Vaping Vs Bongs

Will Vaping kill the Bong | Maybe, and here's why

With e-cigs hitting the mainstream vaping has really come into a spotlight in the last few years. Youtube channels, blogs (hello!), entire websites are dedicated to vaping nowadays.

But has the vape come far enough to take on the granddaddy of them all, the bong? Everyone has used one, they're a staple in parties across the world and with good reason: they're super fun to use! We think the vape might be sneaking ahead though, and here are our reasons why.

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Changing Trends

Kids are the future man, and they're leaning towards the healthier option. Now more than ever we're taught the dangers of smoking, from a young age we're shown the results of being a long-term smoker and the effects of this are really showing in society.

In a study done last year only 9% of American teens are smoking while 16% and rising are vaping on a weekly basis! Healthy is cool, you only need to look at Instagram to watch where the trends are going.

Easy Use


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You can have your favourite bong for years and years but carrying them around will always be a nightmare. When was the last time you brought your bong anywhere?

Exactly. With super portable vaporizers you can have the same experience on the go, without cutting corners.

The Volcano digit vaporizer might be the best desktop vaporizer but it has little brothers like the Mighty and Crafty with the same technology, so you'll still receive that clean hit in a friends house or the outdoors.

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Nothing ruins a buzz faster than realizing you have to clean; whether it be eating dinner, heading to bed, or lighting a bowl.

Scraping the resin off your bong is no fun, and time consuming on top of that. A seasoned smoker might have no issue just getting down to it, but there's a reason there are 109,000 results on Youtube for "How to clean your bong"!

Vaporisers are known for their easy maintenance, helped with kits you receive on purchase with almost all devices. Just a quick wipe down, and minimal chemicals later, you're ready to go.


Woman Vaping PAX 3

This might sound like an odd choice of topic, but I feel it's time we talk about the danger of bongs for clumsy people.

As someone covered in bruises just by existing, bongs are disastrous for me. I burn my fingers, I lose sections, and sometimes I even drop them.

If you've ever seen someone high trying to clean glass you know how bad this can be, and if you haven't then you're one of the lucky few.

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Vaporizers are solid and can take a bump, which puts me straight in their corner! My weekly plasters shop has been cut down considerably.

Overall I don't think the bong will ever fully go away, but like your favorite N64 game or childhood cereal it'll become a point of nostalgia rather than something reached for every day.

Maybe it's time to listen to your grandmother and stick some flowers in that nice vase and upgrade to something that will last you years.