4 Reasons why Beaker Bongs are a needed in every Stoner Collection

Bongs are an essential item for every stoner. Why? You ask. Using a glass bong enhances every aspect of a smoke sesh.

From their advancement in their water filtration to their long-extended percolators; they all make for more enjoyable smoke.

Using a bong is quick and easy and saves the hassle of rolling and smoking; just load up, hit it, and be on you’ll be on your merry way!

Bongs are intricate works of art available in array of colors and sizes. Every Stoner needs to treat themselves to a beaker bong to experience the best sesh ever. Here are a couple reasons why you need to invest in some top-notch beaker bongs.

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Strong and stable

Using the likes of a beaker bong mean less dirty and stinky is split onto the floor. Beaker bongs have a sturdy base that makes them super strong and stable.

If you’re a clumsy dry herb enthusiast, then a beaker bong is for you. The Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong with a fixed downstem uses scientific grade glass, so, even if it does take a fall, little to no damage will occur.

Better tasting smoke

8 Inch Beaker Bong

Using a beaker bong to hit those delicious herbs, gets you elevated quicker and longer. This is because the beaker bong can hold more smoke and more smoke means bigger hits and bigger hits mean bigger highs and bigger highs mean, okay you get it!

Bongs with big bases on the bottom can collect a lot of smoke. Another amazing glass bong from Grav labs is the 8” Round Water Pipe.

This water pipe can collect loads of smoke at the base to give you a thick and plentiful hit.

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Thick clouds

Speaking of dense and plentiful hits, bongs feature ice notches and percolators for milky clouds. The percolator is an additional water chamber.

The smoke cools as it rises from the base and to the percolator bong. The percolator breaks and cools down the smoke even more.

The cooler the smoke, the thicker the clouds. If you want some tasty, thick clouds throw some ice cubes in there extra coolness.

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My favorite reason is the convenience of having a beaker in the house. Being able to get home from work on Friday, grab the bong, take a hit and slip away into a blissful haze is so much easier when you have a bit of glassware in your life.

So, why not get yours? Make the sesh better, the dry herbs taste better and make yourself feel better! Explore our amazing range of bongs here.