Out of the Park With One Hit

This Ain't No One Hit Wonder

One Hitter Pipes are wonderous little companions that make it unbelievably easy to smoke your dry herb while out and about in a safe, discreet way.

Unaffected by wind speeds or exposure, forget rolling under your jacket and constantly scouting for a sheltered space!

Simply fill you one hitter with dry herbs or tobacco and let it do the work for you. You will not be disappointed.

Think of the one hitter not like that one hit wonder from the nineties that you love to hear on the radio; giving all it has, but ultimately only providing with mere moments of entertainment.

Instead imagine it’s your favourite band, knocking out one amazing hit after another; never letting you down and always triggering that feeling of being lifted to a higher point of life, as if you could float away on the contentment.

Kleen Hit Quartz Glass One HitterYea, OK, maybe we got slightly carried away on the dreamy side of things there but honestly, if you want to get the best out of your dry herbs, you will not find that we are exaggerating about these little delights. Nowhere will you find a more affordable, discreet, easily carried and efficient way of smoking your herb. We have heard it ALL when it comes to the arguments for and against the one hitter pipe, and we always say the same thing - don’t compare them to what they’re not supposed to be. You can’t judge a fish on its ability to ride a bicycle, you can’t judge a cat on its ability to do algebra, so don’t judge the one hitter pipe on its ability to be a vape or bong. It just isn’t!

Kleen Hit Quartz Glass One HitterSo now we have the introductions out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why we’re all here - The Kleen Hit Quartz Glass One Hitter Bats (Three Pack as well, if you don’t mind!) Like we said, we’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to one hitters, and the same goes for all the brands available out there and honestly, this is the one.

These Super little handy and cheap one hitter pipes are made from a high-grade pure silica quartz which provides them with the strength and durability needed to withstand accompanying you out and about, whatever your lifestyle.

At just 8cm in length, their size and weight offer the ultimate in portability, and they even come with a sturdy plastic carry case for protection.

As well as being completely inert, pure quartz glass provides the perfect resistance to heat stress and cracking so you never need worry about lighting up or inhaling any contaminants. You will never be stranded without a smoking pipe again!