Top 10 Pipes for Smokers

Best Pipes for Sale in US

Pipes are a fantastic tool for dry herb consumption. For some smokers, it's their favorite way of consuming their preferred substance. Pipes make life easier!

They save the hassle of rolling, they save bud and they’re all round just easier to use! With the sheer volume of pipes currently on the market, it's hard to know what the best pipe is. Luckily, for you, we did all the hard work!

After extensive research and maybe some sampling (!) we compiled an easy-to-follow guide of the Top Ten Pipes currently on our website!

These are by no means in order of the best to worst, they all are equally amazing! So, whether you're looking for a pipe for portability, extravagance, simplicity or just starting out; hopefully all your queries can be answered below.   

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1. Classic Sherlock Spoon

First up on our list of the Top Ten Pipes available online is the 6" Sherlock Spoon from Grav Labs. This pipe may be small but it packs a punch, that’s what she said right?

At 6 inches long, it’s the right size for a good hit and to store in your pocket. Grav Labs have swapped out the clear glass with a slick, glossy finish with ‘GRAV’ encrusted on the handle.

The glass is 2.5mm thick to ensure you don’t burn your fingers in the process of relaxation. This frosted spoon also comes in an array of beautiful colours; be sure to check out this pipe if small and discreet is for you! 

6" Classic Sherlock | Grav Labs


2. Genius Pipe

Next up on our list, we have the simple yet beautiful Genius Pipe. The Genius Pipe offers a bong-like filtration, thanks to its advanced engineering; it also employs an innovative waterless cooling system.

The real genius in the Genius Pipe is how they could pack all these awesome features into such a small and compact package.

The Genius Pipe is also small standing at around 6” or 15cm which isn’t much bigger than a smartphone.

So, to fit the incredibly stylish and minimalist people in your life the Genius Pipe would make a fantastic gift, or if this sounds like you, why not go ahead and treat yourself!

Genius Pipe


3. Martian Bubbler:

The Martian Bubbler is a cool, innovative bong that will transform the way you smoke! Majority of herb consumers, roll their preferred substance.

In our formative years, we’ve all partaken in two tokes, pass and since then grown into the habit of rolling and smoking our dry herbs.

However, this is probably the harshest way to enjoy your herbs, you’re more prone to coughing, if only there were a way to cool those drags. Well, you’re reading the right thing, The Martian Bubbler cools down those drags.

It takes the basic concept of a bong/glass bubbler and applies it to a small, compact glass piece made to work your blunt. It is only 161mm high and has a stable glass base to prevent spillage.

The Martian Bubbler is perfect for anyone looking for a different blunt experience and enjoys a smoother and cooler hit. 

4. Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler:

One of our favourites here at EveryoneDoesIt is the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon with Gold Stripe Decal.

Marley Naturals employ a unique glass on the handle with the gold strip going through.

This glass pipe will truly turn heads once you use it not only for its impactful hits but it’s the sick look.

The glass that is used is top of the line, so at this low price point, can you really go wrong? Make sure to grab yours on our website!

Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler


5. Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe:

You may be surprised that we put a silicone pipe into this list but not only is medical grade silicone is used, but it’s also perfect for beginners to who gets into the pipe world.

The Eyce spoon durability is insane due to its silicone exterior. You can bend it, twist it, and drop it – even though we don’t suggest you do those things, your pipe won’t break and it’ll still function the same as when you bought it.

The Eyce Pipe has a glass bowl for flavourful hits, has a secret stash compartment, so everything you need is in one place.

The glass bowl is also dishwasher safe! So, if you’re clumsy and want a pipe that is break-free, we can guarantee this is for you!

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe


6. The Twister Pipe:

Twister Pipe

The Twister Pipe is a cool gadget that looks nothing like a pipe! It possesses a wooden body, that would fit comfortably in your bedroom or sitting room as it could possibly be an ornament.

This Twister Pipe is perfect for the smoking buff who is always on the go as it can be hidden anywhere.

The Twister Pipe employs an ingenious cooling system, it acquires two ventilation systems that will ensure every hit is cool and smooth. This is the perfect piece for the herb fan on the go!

7. Bud Bomb Pipe:

Bud Bomb Pipe

Next up is the Bud Bomb Pipe from budbomb is a compact and durable dry herb pipe. It stores an internal cooling system, main chamber and bowl. Once you take a hit of your bud from this pipe, you’ll surely find out that it is the bomb. With its innovative and internal cooling mechanism, every hit is as smooth and thick as the first. The Bud Bomb is perfect for the dry herb lover. It has detachable pieces so it’s easy to store and even easier to clean. Simply detach each piece and run water through them. The Bud Bomb Pipe is great for on the go so make sure you grab yours!

8. Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe:


Grav Labs - Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe


 Another feature for Grav Labs, next up we have the Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe. The Austin based glassblowers have truly won it with this classy design.

Installed is a diffuser downstem to create bubbles that will effectively cool down the smoke for a smooth hit.

Grav Labs are renowned for their simple yet effective pipe designs. This glass bubbler comes in 5 different colours; red, green, clear, black and blue. The performance upholds, get yours today.

9. The Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler:

Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler

The Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler is an aesthetically pleasing pipe from our friends, Premium Label. It is decorated with strips, ovals and reflective parts which sparkle when the light hits them.

This pipe employs a windproof lid so mother nature can't ruin your session. This Metal Chamber Pipe Twinkler retails at a shockingly low $6.95.

Even seeing that price is making us see stars and you will after you use this pipe!

10. Jane West Spoon:

3.75" Jane West Spoon

Last but certainly not least, our 3.75" Jane West Spoon. One of our very favorites. This pipe not only looks cool but also packs amazing functionality.

The bowl will take plenty of herb with a good few hits before you need to refill. The pipe is thick so don’t have to worry about the pipe being fragile, Grav Labs always ensure to use premium glass, so you know its solid. 

As of writing this blog, these are our favorite pipes on the website, nonetheless, we only sell the best pipes around.

Hopefully this article helped you choose a pipe that is most tailored to you and your lifestyle, whether you’re always on the go or a stay-at-home-smoker all these pipes will give you the most bang for buck and will most certainly, blow you away!