Vaporizer Cooling System: How it Works?

Though the vaporizer industry is still relatively young, a design consensus has already seemed to be reached in terms of how you design a vaporizer.

A vape should be a sleek, black rectangle, with a futuristic control scheme, and gently glowing LED lights thrown in for good measure.

Some could call this an industry standard I call this complacency. There is still room for innovation and imagination in the vaporizer industry.

Thankfully I’m not the only one to think this. Cloudious 9 have taken up the mantle of vaporizer innovator and brought the Hydrology 9 to the market.

Hydrology9 Portable Vape

The Hydrology 9 is a total game changer when it comes down to dry product vaping. It works in a similar way to the average conduction vaporizer.

Except the Hydrology9 has a built-in water-cooling system that cools your vapor hits and makes your entire vaping experience a much smoother one.

The Hydrology 9 wasn't the result of some rogue, bathtub 'eureka' moment but is the result of countless design iterations and changes.

Each one of these changes improved the quality and performance of the vape.


Hydrology 9 US
The main body of the vaporizer is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and borosilicate glass. The result is a device that looks stunning and feels like a supremely engineered piece of technology when you hold it in your hands.

The mouthpiece is protected with a magnetic cover magnetic mouthpiece cover made from quarter inch thick borosilicate glass.

This stops the Hydrology 9 from leaking when you are transporting it, no matter how you store it.

Heating Chamber 

Heating Chamber Hydrology 9
The ceramic heating chamber can be found in the base and can be accessed by unscrewing the bottom cover.

Cloudious 9 have even taken the fact that conduction vapes usually need to have the bowl stirred mid-session into account and have made sure to build a stirring tool into the base, so you don't even need to open it.

To stir your chamber, you simply twist the knob at the bottom of the device and it stirs the bowl for you.


The Hydrology9 features a powerful, built-in 2000mAh lithium polymer battery that lasts anything up to 15 sessions on a single charge.

This is largely thanks to its thermal efficiency and that it only takes 60 seconds to get to fully up to vaping temperature. When you do eventually have to charge it, it only takes 2 – 3 hours.