Mighty V Ghost MV1

Deciding which is best between the Mighty and the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is difficult. Both offer a superior, unparalleled vaping experience providing you with full flavor and maximum potency from every cool draw.

Here we take a deeper look at each device and see which one comes out on top as we compare them both in the relevant categories.


The Mighty is arguably the most well known portable vaporizer in the world, developed and engineered in Germany by world-renowned vaporizer manufacturer Storz & Bickel.

Mighty Vaporizer

$261.75 $349.00

The Ghost MV1, on the other hand, is the relatively new kid on the block and is the first vaporizer from the ever-growing in popularity, California based company, Ghost.

The Mighty has been the number one portable dry herb vaporizer in the world for a number of years.

Both are convection based vaporizers capable of vaping both dry herbs and concentrate to a perfect vape consistency in a range of precise temperatures that offer the greatest potency from your herb.

What is in the box?

Ghost MV1

  • Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
  • 1 Battery
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Mouthpiece
  • 1 Extract Pad
  • Spare Crucible with lid
  • 3 Cleaning Cotton Swabs
  • 3 Isopropyl Wipes
  • 3 Picks
  • 1 Quick Start Guide


  • Mighty Vaporizer
  • 1 Battery 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Mouthpiece 
  • 1 Extract Pad 
  • 3 Screens 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • Filling Aid 
  • Spare Seal Rings 
  • Grinder 
  • Instruction Manual


The Mighty and the Ghost MV1 are simply not discrete nor conspicuous as compared to other vaporizers. They pack in much more technological advancements and are powered by larger, more powerful batteries

The Ghost MV1 is arguably the more appealing of the two with its futuristic design and sleek matte finish compared to the Mighty which has more of a simplistic cylindrical design with a durable plastic finish.

Ghost MV1Both fit comfortably in the hand but the Ghost MV1 excels here as it has a more ergonomic design with indented curves for a better hold and feel.

The Mighty has a very clear digital LED display showing temperature and battery life whereas this is done via LED lights on the Ghost MV1 which is not as intuitive as the Mighty nor as user-friendly for beginners.

These vaporizers were not made to be discreet nor win any beauty pageants, rather they were expertly crafted with the highest specification to give you the greatest experience available in the portable vaping herb world, bar none.

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Technical Specifications

Tech Specs Might-Ghost MV1 


Both devices were designed with only the highest quality food-safe grade materials and both are incredibly strong and highly durable.

The Ghost MV1 has an all-glass mouthpiece and vape path with a ceramic bowl that can hold .12g whereas the Mighty has a plastic mouthpiece and vape path with a stainless steel oven that can hold around .25g of herb.

The Mighty is slightly taller but when the retractable mouthpiece is pulled out from the Ghost MV1 they are about the same height. The Mighty is also slightly wider than the Ghost MV1 which weighs a little bit more.


The Ghost MV1 provides the highest quality taste imaginable no doubt due to its ceramic chamber and unique convection style heating system. It is, without doubt, the best vaporizer on the market in the US in terms of cool refreshing taste.

The Mighty is a very close second and delivers impeccable taste as its patented heating technology evenly heats the herb before it travels along the cooling unit, reaching your mouth as smooth cool vapor.

The Vapor on the Ghost MV1 is sublime and arguably the coolest vapor you are likely to ever taste, something similar to a water filtration device.

This is because of the genius intricate airflow path that ensures the vape is not only delicious but super cool and smooth when it hits your lips.

The Mighty is a very close second in terms of coolness but both give off equally good dense vapor, particularly at the higher temperatures.

Both devices offer fantastic draw resistance giving you a really nice full dense draw. The Ghost MV1, in particular, can be more finely tuned as the retractable mouthpiece doubles up as a resistance adjuster.

Ease Of Use

Both are relatively easy to use but the Ghost MV1 takes a little getting used to as the oven(crucible) must be taken out to fill which is less straight-forward than the Mighty.

The Mighty has one button for turning on and off and a plus and minus button for adjusting the temperature. The Ghost MV1, on the other hand, has 1 button for changing temperature and another button to activate the device.

Temperature adjustment is more intuitive on the Mighty with plus or minus buttons all of which are clearly visible on the digital display compared to the Ghost MV1 LED lighting.

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The Ghost MV1 has 6 pre-set temperatures for you to choose from ranging between 338° - 428°F (170° - 220°C) but using the app you can alter the temperature on two settings to any temperature between 284° - 428°F

The Mighty excels here with a vast range of temperatures from 104° to 410°F all of which are easily displayed on the large digital LED screen.

MightyIn terms of activating the numerous terpenes and flavonoids that come from herbs then the Mighty is ahead here.

Battery and Heat-up Time

The Ghost MV1 has an astonishing heat up time of fewer than 10 seconds compared to the Mighty which takes about 60 seconds. This is due to the Ghost MV1 built-in on-demand convection heating.

The Ghost MV1 battery uses a USB to charge but as the batteries are quite large it will take at least 6-8 hours to fully charge providing you with around 80 minutes of vaping.

TIP: You can purchase a fast-charger separately which will heat the device fully within 2 hours.

The Mighty has two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that take around 2 hours to fully charge giving you around 90 minutes of battery life.

You can purchase spare batteries for the Ghost MV1 which is handy when out and about but the Mighty battery is built-in.

The Mighty does have pass-through charging though, meaning you can use it while it is charging while the Ghost does not have this facility.


It is without a doubt that vaping veterans will have at least one of these in their collection as they are both truly the best portable vaporizers on the market.

These vaporizers can be quite polarizing because for every Mighty fan there will be a Ghost MV1 fan and it is difficult to determine which vaporizer is the best.

The Mighty delivers fantastic taste but the Ghost MV1 pips it to the post here with truly astonishing flavor.

Both have haptic feedback and safety auto shut-off function

Mighty is only available in one color whereas the Ghost MV1 is available in four colors.

The Ghost MV1 heats up in an incredibly fast 10 seconds whereas the Mighty can take a minute or so.

The Mighty has a bigger chamber which is more ideal for sharing whereas the Ghost chamber is small, more for one person.

The Mighty has an intuitive LED screen clearly showing the current temperature whereas the Ghost uses LED lights.

The Ghost MV1 relatively small chamber means more loading than the Mighty and the very act of filling it with herb is more awkward than the Mighty.

Overall each vaporizer has fantastic qualities but in terms of pure flavor and an incredibly fast heat-up time, the Ghost MV1 is just out in front which may prompt Storz and Bickel to bring out the next version of the Mighty very soon.