What to do if Your Vaporizer is Leaking

A Rite of Passage

Leaky tanks can be very irritating but if you regularly vape e-liquids, chances are that this has probably happened to you at one stage or another.

It is almost a rite of passage into the vaping world. Not only is it frustrating but it can prove messy to clean up and means that your costly e-liquids are going to waste.

It may be the case that you haven’t screwed your tank in correctly or it could be something a little bit more tricky.

The good news is that your vape more than likely isn’t faulty or broken. The annoyance is more commonly something that the user is doing or, not doing, so to say.

If your vape is leaking don’t panic, this can easily be corrected. Check out below how to fix it.

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Here’s what to do

Check Your Coils

Vape Pen Atomizer

The most common cause of leakages are related to your devices coil. The majority of vaporizers will have a brand specific coil so firstly make sure you are using the correct one.

Keep in mind that coils do need replaced and that they are not made to last forever, if you’ve been using your coil for quite some time, chances are it needs replaced.

Every now and again you may find a malfunction with a new coil but it is uncommon. Coils are pretty cheap so if your vape starts to leak this is a good place to start.

Clean Your Tank

If it’s been a while since you have cleaned your tank or even worse, it has never been cleaned, well you now know what your problem is.

The build up of residue from e-liquids can cause complications in other parts of your device, leading to leakage.

A quick and simple solution for this is to take part your vaporizer, wash it in cold water and leave it out to dry overnight.

For a deep clean, separate all parts of your tank and clean with a mild dish soap and some hot water.

Fill Your Tank Properly

The second most common cause of leaks is due to users incorrectly filling their clearomiser (tank). All tank style atomizers have a central tube which extends from the coil up to the mouthpiece.

Getting liquid in here will most certainly lead you to problems in the future, thankfully, the fix is simple.

When filling your tank tilt it as if you are pouring a glass of beer, this ensures your liquid runs straight down into the tank and away from the central tube.

As your tank fills, straighten it up to avoid spills. If you do happen to get liquid inside the central tube you can clear it out by covering the end with tissue and blowing out the excess from the bottom.

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Check your O-rings

Crafty O-Rings

Worn or damaged O-rings can cause your e-liquid to leak out. If you think this is your problem take apart your tank and examine the O-rings closely.

If they are worn away, broken, or simply not there, this means your tank’s air seal is compromised. Thankfully these are cheap to replace just make sure to get the correct size.

Check for Cracks

Vape tanks from high quality brands are made with pyrex glass and should be able to hold some basic tear and wear.

However, if you’re not careful with your device you can crack the glass on the tank. Cracks can sometimes be so fine that you won’t even notice them, that is until your bester vaporizer begins to leak.

Examine your tank closely and if it is cracked most brands offer a replacement glass to get you back to leak-free vaping ASAP!