The Rise of the Oil Pen. Why everyone will have one by 2020

Much like Cardi B, wholesome memes and oat milk, Oil Pens are on the rise; and if you can’t quite figure out why, I’m here to tell you. Oil Pens have been growing in popularity for some years now for their tremendous properties. 

Oil pens have been growing in popularity for some years now for their tremendous properties. Oil pens employ some fantastic features like speedy heat-up times, a sleek slimline body, tasty vapor and stronger hits. Using a vaporizer feels like the future, and goddammit this is a time in humanity when you want to feel like you’re living in the future. We don’t have standard-issue jetpacks but we do have the power to vape concentrates. Not the worst trade off. 

I imagine if David Bowie were to talk about Oil Pens, he would also agree that they are the future of oil consumption. 

What is an Oil Pen?

In your typical oil pen there’s a few basic things you’re going to find: a tank, an atomizer, sensors and software, and, of course, a battery. The tank is exactly what it says on the tin, this is where the good stuff (i.e. your materials) will be held. These tanks or chambers are usually made of glass, polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel, they’re refillable usually or are cartridges for single-use. 

The atomizer which is the heating system or a fancier term to call them are cartomizers, some more jargon for you! Once you strip it down though, it’s still an atomizer. This small heating element transforms liquids into tiny airborne droplets (atomizing is just code for vaping). The battery in which power is supplied to the atomizer to ensure the heater reaches its maximum heating temp.

Sensors and software is, naturally, dependent on how much money you intend on splashing out on your new oil pen. Some models can automatically turn on when you inhale through it, others are powered on simply by pressing a simple button - but both options employ sensors. 

Just like your phone, laptop, your best dry herb vape pen is also a power-hungry device. Good thing they have rechargeable lithium ion batteries!  

The Best Features of an Oil Pen 

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Oil pens are growing in popularity due to their features. Upon use, you’ll notice something about using an oil pen besides it’s slim exterior is the vapor that emits from the pen is not only (almost) inconspicuous but also odorless! 

So, when your pal drags you to their stand-up show, you can run off to the bathroom, take a few hits and laugh at his non-funny jokes and no one will be the wiser. That’s a pretty specific example, true, but it’s applicable to so many situations where you’d rather those around you not know that you’re vaping. 

Another thing we mentioned earlier on is how much more potent concentrates are in comparison to dry herbs. Maybe you already knew that, but it’s possible that you didn’t already know they are also a healthier means of consuming your concentrates. How does that happen, I hear you ask through the computer screen. Well, it’s because the harmful carcinogens associated with smoking don’t occur with vapes because there is zero chance of combustion. All you get is pure and clean vapor, far easier on the lungs.

Whatever you’re looking for you’re likely to find something to suit your needs. Oil pens come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find an oil pen that will suit your liking.

Cheap and Cheerful! 

Oil pens are a great option because they’re an all-round small, compact package that packs a punch. It doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly affordable, too - you won’t need to break the bank to acquire an oil pen that will really change your entire vaping game.