Top 5 Pipes of 2019 so far

Best Selling Pipes of 2019 so far!

Whatever you call it - a water pipe or a bong, it can be a difficult choice trying to find a piece of equipment that suits your needs. Luckily, we here at Everyonedoesit decided to put together a list of the pipes that are taking our breath away in 2019. Yes, that was a pun about bong smoke and if you don’t like it there’s no hope for you.

Genius Pipe (from $79.99)

Genius Pipe - Everyone Does It

For just under eighty bucks the Genius Pipe is one sturdy piece of equipment. The pipe itself is made up of three interconnecting pieces of anodized aluminum held together by the power of magnets. These are all durable materials that will serve you well for a long time to come.  

The Genius pipe is a real leap of ingenuity because it features a water-less filtration system. This filtration system is by far one of the cleanest available on the market today. It’s easy to just take the whole thing apart and give it a wipe with some cleaning solution and a cloth.

Dimple technology, you may not know much about it, but it’s everywhere. From computers, to jets, dimple technology is a by product of the future. This technology makes the smoke travel through hundreds of small little indents in the pipe which cleans out your smoke of nasty tar and resin by the time you inhale it. 

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe: ($19.99)

Eyce Silicone Spoon - Everyone Does It

The Eyce Silicone Spoon pipe is amazing on multiple levels: For one thing, you’ve got a high quality pipe for less than twenty bucks, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty on all manufacture defects. What more could you want? At only about 4” long this pipe is incredibly easy to transport anywhere, and there’s no need to worry about dropping it either as it’s made from practically unbreakable silicone. The bowl is made from borosilicate glass which is a wonderful touch because it’s easy to clean and if you clean it regularly won’t affect the taste of your smoke.

Martian Glass Bubbler ($11.99)

Martian Glass - Everyone Does It

This pipe from Inferno will transform your way of life. Well, it will if you enjoy hand-rolled papers. The Martian Glass bubbler is incredibly affordable and super compact, with a weighty feel and a sturdy build. There is a danger of knock-offs on the market, but you’ll know the real deal when you look at the bottom and see the Martian engraving on the bottom. The design is really simple but effective, taking the classic bong set up and scaling it down to this small size for wraps. It’s so small, in fact, it comes with a pendant loop so you can wear it around your neck.

There’s a lot of things going for the Martian Glass Bubbler, one cool little feature in particular is its spill-proof design. This means you won’t have to worry about getting your wraps wet. The design is extremely ergonomic too, positioning the carb cap so it feels natural and comfortable in the hand. So not only does it look really cool but it also functions super well. If you’re looking to enjoy a whole new experience with your wraps at a comfortable price range, this is the product for you.

4" Classic Spoon Grav Labs: ($17.99)

Classic Spoon Grav Labs - Everyone Does It

When it comes to spoon pipes, simplicity is key, so bearing that in mind the 4” Classic Spoon from Grav Labs is one of the best.  Whenever we see an affordable spoon made entirely from borosilicate glass and featuring a wide-mouthed bowl we know we’re in for a treat. What’s the benefit of either, I hear you ask through your screen? You see, borosilicate glass is non-reactive, so while being easy to clean it also won’t affect the taste of your smoke.

Added to that the wide mouthed bowl allows a greater surface area for packing down your herb so you can get a more even, smoother amount of smoke from your dry herbs. Also, borosilicate glass is incredibly easy to clean. That’s always a plus. Plus it comes in multiple colors, colors like jade white and lake green so you know you’re dealing with class.

Grav Labs 4" Glass Blunt: ($10.00)

Grav Labs - Everyone Does It

The cheapest item on the list is no slouch either when it comes to quality. This new and improved Grav glass blunt solves one of the biggest issues users have had for a long time with this particular blunt. It replaces the heat shrink tubing of the two glass components with a silicone grommet that will last much, much longer. Silicone is a far more durable material than what they’ve used in the past.

What’s more, it won’t get loose unintentionally and mess up your whole night. It’s also incredibly easy to load, pull back the mouthpiece which will reveal the main chamber of the blunt. At that point you can pack it in with ground herb and smoke to your heart’s content.

So there you have it, our top five pipes of 2019. If any of these seem good but you’d like to investigate further, have a look at our full collection.