The Complete Guide to the Davinci IQ - Review

The DaVinci IQ is discontinued and replaced by the DaVinci IQ2 ! Other Davinci vaporizers can be found here.

Interested in picking up the DaVinci IQ, but unsure whether it’s worth your hard earned cash? Read on for our complete breakdown of the IQ dry herb vaporizer, covering everything from design and build to battery life, user accessibility and vapor quality.

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

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Looking at the compact design of this vaporizer, it’s easy to see why the DaVinci IQ is one of the most popular portable vapes on the market at the minute. Measuring in at just 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D, the DaVinci IQ is stylish, sleek and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, unlike some other vapes (*cough* Mighty *cough*). Weighing just 5oz, the DaVinci IQ is light and easily portable in any pocket or bag for sessions on the go.

In comparison to your average conduction vaporizer, the interior of the DaVinci IQ is a little more complex. The IQ features a built in ‘flavor chamber’ which lets you load your vape with other herbs on top of whatever dry herb is in your oven, to create your very own unique botanical blend. And even if you leave the flavor chamber empty, it still works as an extended vapor path to cool down your vapor even further before it hits your mouthpiece.

Since vaping with a conduction oven can produce a slightly more ‘obvious’ aroma than a convection device, this feature is also super handy for anyone who wants to vape in public without drawing too much attention to themselves. With subtlety in mind, the DaVinci IQ features two interchangeable mouthpieces - either flat, or one with a protruding tip. While the protruding mouthpiece won’t add too much length to your device overall, the flat mouthpiece is handy for anyone looking to keep a lower profile.


One of our favourite features of the DaVinci IQ is that it’s an incredibly sturdy and durable device, despite how small and compact it is. This is thanks to the fact that most of the DaVinci IQ is constructed out of ceramic zirconia. Ceramic zirconia is a highly durable material with about 1/10th of the thermal conductivity of other ceramics, which is what makes it one of the best ceramic materials for conducting heat.


Da Vinci IQ Design


This makes it perfect for use in a dry herb vaporizer, as it won’t crack under the pressure of high heat - even with the DaVinci IQ’s 360º conduction oven. This novel approach to conduction heating combined with the strength of ceramic zirconia means you’ll get evenly cooked, tasty vapor without the risk of charring or combustion. As well as the IQ’s vaporizer oven the vapor path, mouthpieces and adjustable oven pearl are all crafted out of ceramic zirconia - giving you amazing strength and optimal heat conduction throughout your device.

Because of the large amount of ceramic zirconia used in construction, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer produces some of the best vapor you’ll get from a conduction device, which is easily comparable to vapor flavour from pricer convection vaporizers.

Battery Life & Charging

The DaVinci IQ is powered by a single 3500mAh 18650 battery, which depending on the length and heat of your sessions can last anywhere between 80-120 minutes per battery.

The IQ reaches full charge in about two hours, and while this might seem pretty average, the DaVinci actually has the same average battery power and charging time as the Mighty - a much larger and more expensive device. Thankfully, the DaVinci IQ doesn’t require a charging bank and is instead easily charged via micro USB which makes it a great device for using while travelling.

Smart Paths Technology

One of the most innovative technical features of the DaVinci IQ is their unique Smart Paths heating system. With the Smart Paths heating system, users get four pret-set temperature levels to choose from which slowly increase in heat over the space of 10 minutes.

While pre-configured heat settings aren’t for everyone, DaVinci have engineered this feature with an amazing temperature range to cater to all tastes. Users can choose from Smart Paths 1 (350°F / 176°C - 370°F / 188°C), Smart Paths 2 (370°F / 188°C - 390°F / 198°C), Smart Paths 3 (390°F / 198°C - 410°F / 210°C) and Smart Paths 4 (410°F / 210°C - 430°F / 221°C).


Da Vinci IQ Kit


What are the benefits of this, you ask? Well, using this Smart Paths method allows you to start out low and slow to really savor the full taste of your herb, then end on a high note to really get the best performance out of your material with no waste. If you want to give your session an extra little kick, you can easily activate Boost mode at the touch of a button for a quick surge of heat.

By using the Smart Paths feature, this also works as a handy pre-timed ten minute session for solo vaping when out and about, or sharing with a friend.

With the add-on DaVinci IQ bluetooth app, IQ owners can customize their Smart Paths settings even further, and even control their heat settings down to single degree increments for a tailor-made session.


The DaVinci IQ takes just 16 seconds to reach optimal vaping temperature, which makes it one of the perfect devices for subtle, stealthy vaping on the go.

With the bluetooth app, you can even turn your device on and off from your smartphone and have your vape fired up and ready to go mere moments later. Thanks to the device’s haptic feedback, your DaVinci IQ will vibrate to let you know when its reached optimal temperature to start your session.

And with the amazing 10 year warranty, you can puff away to your heart’s content knowing that if anything goes wrong, the good folks over at DaVinci have got your back.

All in all, we’re huge fans of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer here at Lifted. Despite its small size, DaVinci have loaded this vape up with lots of thoughtful, user-friendly features including Smart Paths and the add-on bluetooth app so you don’t lose out on any of the user accessibility usually associated with a larger device.

As well as being super user-friendly, the IQ provides amazing tasting vapor that is cool and smooth after every hit, which is a huge feat from such a small conduction device. In fact, the vapor produced by the IQ is easily comparable to that of portable convection and hybrid devices like the Crafty or the Arizer Go. And thanks to the 10 year warranty, this vape is likely to see you through countless great sessions both alone and with friends.