Ready, Set, ArGO – Everything you need to know about the Arizer Argo.

The Arizer Go comes from renowned Canadian Manufacturers, Arizer who made the stunning Solo II vaporizer and Arizer Air. 

Arizer have been on a roll since their debut and have no intentions on slowing down anytime soon. This time round they have released the ArGO.

The ArGO is one of the most highly regarded portable vaporizers on the market. This Vaporizer is a fantastic contender in the vaporizer competition employing high-end features at a reasonable price point.

As of writing this blog, the ArGO is retailing for $259.99 on our website. If youre thinking of purchasing the Arizer ArGO, I’m going to breakdown the features of the ArGO to help you choose if this vaporizer is the one for you.  

About Arizer Argo

Vaporizers are growing in popularity over the years due to their portable and discreet features; but that’s not the only reason that prompts people to purchase vaporizers. Vaporizers are experience creators.

The ArGO will take you to another planet. While the ArGO is the baby of the Arizer, don’t let this fool you; it can do everything the big boys can.

Through methods of advanced engineering, the folks over at Arizer have managed to fit all this magic into a small compact and robust unit without sacrificing functionality.

This vaporizer stands at around 93 x 52 x 24 mm and holds a sleek black exterior made from hard plastic and steel and half sports a rubber finish to enhance the grip.

On the face there are 3 control buttons and an OLED screen that display the temperatures (available in F or C) and the battery percentage. You can adjust the light on the display to your preferred setting.  


The Arizer allows you the freedom to control the temperature of your vaporizer and they are adjustable in 1 degree increments for precise temperature control.

The temps range from 112F-428F with such control you can guarantee you get the correct temperature to heighten your sesh experience!

If your giving your pals a call on a Saturday night and planning a session then we advise you to pack your tube with your preferred herb and pack it in, tight, to ensure no spillage occurs, that’s the last thing we would want! The all-glass air passage gives you the purest tasting vapor. 

Arizer ArGo


A bonus feature of the ArGO is the the battery. At the bottom of the vaporizer you will find an opening to the powerful 18650 removable battery, so you can change them when you run out of power!

As well as this, you can charge while vaping! You never have to wait around for sessions with the ArGO, I suppose you could say you are ready to (Ar)Go all the time!  

More features?! 

Some other cool features the ArGO employs is;  

  • Pocket Sized  
  • All Glass Air Path with Glass Stem Protection 
  • Digital Display 
  • Precise Temperature Control - 1° Increments 
  • Rechargeable, Removable Battery & Pass-through Charging 
  • Hybrid Heating 
  • Quick Heat-up Time (60 Seconds) 
  • Concealed mouthpiece 

ArGo and get yours! 

The ArGo stands strong with its brothers in remaining that legendary reputation of innovative, sleek and modern vaporizers.

If you’re a vapor who is always on the go, the ArGO is your friend; its small, capable and maintenance free – thanks to the glass stem design there isn’t really any clean up.

The ArGO is an impressive little vaporizer and gets the job done efficiently!