The Crafty Vaporizer vs The Mighty

Vaporizing, or vaping, is an innovative technology allowing users the benefits of smoking cannabis, for both health and recreational reasons.

The Mighty and Crafty vapes are premium convection-based vaporizers. Vaping technology uses either conduction or convection to extract the active chemicals in cannabis.

Conduction involves the heating of the herb on a hot plate. This vaporizes the volatile compounds in the herb.

Conduction is not as efficient or healthy as convection, which uses hot air passing over the herb to extract its constituent active ingredients.

THC is the chemical responsible for recreational use of cannabis, while CBD is known for its proven medical benefits for chronic pain, among other ailments.

Mighty Vaporizer

$261.75 $349.00


The Crafty and Mighty vaporizers are manufactured by Storz and Bickel of Germany, renowned for the build quality of their equipment.

The Mighty vaporizer is larger than the Crafty, by around 1 inch in both height and width.

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This provides the space for a second battery pack, and a display screen showing the adjustable target temperature, the current temperature, and battery level.

The second battery pack gives the Mighty a 90-minute usage time, compared with the 45 minutes obtainable with the Crafty.

The lack of a display screen on the Crafty is made up for by Bluetooth capability and a smartphone app, available for this machine.

This can be used to adjust the temperature between the default 180 oC, and the booster temperature, 195 oC. 

This temperature control is important for users of the Crafty and the Mighty vaporizers. At lower convection temperatures, more CBD is released from the herb than THC.

This is beneficial to those users who wish to experience the medical benefits of vaping. At higher temperatures, More THC is released.

This is a more appropriate setting for users seeking recreational benefits. The Mighty vaporizer allows a greater temperature range for the user, and thus will be more beneficial to medical users.

The temperature in the Crafty vape can be adjusted using the smartphone app to either 185 oC or 195 oC.

This puts this vape more in the recreational category than medical, though it is still beneficial for both uses. 

The Crafty’s smaller size makes it ideal for carrying discreetly in a pocket, and although the Mighty is large, it can still readily be carried in a bag or coat.

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

$209.25 $279.00

The Crafty vaporizer charges with a micro USB cable – the adapter most commonly used for smartphones. The Mighty uses a 110V adapter, supplied with the machine on delivery.

Shared attributes

Mighty Vaporizer

Both the Crafty and Mighty share several attributes, having been released by Storz and Bickel together, as companion products.

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Both are premium vaporizers, as is reflected in their solid, dependable construction and their price range.

To compare the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers with one of the many cheap, pen-style vaporizers on the market is to compare a new BMW with a ‘92 Nissan Micra.

Although a user may be tempted to buy a cheaper vape, they will not last nearly as long as a Crafty or a Mighty. 

The Crafty and Mighty vaporizers are both equipped with vibration capabilities – and vibrate on reaching their target temperature.

Both will shut off after 1 minute of inactivity, thereby saving valuable battery life. This feature can also be overridden by pressing any button on either machine. 

Both the Mighty and the Crafty vaporizer share the same sized herb chamber, so can contain the same amount of herb.

Mighty vs Crafty

Both are portable machines with a rechargeable battery. The quality of vapour supplied by the Crafty and the Mighty is far above that obtainable from any other hand-held vaporizer on the market.

To obtain the density and strength of vapour emitted by the Crafty or the Mighty, the user would normally have to use a large, desktop model.

They share a vented design, making them more comfortable in the hand than many similar vaporizers on the market.

Both vaporizers use convection heating, leading to a more efficient and economic extraction of the active ingredients in your herbs.

The liquid pad supplied with both vaporizers enables you to use liquids or waxes, as well as dried herbs. 

- The Mighty vaporizer has double the battery life of the Crafty, reflected in its size

- The Crafty is more discreet than the Mighty, being pocket sized

- The Mighty has a more variable temperature range, making it better suited to medical use

- Both the Mighty and Crafty are comfortable in the hand and deliver a superior density and quality of vapour

- Both are rugged, and will last longer than many other hand-held vapes