Pax 2 Review - Is Pax 2 Vaporizer Still Worth It?

Pax is one of the biggest names in the vape scene and they've been around almost since the start. However, they didn't really hit their stride until they released the Pax 2. This vape is where they perfected their portable vaporizer design, and it serves as the template for nearly all of their subsequent pieces.

The Pax 2 is a sturdy, effective, and discreet vaporizer that is capable of producing some wonderful vapor hits. It uses convection heating to gradually heat the entire surface of your herb, leading to more efficient use of your material. Though it is a bit outdated, its solid features and affordability should make it a serious contender for anyone's vape collection.

Pax 2 Vaporizer

$149.99 $199.99

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The Pax 2's kit is a fairly straightforward affair. It naturally contains the vaporizer itself, a compact and sturdy device that oozes quality and style. It also comes with a distinctive Pax charging dock that clips onto the back of the device. This is a bit of a departure from many other vapes that feature a built-in USB socket.

Of course, this adapter does work with a USB cable so you don't have to worry about replacing any proprietary wires should the worst happen. The kit also features a small cleaning kit and a choice of two mouthpieces. 

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What Makes the Pax2 Stand Out?

The Pax 2's best feature is without a shadow of a doubt, its ability to produce incredible vapor quality. For such a compact vaporizer, it is capable of producing very dense vapor with a smooth, tasty flavor. All of this with a heat-up time that ranges from 30 to 60 seconds. 

pax 2 review

The Pax 2 comes with 4 temperature presets. The lower two are great for those who enjoy a mild, flavorful vapor. While the higher of the two settings are ideal for anyone who loves dense powerful clouds. 

What are the Most Important Updates About The Pax 2

As we said above, the Pax 2 is where the vape legends hit upon the design features they love. The original Pax is a fantastic device, but the Pax2 is a huge refinement of that design. The Pax2 is 25% smaller than the original Pax and 10% lighter. Making it far easier to transport and carry. 

The heating system has been upgraded with lip sensing technology that lets the mouthpieces know when the user is taking a hit and adjust the heat setting accordingly. The herb chamber is around 10% smaller, but all the other features make this a tolerable trade-off. 

FAQ - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1: What Is The Pax 2's Battery Life?

The PAX2 has a battery life that can last up to 90 minutes of continuous use. When it runs down it can be regarded in around 90 minutes.

Q2: Does My Pax 2 Have a Hidden Feature?

Every PAX 2 has random hidden features. These range from low-key stealth modes that dim its display light, to Simon Says games that use the vape's internal tilt sensors. There's allegedly a secret that plays if you beat this hidden game. 

Q3: Why Is My Pax 2 Getting Hot?

If you notice your PAX2 becoming hot to the touch, it usually means that either the chamber is in need of a deep clean, or the airpath is clogged. Frequent maintenance can keep this under control. 

How Does The PAX2 Work?

1. Heating System

The Pax 2 features a convection heating system that comes with 4 preset temperatures. These are: 360F/180C, 380F/193C, 400F/204C, and 420F/215C.

Heat-up time is a little longer than some contemporary vapes, taking anywhere up to a minute to reach vaping temperatures. 

2. Loading The Pax 2

The PAX2 is incredibly easy to load. All you have to do is lift the oven lid, found at the very base of the device, and carefully decant in your ground botanical. It works best with a medium grind and a medium pack. This allows the hot air to effectively flow throughout the entirety of the chamber. 

3. Turing on The Pax 2

To activate the Pax 2, simply press the power button that is located in the center of the mouthpiece. The petals on the Pax 'X' will pulse as the device heats up, shining a solid green when it's ready. 

4. Temperature settings

To change the temperatures of the Pax 2, hold down the mouthpiece button for an extended press. This will cycle through the heat settings, which are indicated by the glowing petals of the X.

5. Hitting the Pax 2

A long, slow draw works best with the Pax 2. 

How's The PAX2's Vapor Quality?

The Pax 2's heating system gradually bakes the surface area of your herb with hot air. This generates an incredible level of vapor quality. At lower temperatures, it is flavorful and mild, while at higher users can enjoy a thick, cloudy vapor. 

The isolated airpath keeps your vapor away from any electronic materials that could taint its flavor. The oven is cleverly located at the bottom of the device, making the most of its shape to allow for a level of cooling before it reaches the mouthpiece. 

Tips for Getting Best Vapor Quality With Pax 2

Ensuring that you don't over grind or over pack your oven is paramount to getting the very most out of it. On top of this, the second or third vapor settings are also ideal for most users. These offer a great compromise between power and flavor. 

Is The PAX2 Easy To Clean? 

Like all Pax vapes, the Pax 2 vape is easy to clean. It requires only minimal maintenance if you empty it after each session. The oven does require an occasional wipe down with isopropyl alcohol to break up any stubborn grime, and the mouthpiece should be wiped out frequently to keep it hygienic. 

Pros and Cons of Pax 2

Pros Cons
Affordable  Lacks many modern features 
Great Vapor Quality  Slow heat uptime

Is The PAX2 Worth It? 

The Pax 2 vape is practically an antique in the fast-moving vaporizer industry. However, what it lacks are merely the small bells and whistles you see on many modern vapes. Its heating system and vapor production are as good as any contemporary vaporizer. Best of all, it’s available at a greatly reduced price when compared to the market standard. The PAX 2 is more than worth it. 

Who Should Buy The Pax 2 

The Pax2 is a great vaporizer for those who don't need the most cutting-edge technology to enjoy their dry herb. It is perfect for beginners as it offers a high-quality heating system at a far more affordable price than many other vaporizers, and it doesn't have any overly complex and intimidating features. 

Who Should Not Buy The Pax 2 

If you want a modern vaporizer with hybrid heating, Bluetooth connectivity, and a host of other hi-tech features then you'll be sorely disappointed by the PAX2. On top of this, the Pax 2 hit the market before dual-use vaporizers were common, so it lacks any compatibility with concentrate. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

After all this time, the Pax 2 remains a reliable and powerful portable vaporizer. In terms of vapor quality and sheer functionality, it is more than able to stand shoulder to shoulder with modern vapes. While it does lack some more contemporary features, it still has a lot of appeal for those who just want a solid vaporizer that delivers amazing hits.