How To Clean a Bong: Your Complete Guide

Today, we will give you a complete guide on how to clean a bong – even if the situation calls for some improvisation. Spoiler alert: it will involve alcohol and salts, but the isopropyl and coarse kind; not the tequila shot kind! 

How To Know When It’s Time To Clean Your Bong or Rig 

There are tell tale signs that it is time to bring out the reinforcements and clean up a messy bong. At EveryoneDoesIt, we are of the opinion that no bong owner should let it get to this point, but alas, that is why this blog has been written – because it often does get to this point. 

You will notice that your smoke does not have the same taste as it once did. Maybe airflow is hampered. Perhaps there is an unsettling rusty/yellowish hue to the glass of the bottom of your bong. Or maybe things just smell stale or sour.

Whatever the case, any of these “symptoms” could occur simultaneously or in isolation, but they all point to a bong that needs cleaning. In all likelihood, you will be able to tell yourself! 

What to Use To Clean A Bong: Essentials

Ok, so you want to know what to use to get your bong clean. This is not a hugely debated topic in the world of bongs, and it is pretty simple:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol 
  • Coarse Salt 
  • Dish Soap
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Pipe Brushes

Isopropyl alcohol should have a concentration of 91-99%. This ensures a fully sanitary process, and it is unquestionably the best way to clean the internal parts of your bong. 

Coarse salts are beneficial for loosening up debris and other material that have dirtied up your bong. And for crevices and creases that just attract dirt and grime, a pipe cleaner is necessary. 

Best Way To Clean a Bong

The process of cleaning out your bong is not a complex one, but best practices, especially when dealing with glass, is to ensure that all removable parts are taken out first so that they do not present a damage risk to your purchase. 

After all, you will be doing quite a bit of rough housing with your glass, ceramic, or silicone bong, and you do not want heavy or dangerous parts flying around everywhere! 

The Process to Clean Your Bong

After removing any detachable parts, go ahead and fill up your bong with water to give it a preliminary rinse.

Any detachable parts like glass bowls or nails should be submerged in isopropyl alcohol for about 5-10 minutes, rinsed, and then left to thoroughly dry.

Then dump a decent (but not excessive) amount of isopropyl alcohol into your bong’s base via the neck, then follow it up with a few splashes of water, making sure there is enough in there to give it a full-bodied rinse where the agitation of water can hit all internal parts, but not too much to where it splashes out of the bong.

For a deep clean, add in coarse salts, as these are quite effective in loosening up stubborn grime that nestles into crevices and will ensure there is a clean bong at the end of the process.

Pour out the isopropyl alcohol solution, rinse your bong out with water, and then repeat if necessary.

Once it is satisfactorily cleaned and rinsed, you should let your bong sit overnight to dry gradually. 

For Heavy Users: How Often?

Heavy bong users will have to be highly attentive and cognizant of the hygiene of their bong. Dry herb users will especially have some cleaning duties to take care of, as finely ground herbs have a way of finding their way into any crevice and nook.

Wiping down the outside glass, ceramic, or silicone style bong is recommended for routine daily maintenance if you are a heavy user.

For internal cleanings, we recommend about 2 times a month to ensure proper hygiene and no offputting odor or discoloration of your glassware.

For Light Users: How Often?

Lighter users will benefit from bongs that stay cleaner longer, but as we said above, external wipedowns are essential to a nice looking bong, no matter the material.

Light users should be doing internal cleanings of their bong about once a month, maybe less if your use is truly quite light by comparison. 

How to Clean a Glass Bong Without Alcohol 

No isopropyl alcohol and you are in need of a rapid cleaning? 

Hot water, not boiling, and a pair of gloves so that the hot glass does not scald your hands, should be able to make up for this. 

However, we stress that this is a temporary solution, meant to tide you over for a few days. The tried and true method of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salts are highly recommended for true cleanings of your glass bong.

Final thoughts

Do not be gross! Make sure you are consistently cleaning your glass bong and taking care of your equipment properly. Your sessions will be consistent, and you will be a happy vaper. Cheers!