The Fury 2 Vaporizer: Complete Review

**Product update** The Ghost MV1 is now discontinued due to faults. We recommend the Pax 3 vaporizer as a cheaper and far better vaporizer alternative.

Are you looking for a vaporizer with full temperature control but is affordable? Well, Fury 2 is your answer.

Most people enjoy vaporizers because of their health benefits compared to direct smoking. Even better, there’s no soot, tar or toxins and numerous other carcinogens produced through combustion.

By using a vaporizer, you will enjoy a tasty smooth vapor which contains all the active ingredients you need. Here’s what you need to know about the Fury 2.

About Fury 2

Vape manufacturers have included a few healthy features in their design. Healthy Rips is one such company. With the latest vaporizer Fury 2, an upgrade from the predecessor, Fury, you can enjoy a few more health benefits.

The vaporizer comes with a stealth mode allowing you to vape discreetly and has an upgrade of silicone seals as well as a three-click activation system.

1. Simplicity 

The vaporizer is very user friendly. You can load it by removing the mouthpiece to expose the chamber and place a maximum of 0.15 grams of your favorite herbs.

Before adding it, make sure you grind it into a fine powder. That way, the herb’s surface area will be in direct contact with the heating system creating a high-quality vapor.

Once you’re done activation it by clicking the button 3 times and start vaping. There are no funny or tough draw techniques with this vaporizer. You can sit back and enjoy a great vaping experience. 

2. Adjustable Temperature Settings 

Fury 2 Portable Vape US

(Image: IG Healthy Rips)

The product allows you to adjust your own temperature giving you full control whenever you’re vaping.

It has an LCD screen where you can see the temperature settings and everything else going on with the vaporizer.

You will notice that this setting is only available to the most expensive vaporizers in the market.

Therefore, a product like Fury 2, that’s affordable and comes with adjustable temperature settings is actually quite a relief for most users. 

3. Conduction Vaping 

The vaporizer comes with a top-notch quality conduction heating system. When you place your herb in direct contact with the heating element, you can achieve this feature.

It works exactly like a kitchen stove. Some of the advantages of conduction heating include ease of use and speed.

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Since the conduction heating fires up very fast, you will not have to wait a very long time for your herb to reach the optimal temperatures.

Fury Bundle

4. Technical Features 

The vaporizer has been designed with a rubberized coating to avoid any accidental damage whenever it drops.

The mouthpiece is manufactured using cheap plastic but there’s no impact to the taste profile of your herbs when heated.

Fury 2 is easy and nice to clean. There’s a removable steel screen that allows you to clean your chamber thoroughly allowing your flavor to remain fresh when heated.

The product comes with accessories when purchased such as cleaning kit, concentrates tank, spar gaskets, charge and protective cover. 

5. Battery Life 

The battery installed on the Fury 2 is a 1600mAh providing the best heating levels that can last as much as 10 sessions.

The battery is built-in, so you can’t swap it when it’s completely worn out.

Fury 2, a cheap dry herb vaporizer has numerous properties.

Besides the cheap plastic mouthpiece and the built-in battery, the other features and benefits make it one mighty vape for enthusiasts everywhere.