Volcano Hybrid: Your 6 Minute Review

The Volcano has dominated the vape industry for nearly as long as there has been a vape industry. Hailing from Germany and produced by vape pioneers, Storz & Bickel, the Volcano has long held itself as being as close to perfection as a vape can be. 

However, Storz & Bickel aren’t a company that rests on its laurels, they have somehow found a way to improve the Volcano even further with the brand new Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs (And What's In The Box) 

How much does the Volcano Hybrid cost?

The Volcano Hybrid costs $699.00

What can you vape with the Volcano Hybrid?

Like all Storz & Bickel vapes, the Volcano Hybrid is designed to first and fore mostly be used with dry herbs. However, with the use of concentrate pads, it can be used to vaporize both oil and wax-style concentrates!

How big is the Volcano Hybrid?

The Volcano is famous for being a chunky vaporizer, and the Hybrid is no different. This is a true desktop vaporizer, and you’ll need to set aside plenty of space for its operation. It measures in at an impressive seven inches high, and eight inches wide. 

How much does the Volcano Hybrid weigh?

Not only is the Volcano big, but it’s also heavy. It weighs in at over six and a half pounds. You’d better make sure that whatever surface you place it down on is sturdy!

How big is the Volcano Hybrid’s oven chamber?

The Hybrid’s chamber is a very generous one gram. This is more than big enough for a long, uninterrupted session, or to share with plenty of friends. 

What’s the Volcano Hybrid’s heating system?

This is the real selling point for any Storz & Bickel vaporizer. The Volcano Hybrid uses the German vape giant’s signature hybrid heating system. Most vaporizers choose one of two heating systems; conduction or convection. The former works like a stove, directly heating the surface area of the herb, the latter is more like an oven and heats the air surrounding a vaporizer.

The Volcano uses both, starting by heating the air surrounding the herb with convection before gradually adding in conduction. This leads to some truly incredible results. 

Which battery does the Volcano Hybrid use?

The Volcano Hybrid is a desktop vaporizer and thus is powered by an outlet. 

How long does the Volcano Hybrid’s battery last?

As a desktop vaporizer, battery life isn’t a concern. 

How long does The Volcano Hybrid take to charge?

As long as you can access an outlet, the Hybrid will be ready to go. 

What’s the temperature range of the Volcano Hybrid?

The Hybrid had a massive temperature range that stretches from 104°F all the way to 446°F. This is easily controllable with its digital display and multi-button control system. Users can expect to enjoy a huge range of different vape experiences thanks to this vaporizer. 

How does the Volcano Hybrid display temperature?

The Hybrid, much like its predecessor the Digit, uses a digital LED display. This lets the user know both the current and temperature and set temperatures.

Does the Volcano Hybrid have an auto shutoff feature?

The hybrid features a customizable automatic shut-off feature. 

Does the Volcano Hybrid come with a smartphone app?

The Hybrid is the first Volcano model to feature Bluetooth connectivity. The Storz & Bickel app offers full control of the Volcano including heat settings, and the fan speed. 

Does the Volcano Hybrid have a warranty?

The Volcano comes with a three-year warranty 

Vape Name: What’s In The Box?

1 VOLCANO HYBRID vaporizer

1 Power Cord

3 x EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece

1 EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter

1 Tube System

1 Filling Chamber (including: 1 Cap Ring, 1 

Normal Screen Set, 1 Concentrate Pad, 1 Cleaning Brush)

1 Air Filter Set

1 Herb Mill


How Does The Volcano Hybrid Work?

The Volcano Hybrid Heating System

Storz & Bickel have built a legendary reputation on their hybrid heating system. A lot of us know that this is a fusion of conduction and convection heating, but what does this mean? How does it work? 

The Hybrid features a new and improved heating system. It is far more efficient than the original. When you activate the vaporizer it immediately begins to heat the air in the herb chamber. As this is happening the metal ring around the herb chamber begins to conduct heat, directly affecting the surface area of the herb chamber. These two systems work together to bring the Volcano to heating temperature in around 35 seconds. 

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Loading The Volcano Hybrid

Filling the Hybrid’s chamber is quick and easy thanks to the fact that it lifts away from the rest of the device. 

First, open the chamber by grabbing the two halves and turning them counter to each other. Then, take the orange half and carefully fill it with dry herb. For best results go for a medium grind. Then, replace the black half and carefully place it back into the rest of the device. 

Turning On The Volcano Hybrid

To turn on the Hybrid, start by pressing the ‘Heat’ button. This will cause the display to flash to life and show two temperature settings, one on the top in orange (the internal temperature) and one in white (the set temperature). Heating should begin immediately and the fan should pulse once. 

Setting The Temperature On The Volcano Hybrid

setting up the temperature in volcano hybrid

Controlling the temperature on the Hybrid is very intuitive thanks to the clear, and easy to use controls. Using the plus and minus buttons, anyone can easily navigate through the full temperature spectrum until they find the perfect heat setting. 

Hitting The Volcano Hybrid

Originally, the best way to take a hit from the volcano was to use its easy valve system to fill a vape balloon. Using the built in fan, which can be controlled by the app or from the vape-mounted control scheme, you can quickly fill a balloon before detaching it for a hit. 

However, the new Hybrid comes with the option to use a whip to take hits directly from the vape. To use this, simply draw from it as you would with any other vaporizer. You can even activate the fan for a powerful, assisted hit!

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How’s The Volcano Hybrid’s Vapor Quality?

Vapor quality is a broadly subjective quality that hinges on a user's personal preferences. However, thanks to its efficient and consistent heating system, you can expect high quality results from nearly any settings. 

For a lighter, milder vape experience set the Volcano to a lower temperature. However, if you want something a bit more potent push the temperature up higher. 

Tips For Getting The Best Vapor Quality With The Volcano Hybrid

The hybrid has a truly fantastic heating system, but a little bit of prep can spell the difference between a good vape experience and a great one. First, ensure that the Hybrid is clean, this will spare you inconsistent heating and any nasty burnt tastes. Then, make sure your grind is of medium consistency, this will expose plenty of surface area while also ensuring that there is enough space between the particles for the air to circulate freely. 

Is The Volcano Hybrid Easy To Clean?

Though this is a seriously big vape, it is incredibly easy to clean. The main thing to remember is that you should keep any solvents or liquids away from the base station. It is unlikely to ever get dirty enough to necessitate them, and they could potentially damage the electronics within. 

The filling chamber, whip, and easy valve system however do need an occasional clean. The majority of maintenance can be avoided if you simply empty your chamber after each use. However, when the time comes for a more thorough clean you’ll need to gather some supplies. 

Get a soft bristled brush, some isopropyl alcohol, and some paper towels. Use the alcohol and soft brush to gently scrub away any build up and set them out to dry on the paper towel until all the alcohol has evaporated. Always be sure to put it through a test heating cycle before use to ensure that any residual alcohol has fully evaporated. 

What Are The Pros And Cons OF Vape X?

Volcano Hybrid PROS

Volcano Hybrid CONS

Powerful Heating


Amazing Vapor Quality 

Large and Heavy 

Unmatched Engineering

Difficult to Transport and Store

Iconic Design 

Easy Valve Balloons Can be Unwieldy 

New Whip Attachment 

Mobile App Can Be Unreliable

So Is The Volcano Hybrid Worth It? 

volcano hybrid vaporizer

This is the world famous Storz & Bickel Volcano, but improved. It has improved heating, a specially designed whip attachment, faster heat up time, and a brand new mobile app. This is more than worth it, a true evolution of the Volcano brand. At the time of writing, this is possibly the best vaporizer on the market.

Who Should Buy The Volcano Hybrid?

While this is a truly incredible vaporizer it is far from a cheap one. This is a luxury, premium vape and it has a price tag to match. This vape is clearly built with true vape aficionados in mind. This is for established vape fans who can dedicate the space and funds needed to appreciate this truly remarkable vape.