Why A Pipe Might Just Be The Perfect Father’s Day Present

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People don’t realize that a whole generation came first. The generation rising from the 60’s and 70’s, when people cared more about what was good for yourself and those around you rather that archaic laws. Your father’s generation!

If you think your father is some wise, kindly, older man and role model, well just remember he was 20 once too and chances are he got into some trouble.

That could be why a good quality pipe, either glass or metal, built for smoking, could be the perfect gift this father’s day. Sit down with him, share a smoke and, when he unwinds, maybe see a side to him you never knew was there! 

Why a Pipe?

Genius Pipe

Pipes are the ultimate quick-and-easy smoking tool. They’re good to go in seconds, some need only a little bit of maintenance, and they’re good for passing around.

Pipes are the healthiest way to smoke anything, nevermind smoking something as medically beneficial for you as marijuana.

With glass, more than any other tool, there’s less heat being transferred so it’ll remain cool to use so you’re not burning your mouth, which is why the traditional bong is so popular. The benefits go on.

If you can, spring for a percolator. Something solid and beneficial that really filters the smoke through the water for that cleaner, aerated hit. Whether your Dads’ a newbie when it comes to weed, or he was just from the 70’s when smoking was big but the technology just wasn’t there yet, either way there’s a good chance he’s never used a good percolator bong before so now might be your chance.

We all have that mental image of the kindly old man, sitting in a rocking chair, puffing away at a long, wooden pipe, smiling to himself. Well give that a new spin with a purpose-built marijuana, glass spoon pipe.

Or better yet, go even further with a large, percolated bong for you both to share.


EveryoneDoesIt and your Many, Many Choices

If you’re dad really is an old school smoker, he may not even be aware of some of the amazing, powerful, artistic gear that is coming out right now for dedicated smokers, so hurry and get him caught up to date because it’s only going to get better from here.

At EveryoneDoesIt.com, we have a massive selection of some simple water or dry pipes for people who need something to practice with, or a selection of affordable but powerful, multi-percolated pieces of equipment that are within your price range now.

Here is a short list of some of our most popular models on our website right now:

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe USAThe most expensive of the models we’re showing you today, but the price is one people have ignored to buy in droves. The Genius Pipe, the flagship dry pipe from Genius, is also known as Chong’s Choice as he’s endorsed it himself. Using dimple technology, which is usually found in gaming computers, this pipe has waterless-filtration to remove 95% of the tar in smoke and, at only 6 inches long, is incredibly portable.

Grab yourself a Genius Pipe here!  

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Prometheus Pipe USAA very nice looking, traditionally shaped pipe with a modern twist to it. Fantastically portable and built out of strong and durable aluminium over a borosilicote glass stem. Elegant and easy to clean, this pipe goes perfectly with a casual smokers life. This pipe has a very large bowl compared to most other pipes and is compatible with screens so there’s very little hope of getting ash and debris in your stem. This little piece is getting amazing reviews so get yours before they're all gone.

Buy a Prometheus Pocket Pipe here!



Rok It Bong USA Fathers DayFor the new smoker who always kept his inner child, the Rok-It-Bong is a stylised, limited edition water pipe from Red-Eye. If you’re dad’s a sci-fi nut or just always wanted to be a spaceman, this could be the bong for him. This beast is over 220mm tall and made from glass, aluminium and metal. Inside of it’s large tub is a diamond-shaped, showerhead percolator. Fun, quirky and powerful.



Sherlock Hand Pipe with Slyme Drips

Sherlock Pipe USA Fathers DayOne of the more interesting pipes to come across our stock room in a while. Made by mathematix, what they’ve done is taken the classic Sherlock style of pipe and given it a funky and out their styling with the glossy black finish and the green glass drip decorations. Mathematix are a company of quality flameworkers so you know this product was made with absolute care and attention to detail.



Raydiator Titanium Pipe

Raydiator Pipe USA Fathers DayThis small, handy vape also happens to be quite indestructible. Crafted from premium titanium which is encased around an aluminium heat-sink, this dry pipe will no doubt last you for the next few years. It’s also quite small, so stays lightweight and comes with a swivel lid so it’s safe to take with you on the go. When the apocalypse occurs, they say the only things left on earth will be cockroaches and the Raydiator Titanium Pipe.



Jane West Steamroller

Jane West Pipe USAFor this very interesting looking glass pipe, Grav Labs, a well known name in the industry, teamed up with Jane West to make this impressive and aesthetic little dry pipe. It’s one of the smallest items on this list, but it deserves its place. There’s nothing special in the mechanics of the pipe, but it feels well balanced in the hand and all of the elements were well thought out to the exact millimetre so when it’s being used, it just feels natural.

Buy the Jane West Streamroller Pipe here!  

Why Choose EveryoneDoesIt

20% off ALL pipes for Fathers Day - Use the code PUFFDADDY at checkout!

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