Pax 3 VS Pax 2: Which One is for Me?

The Pax series is easily one of the most prestigious of the dry herb portable vaporizers there is with their elegant design, pioneering technology, and easy-to-use functionality.

Throughout this article, the differences and similarities between the Pax 3 and its sister vaporizer, the Pax 2 so you can compare and contrast the facts to help you find what Pax is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

When choosing a vaporizer, it’s not about ‘which vaporizer is the best?’. It all boils down to personal preference. So, to help a choice to be made, it is best to give a full insight into the functionality and aesthetics of both of two of the best portable vaporizers available in the Pax series to inform what each one does. This way people can assess and determine what would suit their personal needs the most. The aim is to eliminate any stress and confusion you may have when choosing your portable, dry herb vaporizer.

We will compare price, function, appearance and battery...

PAX 3 Vapes

Pax 2 Vs. Pax 3 Price and Function

At the time of writing, the Pax 2 is available for $149.95 and the Pax 3 is available at $199.95.

At these prices, both of them are able to vaporize your dry herb, and for an additional $50, you can purchase the Pax 3 Complete Kit for $249.95, and comes with approximately $100 worth of additional accessories as well as an additional chamber that can hold concentrates.

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The initial outlay for these vaporizers puts them at the high-end of the spectrum for portable, dry-herb vapes, so naturally, you would expect them to meet your requirements.

All Pax Vaporizers are noted for their innovative conduction heating chambers, which to work effectively require you to pack in your finely ground herbs. This sets them apart from the common convection vaporizers you see on the market from other distributors, which require you to loosely pack the herbs because they require that additional airflow.

This means that a chamber half the size of most vaporizers can house double the amount of dry herb, which both Pax models able to hold over 0.3 g of dry herb.

Both models use an LED light indicator system to inform you whether the device is heating up (Purple) or whether it’s time to take a hit (Green). They both also use the LED lights for the temperature select mode of which they both have 4 preset temperatures that are indicated as gradually going darker from Light Yellow to Orange to Dark Orange to Red. The temperature range of these presets is 360°F to 420°F.

So, they both use conduction oven technology and have the same oven size. They heat to the same range of temperature and they use the same LED indication system to advise you of their status. There are differences between the models, however.

The conduction oven technology in the Pax 3 vaporizer is the main aspect that they have improved upon from the Pax 2. The oven heats to a temperature twice as quickly as the Pax 2. Considering the Pax 2 is no slouch when it comes to heating, it shows the advancement in technology the developers at Pax Labs have innovated and put into their newer model.

When a vaporizer is able to heat your materials up to temperature quicker, not only is this generally more energy-efficient, but it means that the herbs spend less time at a hotter temperature, which makes for a more potent vaporizing experience.

Depending on battery level, the Pax 3 will generally take 30 seconds from stone cold to heat up to the highest temperature setting. Following this, each subsequent use will heat up in approximately 5 seconds as the chamber stores any residual heat from previous uses.

The idea from Pax Labs is that you will need to wait as little time as possible for your herb to heat up, so you can vape as quickly and as efficiently as you can from the moment you turn the device on.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

This basic kit comes with a charging cable, dock and two mouthpieces (flat and raised), and packing down tool as standard and as previously mentioned, you can purchase the Pax 3 Complete Kit for an additional $50 at $249.99 and this comes with the concentrate insert, but it doesn’t just stop there.

With the Complete Kit you also get: -

  • Half Pack Oven Lid - Which allows the chamber to heat more effectively when the device is only half-filled. Useful when you are trying to get the most out of the last bit of your herb;
  • Portable Multi-tool - Comes on a key-chain and is used to pack-down your herb as well as stirring and emptying the oven chamber;
  • Tweed Carry Case - A stylish solution to carry around the Pax 3.
Pax 3 Vaporizers

Portability, Size and Appearance

Portability and size are imperative when choosing your desired dry, herb vape. It matters in terms of how much space it may take up, portability and damage control.

Both the Pax 2 and Pax 3 offer a sleek and compact vaporizer that can fit into the palm of your hand. Much smaller than an Arizer vape, for example. Both are extremely portable and the slight difference in size is negligible when assessing the overall portability of either device. Both also hold the same amount of herb within the chamber.

The appearance of the range of vapes is also fairly negligible, with the only difference being the finish of each device and the range of colors available. The Pax 2 comes in a smaller range of colors with a brushed effect. The Pax 3 has a slightly bigger range of colors and comes with a matte effect. And the Pax 3 Complete Kit allows you to either have a matte or glossy effect.

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However, all 3 sets of vaporizers look incredibly upmarket and stylish as well as being very durable to generally daily wear-and-tear.

Battery Life Pax 2 vs. Pax 3

Pax in Hand

Battery life definitely falls into the functionality of a vaporizer, but considering it makes a huge difference of importance to a lot of users for how long it will last between charges, it deserves a category of its own. The Pax 2 comes with high quality, integrated lithium-ion battery at 2600mAh.

This provides the user with a range of 1-2 hours of operational battery life, which depending upon how frequently you would vape, would probably around 2 days. It also takes around 3 hours to hit full charge.

The Pax 3 battery is around 33% more powerful than the Pax 2 however at 3500mAh. This extended battery life is much better for those extended sessions or is perfect for vaping on the go when you don’t have access to a plug socket. Also, the charge time is lower with the Pax 3 at approximately 2 hours.

Both the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 are united in containing the ingenious lip-sensing technologies. The lip sensors ensure that the heating elements in the Pax are only engaged when you lift the vape to your mouth and take a hit.

This effectively makes sure no battery life is wasted and that your substances aren't overheated. With all this powerful technology packed into such a small unit, it is no surprise people give the Pax Series the crown when it comes to dry herb, portable vaping solutions.

Pax 3 App - Bluetooth Functionality

As it stands, the Pax Series are already well worth the investment. But the developers at Pax Labs decided to throw in an additional incredible feature.

The Pax 3 can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Once the Pax App has been downloaded, and the vape has been connected, it lets you into a wealth of additional features that allow you to control specific aspects of the vaporizer.

One of the more brilliant aspects of this feature is the specific temperature at which you can select the device to heat to. People debate long over which temperature gives them the best hit, and the Pax 3 allows you to choose whichever temp you want.

You can also go through a range of settings, control the device remotely and access a range of special games and modes which are not ordinarily available.

So Which should I choose?


Pax Gold on side


Pax are without a doubt changing the game of how we vape. With their powerful, clean and innovative technologies, it's hard to choose what Pax is the best. Ultimately, choosing what Pax you want is all about personal preference and how it will suit you and your lifestyle.

If you already own the Pax 2, I would suggest holding off for a while, you already have an ingenious portable vaporizer. 

If you have never owned a Pax, I would highly recommend the Pax 3; with its innovative technologies, prolonged battery life and freedom to choose what substance you want to vaporize, its perfect for beginners of the vaping world or vape veterans!

Not to sound like a broken record, but when buying anything it all boils down to what you enjoy the most. I hope this blog, in some way, big or small helped you on your voyage of finding the best Pax for you!