Why Everyone Needs a Percolator Bong?

Stoners want unadulterated bliss when they are high. Joints are often their favorite go-to item when they want a taste of weed. But, there’s a better way to feel the magic, and that’s a percolator bong. Each fag from this device creates a blissful sensation that reaches every crevice of your body. Smoking from a joint restricts your drag to only a puff, but percolator bongs work differently. They ensure you receive the maximum amount of vapor every time.

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How do percolator bongs work?


Percolator Bong


The design of the bong plays a crucial role to give you a high feeling. Their design ensures that you receive maximum hits from one drag instead of taking multiple drags from a joint. They come with a filter and a diffuser that helps to extract pure vapor from the cannabis you use in it. One of the best things about using a percolator bong is it eliminates the nasty carcinogens harmful for your body. 

Percolator bongs force different pressures from different outlets. So, when you inhale from the smoking outlet, your breath forces the vapor or smoke down in the water container that leads to the filtration process. The more the smoke pressurizes the water, the more through the filtration process becomes. So, by the time the smoke reaches your system, it leaves out the carcinogens in the water. This ensures that you get high without affecting your health. Smoking cannabis from a joint can damage your lungs, but the effect is comparatively lesser when you use a percolator bong.

When the pressure of the hot smoke touches the water, it filters the harmful effects of the herb you are smoking. Bongs with a number of small openings make sure that the smoke becomes free from carcinogens by the time it reaches your lungs. This process traps the toxins to make sure you get the purest vapor possible. The best percolator bong in the market will have a thorough filtration process so that you don’t have to worry about the side effects of smoking cannabis.

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Types of percolator bongs

With some exceptional bongs available, it is hard to determine which one is suitable for you. Some people prefer cheap percolator bongs while many want to use a uniquely-designed bong that filters the smoke. So, which one do you want? Let’s take a look at some of the types of percolator bongs before you decide.

1. Double percolator bong


Double Percolator Bong


The most common percolator bongs have a water chamber at the bottom and a single outlet from where you smoke. Although this belongs to the cheap percolator bong category, they don’t provide a lot of filtration because it doesn’t have too many outlets. As an alternative, you can use a double percolator bong that has two outlets instead of one. This makes sure that the smoke filters twice before reaching your system.

Of course, outlets here don’t mean there are two smoking ends. Instead, the other outlet works only like a filter while you take drags from another outlet. Double percolator bongs are also inexpensive, but their filtration is superior than single percolators.

2. Honeycomb percolator bong

Have you ever smoked cannabis from an elite level percolator bong? If you haven’t, then buy a honeycomb percolator bong immediately. These bongs are world-famous due to their excellent percolators. Every stoner knows that they have a sweet spot which activates as soon as the cannabis hits the bullseye. With joints or other types of percolator bongs, it takes time to hit that sweet spot. But, once you use a honeycomb bong, you will understand why this is a premium level device.

Some of these bongs have over 100 holes, making the smoke purer as it travels up through the glass chamber. By the time you smoke, the vapor is in its purest form. That is why it doesn’t take much time to create a high feeling. Honeycomb bongs have a flat surface that helps spreads the water for better filtration. 

Hobey comb Percolator Bong

3. Glass percolator bong

Ideally, you should choose a glass bong no matter what design you prefer. Some companies tend to sell bongs made of fiber. Don’t go for them. A glass percolator bong not only offers the best filtration, but the appearance is also far better. It is a treat to watch the smoke getting filtered and slowly traveling up. 

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Why use a percolator bong

More than addiction, you should enjoy while smoking. Making a joint is time-consuming, and it doesn’t last for a long time. On the other hand, if you use the best percolator bongs, you wouldn’t want to come back to a joint anytime soon. Percolator bongs are a stoner’s best friend for several reasons.

1. Better smoke taste

Non-smokers wonder if smoke has a taste. Yes, it does. That’s why you find vapes in different flavors. Percolator bongs also create a similar effect. It extracts the purest vapor from the cannabis you use and holds it for a long period. This enables you to hit bigger highs with only a couple of drags. Plus, you can feel the taste of the herb going through your throat into the lungs.

2. Stronger and stable

Percolator bongs have a stable base that increases its longevity. Those who are clumsy often spills the water inside the bong, but since percolator bongs have a sturdy base, you won’t usually spill anything while smoking. Most importantly, glass percolator bongs use scientific-grade glass. So, even if you drop it, there are lower chances of any damage.

3. Convenience

For those who don’t want to take the trouble of rolling a joint, a percolator bong is the best alternative. All you need to do is fill the water chamber and pour some cannabis and light it. As the smoke starts spreading inside, take a deep drag, and see how blissful life is.

By now, you must know what is a percolator bong. The next time you think of smoking cannabis, try using a percolator bong instead of a joint and feel the difference instantly.