Puffco Peak Pro: Your 6 Minute Review

The Puffco Peak Pro has arrived, and it’s transformed the already excellent Peak into perfection. It comes as the Pro version of the original Puffco Peak model that has long since been a favorite for many concentrate connoisseurs.

Puffco is renowned for creating high-performance hardware that looks even better than it performs. The Peak Pro certainly lives up to the standards Puffco has set for itself, epitomizing the hard work and dedication that goes into each of their releases. 

Puffco Peak Pro


A credit to Puffco’s passion is their motivation to improve each of their products constantly, something they’ve achieved with awesome effect with the Peak Pro. 

The Puffco Peak Pro: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs

Q1: What can you vape with the Puffco Peak Pro?

Similar to the Puffco Peak, the Peak Pro is an e-rig designed for use with concentrates. It can be used with any concentrate, although thicker extracts such as wax are most suited. 

Q2: How big is the Puffco Peak Pro?

The Peak Pro carries just as much portable appeal as the original Peak. It stands at 7-inches tall with a 2.75-inch base. It’s not quite small enough to fit into any pockets in the same way a dab pen would, but it’s sure to fit into any bag to support sessions on the go. It’ll also come with a stylish carrying case for protection when doing so. 

Q3: How much does the Puffco Peak Pro weigh?

Accompanying this super-convenient size is its weight. The Peak Pro weighs a mere 219 grams, adding to the portability of the unit. For a device as durable as the peak, you’d definitely expect it to weigh more making this a pleasant surprise. 

Q4: How big is the Puffco Peak Pro’s oven chamber?

The Puffco Peak Pro’s chamber is now 40% larger than the original Peak, allowing for much larger dabs. The chamber is perfect for loading enough concentrates to support extended sessions, and even sessions when sharing with friends, too. 

Q5: What’s the Puffco Peak Pro’s heating system?

The Peak Pro uses expert conduction heating technology to heat the chamber. Conduction heating works by heating the chamber’s surface area which, in turn, heats the concentrates inside. 

Q6: Does the Peak Pro have a wireless charger?

The Puffco Power Dock is available to use as a wireless charging dock for the Peak Pro. It’s available as an accessory, and won’t come with the Pro as standard, though. 

Q7: How long does the Puffco Peak Pro’s battery last?

Battery life plays a crucial role in defining the quality of a portable device. The Peak Pro houses a large, powerful battery that will support approximately 30 sessions per charge. 

Q8: How long does The Puffco Peak Pro take to charge?

Equally, the battery won’t take long to charge either. The battery will take roughly 2 hours to reach full capacity if completely flat, so you won’t be kept waiting long. 

Q9: What’s the temperature range of the new Pro?

As you’d expect from any of the best e-rigs, the Peak Pro boasts a wide spectrum of temperatures for users to experiment with. These range from 492° Fahrenheit all the way up to 545° Fahrenheit. 

The button on the body of the unit can be used to cycle through the different presets, while the app can be used for more precise and customized control. 

Q10: How does the Peak Pro display temperature?

Amongst other things, the Puffco app will display the Peak’s temperature. Using the app allows users to view the current temperature of the device and the set temperature that it’s heating up too. 

Q11: Does the Peak Pro have an auto-shutoff feature?

Yes. Signaling the technological brilliance of the Puffco Peak Pro is its auto-shutoff feature. This’ll help preserve as much battery life as possible and prevent any unnecessary waste of your concentrates. 

Q12: Does the Puffco Peak Pro come with a smartphone app?

Nothing quite demonstrates the luxury of the Peak Pro more than the lavish smartphone app. It’s available on Andriod through the Google Play store, and on iPhones via a third-party browser.

The app allows for custom temperature preset controls, as well as the ability to display all information about the device. This includes battery life, average daily hits, and a selection of different lighting profiles. 

Q13: Does the Peak Pro have a warranty?

The Peak Pro comes with a warranty covering all faults in manufacturing and workmanship for 12-months after the original date of purchase. 

What's in the Box?

Puffco Peak Pro

Travel Case

Micro-USB Charger

Carb Cap

Cleaning Swabs

Ceramic Bowl

Loading Tool

Wall Charging Adapter

How Does the Puffco Peak Pro WORK?

1. The Puffco Peak Pro Heating System

The Pro, just like the original Peak, uses a conduction heating system to heat its chamber. This heats the chamber allowing for the concentrates to be vaporized and inhaled. 

2. Loading the Puffco Peak Pro

To expose the chamber of the Peak Pro by twisting the carb cap until it detaches from the atomizer. Once this is done, use the loading tool to place your concentrates in the center of the atomizer and place the cap back. 

3. Turning on the Puffco Peak Pro

The unit can be switched on by pressing and holding the button on the face of the unit. 

4. Setting the Temperature On the Puffco Peak Pro

As standard, setting the temperature is simple. Once the device has been turned on, you can cycle through the 4 different temperature settings but pressing the power button. 

If more precision is required for your experience, do not fear, Puffco has your back. The smartphone app will allow you to create your own customized temperature profiles to save and return to whenever you please. 

5. Hitting the Puffco Peak Pro

As soon as you experience that first hit, you’ll understand what we mean when we say, it’s flawless. It’s simple, too. All you’ll need to do in preparation is charge the Peak Pro, fill the bubbler with some water, fill the chamber, and allow it to heat. Once it’s ready to vape it’ll use haptic feedback to vibrate, at which point you can begin taking your rip. 

How's the Vapor Quality?

If smooth, flavorful rips are something you’re aiming for, you’ll love the Peak Pro. The quality of vapor is phenomenal thanks to the process of water filtration that cools and smoothens to vapor before you inhale. 

The water helps to disperse the vapor particles allowing for heat to escape, resulting in a cooler outcome. 

Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality With the Puffco Peak Pro

To ensure you’re always getting the finest quality vapor it’s important to use fresh, cool water. Refreshing the water before each session will aid the taste of your dabs. It’s also crucial to clean the chamber so avoid residue from previous sessions combusting. 

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Is the Puffco Peak Pro Easy to Clean?

It’s about as simple as you could wish for keeping the Peak Pro clean and maintained. Those familiar with the original model will be delighted to know that the two can be cleaned identically. 

The main areas to focus on are the borosilicate glass water bubbler and the atomizer. The water bubbler will just require some rinsing with an isopropyl alcohol solution to remove any stains. The chamber requires a little more care. It can be cleaned using the included cleaning swabs dipped in isopropyl to wipe away any residue. 

What Are the Pros and Cons Of The Puffco Peak Pro?



Great Vapor Quality


Portable & Durable Design

Only For Use With Concentrates 

Temperature Flexibility With The App

Not As Portable As A Dab Pen

Good Battery Performance

So is the Puffco Peak Pro Worth it? 

The Puffco Peak Pro, as you would imagine, is simply a revitalized and upgraded version of the Puffco Peak we all know and love. It boasts a range of enhanced technological features such as improved battery life and heat-up times, a larger chamber, and a smartphone app to take your experience to the next level. It’s most certainly not the cheapest e-rig on the market, but it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen. 

Who Should Buy the Pro?

When a device comes with a price tag as high as the Peak Pro, it’ll naturally only suit some users. It’s a piece of hardware that oozes class and luxury and is certainly designed with the connoisseurs out there in mind. There’s no better way to enjoy your concentrates than with the Peak Pro, so if you geek out on tech and love a new gadget, this one is definitely for you.