which is greater than the pressure inside the bong. 

If you are one of the conservative smokers, using a bong offers an easy way to lower your consumption rate even more. If you enjoy getting high instantly, using a small amount of your dry herb, you can really benefit from investing in a bong.