Puffco Peak Review

The Puffco Peak just might be the dab scene's Volcano. It has all the makings of such a truly iconic vape: Incredible heating, intelligent design, and a super-distinctive design.

Across the dab scene, more and more critics are lauding its incredible design, power, and fantastic water-cooling features. Many of Puffco's peers are left in the dust as they struggle to keep up with the sheer excellence of the Peak. 

It allows anyone to enjoy dabs without having to worry about external heat sources, torches, or red-hot dab nails! This, combined with the growing popularity of concentrates, means that, in time, concentrates may become as popular as dry herb vaping

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Check out our six-minute Puffco Peak Smart Rig review, and we'll show you exactly why the Puffco Peak is a truly revolutionary way to enjoy concentrates and why every dab connoisseur out there needs one now!

The Puffco Peak: Answering all Your Questions About Tech Specs (And What's in the box) 

How much does The Puffco Peak cost?

The Puffco Peak is a premium vaporizer that comes in with a price tag of $279.99

What can you vape with The Puffco Peak?

From design to execution, the Puffco Peak is a vape designed to work with concentrates. 

How big is The Puffco Peak?

The Peak's design leaves it in a strange grey zone between portable and desktop vaporizers. It measures 7 inches tall with a 2.75-inch base. However, its internal power supply does give it a level of portability. 

How much does The Puffco Peak weigh?

The Puffco Peak weights 8oz

How big is theThe Puffco Peak’s oven chamber?

The Puffco Peak's chamber can handle up to 0.1g of concentrate. 

What’s The Puffco Peak’s heating system?

The Puffco Peak utilizes a heating system specifically designed to get the very most out of all types of concentrate. This means that it works at higher temperatures than dry herb and dual-use vaporizers and even some concentrate vapes. It also uses some elements of convection heating to help generate a denser, tastier hit. 

Which battery does the Puffco Peak use?

The Puffco Peak has an onboard battery that is fully USB rechargeable.

How long does The Puffco Peak’s battery last?

The Peak's battery can last up to 30 full heat cycles. It's remaining battery life can be seen in the colours of the device's LEDs: Green (100% - 60%) - Yellow (60% - 30%) - Red (30% - 0%)

How long does The Puffco Peak take to charge?

When recharged via a USB outlet adapter, you can expect a full battery in around 3 hours.

What’s the temperature range of The Puffco Peak?

The peak has a heat spectrum that stretches from 580°F to 720°F.

How does The Puffco Peak display temperature?

The Puffco Peak displays temperature via the LED array installed into its base. This illuminates the glass cone while the vape is in use. 

Does The Puffco Peak have an auto-shutoff feature?

Yes, the Peak will shut down after a few minutes to save on battery life. 

Does The Puffco Peak come with a smartphone app?

The Puffco Peak has bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app that is available for android. 

Does The Puffco Peak have a warranty?

The Puffco Peak features a one year warranty

The Puffco Peak: What's in the box?

what's in the box - puffco peak
1 x Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer 1 x Carrying Case
4 x Cleaning Swabs 1 x Loading Tool
1 x USB Charger 1 x Ceramic Bowl & Carb Cap

How does the Puffco Peak work?

1. The Puffco Peak Heating System

The Peak's heating system is where it shines. Rather than using coils or emails, it uses a concentrate dish heating system. This has myriad advantages over other heating methods. For instance, the conductivity of ceramic ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the full surface area of the herb. This avoids the risk of any hot spots or wasted material. 

On top of this, ceramic is non-reactive. This means that users will get to enjoy the true, authentic flavor of their dabbing material. All of this, with a heat-up time of fewer than 30 seconds!

Within the ceramic chamber, there is a level of airflow not usually seen in this type of device. This creates a secondary convection effect that helps generate an additional level of density and smoothness. 

Of course, all of this is done at a very high temperature, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that the hits from the Peak would be harsh and hot. Well, that's where the water-cooling system comes in. This filters every hit, ensuring tasty, smooth vape experiences. 

2. Loading The Puffco Peak

Loading the Peak is far simpler than loading a dab rig. In the latter's case, you have to preheat a quartz nail with a torch before dropping your concentrate in. With the Puffco, you can lay the ceramic chamber before activating the devices. Not only is this easier, but it’s also safer. All you need to do is pop open the chamber and use a dab tool to carefully load it up with your concentrate of choice. The Peak even comes bundled with a dab tool

3. Turning on the Puffco Peak

To activate the Peak, all you have to do is hold the power button until the LEDs light up the cone. 

4. Setting the temperature on the Puffco Peak

The power button can also be used to cycle through the Peak's temperature settings. Each tap will jump to the next highest setting before eventually cycling back. 

5. Hitting the Puffco Peak

Once the reservoir is loaded, the chamber packed, and the devices activated, you can get ready to take a hit. Cycle to your temperature of choice and double-tap the power button to start heating. The LEDs around the base of the device will indicate the heating system's progress. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone if you have the android app installed. When the device is ready, you simply put it to your lips and take a hit, trusting in the water cooling to do its job. 

How's the Puffco Peak vapor quality?

As we said at the beginning of this Puffco review, the Puffco Peak just might be the Volcano of the dab scene. This is, in a large part, down to its vapor quality. This vaporizer is more than capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with traditional combustion-based dab rigs. 

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Its ceramic heating chamber means that no matter what setting it is at, users can enjoy the authentic and true flavor of their concentrates. On top of this, the conductive nature of ceramic means that the surface area of the material will be evenly vaporized, each hit will be full and delicious. 

puffco peak vapor quality

There's no avoiding the glass cone. This structure is a key part of the Peak's aesthetic and is instrumental to its stunning vapor quality. The glass, as with the ceramic, is totally-non reactive so users don't have to worry about any nasty after-tastes. The reservoir, however, is the true reason for this feature. It smoothes out and cools all the vapor that passes through it, leading to an incredibly comfortable vape experience. 

Tips for getting best vapor quality with the Puffco Peak

Though it is a vaporizer, the Peak doesn't have the level of customization that a dry herb device does. Rather than altering your heat setting to get different vape experiences, users will adjust the temperature to suit their concentrate of choice. 

Denser materials like wax and shatter will call for high temperatures, while runnier waxes and oils will work better at a lower temperature.

One factor that will impact it heavily though, is the cleanliness of the cone. A grimey cone with dirty water in its reservoir will leave you with some truly diabolical aftertastes if you insist on using it in that state. 

Is the Puffco Peak easy to clean?

One of the downsides of the Puffco Peak is in its maintenance requirements. The fact that it uses two separate and very different components in its operation demands two separate and very distinctive approaches to cleaning. 

The Glass cone needs to be detached from the rest of the device and cleaned similarly to a bong. First, rinse it with warm water, then gently wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol, gently scrubbing away any particularly stubborn build-up. Finally, rinse it again, and set it aside to dry. 

The electronic components demand a change in tack. The first step is to wipe out the ceramic chamber. This can be done with a small amount of alcohol or cleaning solution, and a soft-bristled brush. 

Finally, as with any vaporizer; ensure that you put the entire device through a test heating cycle to ensure that any leftover alcohol residue is completely evaporated. 

What are the pros and cons of the Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak PROS The Puffco Peak CONS
Ideal for concentrates of all types No dual-use functionality 
Unique water cooling Fragile glass components. 
Compact and easy to handle Limited battery life

So is the Puffco Peak worth it?

The Puffco Peak has left a lasting impression on us. We are truly staggered by its sheer quality of design and execution. It is the first credible alternative to the traditional torch and nail system favored by dab fans across the scene.

While it can be somewhat fragile and may take some getting used to. The Puffco Peak is a fabulous little vaporizer that is ideal for all serious vape fans. 

Who should buy the Puffco Peak?

First and foremost, the Puffco Peak is a device for true fans. Its large size demands a specific size set aside to enjoy it in, and its ceramic oven offers a truly incredible level of vapor quality. On top of this, the maintenance demands of the Peak mean that those with a familiarity with concentrated consumption will be well equipped to keep it up to spec. 

While beginners will have little problem getting to grips with the controls of the Peak, it is a serious investment, and casual users should make sure to justify the cost to themselves before they splash out!