The Chewy Grinder | Changing grinding as we know it

About Chewy Grinder

The Chewy Grinder has been passionately made by team of herb loving product designers in Ireland. They had taken it on themselves to revolutionize the grinding of our beloved green herb.

It all began in a style studio in Ireland where the team started coming up with and engineering vaporizers. 10 years went by and they designed the first gas powered vaporizer the "iolite”.

This went well, but they knew they could do better. So in 2015 they checked out the herb grinder market.

They saw that everything was still stuck at its roots. Rightly so in some aspects but at the same time odd.

Similar styles of grinders had been used for over one hundred. So the lads thought, what do you really want from a grinder what could it give as more….

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What would the world's perfect grinder do?

  • - Loading,
  • - Storing,
  • - Grinding
  • - Dispensing
  • - Prompt and with ease
  • - No waste
  • - Tidy
  • - Not Massive, aka portable and pocketable

No easy task... However, one the Chewy team took head on. One year later the prototype Chewy was born.

chewy grinder

Chewy Grinder Innovation

The Innovation within this device was amazing, not only did it change the way you carried your herb and took it. This device delivered.

Chewing the herb within the blades and bringing ease with its loading mechanism. When they discovered a way to load the herb employing a push block and spring mechanism.

They had to find a way for it to work well. They needed to develop a blade that would attract the herb, slice it and load the ground herb into a joint, pipe, bong or vape.

This took two hundred blade prototypes and months of testing. Finally when several tweaks and revelations all obstacle where overcome.

The blade really doesn't grind like a typical grinder, that crushes and compresses the herb, shaking of all its crystals.

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It slices it, keeping the herb texture at the proper consistency for vaping and with all its active ingredients.

The Chewy Grinder is the only grinder designed for vapes in mind and by doing so it has created something the market has never seen before.