Tips on Best Halloween Party Themes

There are a host of wonderful things that occur in October, it truly is a glorious month. World Nature Day, Canadian Thanksgiving, October 3rd, and of course Halloween, which also happens to be World Saving Day.

About Halloween

For those who may not know what Halloween is all about, this event occurs on the evening of the 31st of October, which is often celebrated by children and even adults that dress up in scary outfits and knock on doors with the aim of collecting candy.

Halloween is also linked with the Celtic festival known as Samhain, when spirits and ghosts are thought to be around. In the British context, Halloween is the evening before Guy Fawkes night.

This is one of the best evenings to get together with friends with a few of our top-rated herbs, dress-up in satirical, scary or silly clothes and enjoy a fantastic party.

House By The Cemetery

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Vaporizers For A Halloween Party

1. Plan Early And With Care

To throw a Halloween-herb-themed party, you are going to need a lot more than a couple of pre-rolled joints. It will require precise and effective planning to make sure your guest are going to have a great time.

2. Pound Wonderland

You will want to set the right ambiance, so pay your local pound-shop a visit and invest in Fairy Lights. While you are at your favorite pound shop, buy all the Halloween decorations you can find from plates, cups to banners.

You can even use the spooky plastic bowls in the form of ashtrays. To save money on your snacks, grab chocolates, crisps and sweets. Remember your guests won’t really care what they eat once they get high.

3. The Dress Code

Halloween Costume Idea


Your next part of the planning process is to decide what type of Halloween-herb-themed party you would like to throw.

Will it be just another smoke-up or a dress-up. What ever you decide on, make sure you inform your guests. You might want to dress-up as a joint or even a lighter.

4. The Essentials

Now comes the most important part, which includes the essentials you will need to get high. Just looking at those sweet dry herbs is not very helpful, you will need the things that are going to help you and your friends get lifted.

You won’t find any grinders, bongs, dry-herb vaporizers or rolling paper at the pound shop.

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