PAX 3 Versus Firefly 2 +

The PAX 3 is the latest and greatest portable vaporizer from San Francisco-based Pax Labs. Since 2007 Pax Labs have been creating luxurious dual-use vaporizers and the PAX 3 is undoubtedly their best yet.

The PAX 3 now boasts a more powerful battery, the option to vape concentrates, haptic feedback and even faster heat-up times!

The Firefly 2+ is the latest version of the insanely popular FIREFLY 2 from Silicon Valley. The FIREFLY 2 is famous for its intense flavor and the latest version builds on that with 33% more airflow and an even lower price. 

What is in the box?

Pax 3 Firefly 2+
Vaporizer Vaporizer
1 Battery 1 Battery
USB Cable USB Cable
Extract Pad Extract Pad
1 Oven Lid 3 Alcohol wipes
Maintenance Kit Instruction Manual
1 Half Pack Oven Free App Download
1 Multi Tool Charging Dock
3 screens 2 Year Limited Warranty
Instruction Manual
10 Years Warranty Protection


Pax 3 Vaporizer design

The PAX 3 is a stunningly beautiful, luxurious, ultra-compact vaporizer that fits perfectly and most importantly discreetly in your hand and pocket. 

The smooth anodized aluminum finish not only looks great but feels incredibly comfortable in your hand also. 

The PAX 3 is available in a wide range of colors such as teal, silver, rose gold and black.

The FIREFLY 2 + is slightly taller than the PAX 3 but still quite discreet.

You can tell the founder worked at phone giant Apple as the FIREFLY 2 + looks more like an iPhone than a vaporizer.

Every aspect of this dual-use vaporizer is precise, intricate and visually spectacular and is available in a wide range of colors including gold, black, jet black, blue, oak, and zebra wood.

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Technical Specifications

1. Design 

The PAX 3 has a simple yet elegant rectangular design contoured on both sides to form one smooth and effortless piece.

The outer shell has a polished anodized aluminum finish with the control button flush with the plastic mouthpiece under which is a stainless steel vape path and chamber.

The FIREFLY 2 + is a stunning piece of intricate engineering featuring a magnesium alloy outer body formed in a stylish, edgy fashion.

Underneath the magnetic lid, you will find a superior borosilicate glass bowl with laser drilled microjets and an all-glass vapor path. 

2. Performance 

Both devices have a super-fast heat-up time which unlike most other vaporizers means no waiting around to start a session.

The PAX 3 delivers really smooth cool vapor with a nice untainted taste.

Clouds are a decent size too which is what you would expect from a conduction-based vaporizer.

The bowl on the PAX 3 is quite large, ideal for group sessions but now Pax Labs include a half pack oven which is perfect for lighter sessions.

Fans of wax, crumble and shatter will be delighted with the addition of the concentrate insert which works brilliantly with the PAX 3. 

Pax 3 Vaporizer

$159.99 $199.99

The FIREFLY 2 + is the epitome of taste with every draw giving you the most potent, fragrant, flavorsome vapor you will ever taste from a vaporizer.

Different terpenes from the plant activate at different temperatures and because the FIREFLY 2 + has so many to choose from you can activate them all and in turn get all the benefits.

Draw resistance has been perfected now that the airflow has been increased by a whopping 33%. This gives you a much fuller satisfying draw that everyone is going to love and want more of.

This incredible flavor is no doubt due to the glass bowl and all glass, long isolated vape path which cools the vape without affecting the flavor of those terpenes.

Cloud size is decent too with the FIREFLY 2 + but if you really want to brew a storm then go to the higher settings which can go as far as 500°F and create wondrous clouds to get lost in.

Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer

$199.96 $249.95

3. Ease Of Use

Both devices are very easy to use which beginners will love to hear.

The PAX 3 is held vertically like most vaporizers whereas the FIREFLY 2 + is held horizontally. 

The PAX 3 has one built-in button that is flush with the mouthpiece that turns the device on and off as well as control temperature but you can use the app too for a wider range of temperatures.

The FIREFLY 2 + is similar again only instead of one button there are touch sensors on either side of the device to control the device and again you would use the app to instigate all temperatures.

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4. Temperature

Both devices are packed full of options when it comes to temperature ranges guaranteeing you will have multiple experiences from every session and bowl.

In fact, the FIREFLY 2 + boasts more temperatures than any other vaporizer on the market!



360°F - 420°F

200°F - 500°F

Simply download the free app for each device and control your experience on your phone via Bluetooth. 

5. Battery and Heat-up Time

The FIREFLY 2 + has the fastest heat-up time in the vaporizer market with an incredibly fast 3 seconds!

A powerful, rechargeable and replaceable 7.4volt lithium-ion battery takes 45 minutes for a full charge using the USB cable provided which will provide on average 4-6 sessions with around 10 draws from each session.

The PAX 3 may not be as fast as the FIREFLY 2 + but it can still compete with the best on the market at a super-fast 15 seconds heat up time.

Powered by a 3500 mAh rechargeable, the PAX 3 lithium-ion battery takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge giving you around 8-10 sessions.

PAX 3 Pros 

  • Ultimate discretion
  • Quick heat up time
  • For use with dry herb and concentrate
  • App ready
  • Firmware updates
  • Fantastic tasting vapor
  • Lip Sync Technology

PAX 3 Cons 

  • Easily scratched


  • Incredible Taste
  • Superfast 3 second heat up time
  • For dry herb and concentrates
  • Discreet
  • Fast charge time
  • Perfect resistance


  • Mid to high-end price


Pax Labs have created another brilliant vaporizer taking what we loved about the PAX 2 and upgrading it with a more powerful battery, as well as the option to vape concentrates.

The PAX 3 is the perfect compact vaporizer for those who require ultimate discretion. Superfast heat-up time along with good flavor and the smooth cool vapor will satisfy both beginners and vape veterans alike.

The FIREFLY 2 + is arguably the greatest vaporizer on the market when it comes to taste. This incredible ingenious device rivals the likes of the PLENTY from Storz & Bickel in terms of coolness and flavor.

If you are looking for technological brilliance and manufacturing excellence that combined produce the greatest flavor and vapor quality in the vaporizer market then look no further then the FIREFLY 2 +.