Why is the Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong so popular?

Different people have vastly differing requirements for what they look for in a bong. Some folk who consider themselves connoisseurs of cannabis will talk extensively about how different materials or the intricacies of how percolation affects the flavor of the smoke.

Other people may not care so much for the material used but simply just want a bong that has a perfect balance between volume of smoke and filtration as well looking for a bong that is easy to hold and operate and is cheap and replaceable.

If you fall into the last category, you’re in very good company as this is what most people require from a bong. This also explains why the Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong is so popular.

The unique ‘Pistol Grip’ bongs features

It’s all made from acrylic apart from the metal bowl so it’s extremely light-weight and durable, acrylic being almost completely shatter-proof so the likelihood of it breaking is minimal. It’s only $14.99 which means it’s extremely cheap, so if against the odds it does break it can be replaced with minimal fuss or concern for putting a hole in your pocket. The ergonomic design has the user in mind with it being the perfect size for a single hit and it’s easy to hold with the distinctive ‘pistol grip’ feature as well as the angled stem pointing towards the user so there’s no need to tilt or hunch over the bong in order to get a good hit.

The whole idea behind this bong is to be well designed, having all of the needs of the user in mind for an affordable price. It meets this criteria and then some, blowing the water from under it’s similar priced competitors in the market for how well it functions for cost. Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong Handle

The light-weight and durable acrylic combined with that it’s 12” from base to top means that this bag can easily be stored in high to reach places, hidden out of view from prying eyes of people you may not wish to see it or from the wandering hands of children. It also makes it perfectly transportable, fitting with much room to spare into most standard sized backpacks.

The Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong also comes with dishwasher safe certification, meaning that it can be easily washed in a dishwasher without fear of it breaking. The metal bowl can be detached and is easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe, which you are regularly recommended to do in order to keep every hit fresh.

To top it off, this bong is available in 9 different styles of striking colors, ranging from clear to the popular Rasta design, which means that it’s easy to purchase a pattern that suits your personal style. All designs no matter the color are transparent which also allows you to fully see the operational aspects of bong as you take your hit, only increasing how easy the bong is to use.

Final Comments on the Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong

If you are looking for a cheap, reliable and transportable bong for everyday use, then look no further than the Acrylic Pistol Grip Bong. It really does stand out against its competitors. The combination of the pistol grip with the acrylic body and angled shaft mean that it’s affordable and easy to use, providing the perfect size hit for the user.

What more could you ask for in a bong for $14.99?