What Is A SteamRoller - Is This The End Of Pipes

How Does a SteamRoller Pipe Work?

A steam roller is invariably a dry pipe, so unique in design, giving you quick hits without stress.

Unlike traditional glass pipes where the carb which is located at the side of the bowl and allows air to flow into the chamber, the carb of steam roller is positioned at the end of the pipe, allowing air to travel freely and more smoothly through the pipes, resulting in a resistance-free passage of smoke to your lungs.

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Smoking from pipes is one of the most effective ways to use marijuana. First-time users are always caught in the web of confusion as there are several types and kinds of pipes available in the market space.

Steamroller is one of the very many types of smoking pipes in the market today. Steam roller pipes are known for their production of a very harsh hit on the throat when smoke is been inhaled, this is not so for glass or wooden pipes.

This article introduces the concept of steamrollers, how it works, how to choose the best steam roller and finally to do a little bit of comparison between them and conventional pipes so as to determine if the end of pipes (metals, glass, wooden…) is here.

Steam rollers, unlike bongs, constitute a simple and basic design, they are usually made from glass and consists of openings at both ends, having the bowl on one end of the opening which gives the steam-roller the looks of a locomotive train.

With the bowl still placed on one opening, you place your herb in the bowl and while having your hand over the pipe opening near the bowl, you inhale a smooth vapour after you must have ignited the herb in the chamber.

Afterwards, you can now repeat the steps over again till you get satisfaction.


Marley Natural - Smoked Steamroller


I would suggest that as a beginner, you do not use the steamroller pipe and this is simply because the hit you get on your first draw comes with a considerable amount of power accompanied with it.

To be more realistic, smoking with a steam-roller is synonymous to smoking a dry bong; which means getting a huge hit without any effect or purification from water or other bong water alternatives such as hot tea, iced tea etc. you would certainly not expect a good experience especially for beginners.

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The major difference between pipes and steamrollers is that pipes give you a gradual hit while steam roller releases a huge hit after gathering the smoke in the chamber.

This is really a downside for steamrollers as beginners would not want to attempt the steamrollers again after their first harsh hit.

Well as for me, steam rollers are the peak of pipe smoking experience and I ensure to light my weed at least once in two days especially now that I have a glass steam roller.

Some weed Enthusiast, do ask questions about how to choose a steam roller because there are tremendous varieties in the market, it is indeed a good question and the answer is simple.

From experience, I would recommend you go for the glass steam roller, at least for a start and probably in the future you could order a metallic one.

Rollers come in different sizes and you could pick a unit depending on which size suits you.

For starters, it is strongly advised that you begin your journey with smaller units and gradually upgrade in size as time goes on because bigger bowls mean bigger hits.

Jane West

Steamroller pipes are available in a variety of colors, shapes, designs and material. You can see them in virtually all smoke shops around the corner of your dwelling structure.

If you are a fan of hand pipes, steam rollers would certainly be more magic to your previous pipe experience, by delivering strong and huge hits.

Note that if strong and harsh hits do not go down well with you, then you should rather steer clear of the rollers than compromise your health in the quest for an adventure.

I would strongly suggest that you stick to the conventional hand pipes where you can get the smooth and easy hits that appeal to you.

In conclusion, the steamroller pipe is indeed an interesting and amazing method of smoking dry herbs but it does not in any way bring an end to the conventional pipes because the harsh hits are not appealing to most people particularly beginners.

Buying your steamroller pipe online is advisable as the varieties are just unimaginable. Buying online would allow you to review the specifications closely before having to stretch out your credit card.

You can check Everyonedoesit as they often feature discounts and free shipping for their products especially the ones that cost above $100.