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The Best Way to Clean Your Bong

Posted by Adrian V on

The Best Way to Clean Your Bong

Just as the rubbish needs to be taken out and the cat’s litter box to be emptied, you’re going to have to give that bong a good scrubbing.  

After a while, a heavily used bong can emit a very powerful stench, the like of which not even the strongest of nostrils can withstand.

The worst thing isn’t just the smell; the filth that eventually collects in your bong will also taint the taste of your next hit and may also have some negative effects on your health. You owe it to your room mates and yourself to keep that thing clean!

Below, we have outlined everything you will need to clean your bong and some easy steps to making sure you get a good clean hit.

Cleaning your bong might seem like a laborious task but hopefully after reading this article you will see that it is not only easy, but relatively cheap too. All you need is a little patience and some elbow grease!

You will need:

  • Latex gloves (the smell of resin will be very strong and may get on your hands)
  • Tongs
  • Cotton buds or Pipe Cleaners
  • Large resealable bag(s)
  • Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) or Green Optimum Glass Cleaner (available in our web-store)
  • Salt


Disassemble your bong.

Take apart all the pieces of your bong and store them in a safe place. A good thorough cleaning is going to require some vigorous scrubbing which could damage your bong. Set the different parts of your bong aside to be cleaned separately.

Leave the larger pieces to soak.

Get a large bowl of warm water and leave your pieces to soak. Hot water will remove those caked on chunks of dirt.

If you cannot properly grip your bong in the water use a pair of tongs to hold it upright. If your bong is a cold-piece then use lukewarm water instead; hot water may cause the glass to shatter.

Use cotton buds or pipe cleaners for stubborn pieces of dirt.

Try to get the largest pieces of resin and dirt off first. If there are pieces that still aren’t coming off don’t worry, we will come back to them later

Soak the smaller pieces in a re-sealable bag.

For the smaller pieces, place them in a bag with warm water to loosen up any grime or dirt on them. You may want to separate the pieces in different bags if they are fragile but one bag or large bowl should work fine.

Fill the bag with rubbing alcohol or Green Optimum Glass Cleaner.

Rubbing alcohol such as isopropyl can be very effective at removing any remaining grime or dirt.

You could also use vinegar if you don’t have access to isopropyl. The alkali in the vinegar will do a great job at removing the stubborn pieces still caked on your bong.

You can use any number of products for this step but vinegar would be the most widely available and cheapest. If you need some heavy duty material, be sure to check out our web store.

We have a whole range of specialised cleaning products available such as the “Green Optimum Glass Cleaner”, no need for alcohol and salt!

Add a tablespoon of salt to the bag.

The salt will act as an abrasive to remove the remaining dirt. As there is alcohol in that bag, the salt won’t dissolve.

Lightly shake the bag.

Be careful not to shake the bag too hard as you may risk cracking some of your pieces. Shake it for at least 2 minutes or until all the pieces are visibly clean.

Leave the bag to soak for several hours if the stains are persistent.

This is where you’ll have to exercise some patience. If after several hours there are still some persistent stains or resin on the pieces then remove the dirty piece from the bag and use a cotton bud or pipe cleaner to clean thoroughly.

Rinse all the pieces.

Rinse all the pieces of your bong in the sink. You might want to dispose of the liquid in the bag down the toilet or in the bin as it has been known to block sinks.

Fill the larger bong pieces with salt water and shake it to remove the excess dirt.

Plug all the holes in your bong with tissue paper or cling film and shake it with the salt water inside. Empty this into the sink and rinse once again.

And hey presto, you’ve got one sparkling bong!

 This is very much a DIY approach to cleaning your bong. If you would prefer something a little more specialised, then check out our web store.

We have everything from glass cleaner solution, brushes and pipe cleaners, sterilising wipes, and cleaning formulas. They are even available in multi-pack deals from as little as £20 so make sure you get yours today!