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Why You Need a Dab Pen

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Why You Need a Dab Pen

Dab Pens 

Dabbing concentrates are rapidly becoming the new material du jour for vape veterans and new comers a like. There is a good reason for this; dab's sheer potency.

Concentrates are many times more powerful with a single drop having the same levels of active ingredients as several rolled joints of dry herb. 

The appeal of this strength is clear; you can feel more of the effect we all know and love of herb in a shorter space of time. 

Obviously, there is a hedonistic appeal in this, but for some medicinal users the ability to quickly dose themselves and relive the symptoms of their conditions. 

Regardless of your reason for using dabs, the most convenient way to take them is with a dab pen. 

What is a Dab Pen? 

A dab pen is a specialised type of vaporizer that is specifically meant to work with dabbing concentrates. Dab pens are compact and intended to be used with small, 'one hit' amounts of concentrate. 

They don't have the typical heating system of a vaporizer, instead opting for a super-heated coil that can instantly vaporize concentrate into a fine vapor.

Also, for the most part dab pens require minimal packing, allowing you to enjoy your concentrate quickly and efficiently. 

The Best Dab Pens on The Market 

The Dr Dabber Light Vaporizer Pen 

Dr Dabber Light

The Dr Dabber Light is a sleek vaporizer pen that is meant to be used with sticky, oily concentrates.

It has a titanium heating element for fast heat up and cool down times. On top of this it also lets users enjoy a smoother, less chemical taste.

The conductivity of titanium also allows it to operate at lower temperatures; lowering the chances of burning.  


The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer 

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer is built to allow users to enjoy not only concentrates, but dry herb, and even e-liquid too.

It can do this thanks to the 3 modular cartridges that you can change on the fly to enjoy different vaping experiences.

The vape can identify and automatically adjust the battery's output to suit the current chamber in use, making this one of the most user-friendly vapes on the market. 

The Shatterizer 

Shatterizer Vape Pen

The Shaterizer isn't exactly a concentrate vape but it earns an honourable mention due to how well it vapes concentrates.

It is a powerful and versatile concentrate vape that has a special cooling dome that will allow you to take truly gargantuan hits. 

It uses twin coils to thoroughly vaporize your concentrate it has a built in silicone wax storage compartment so you can bring spare concentrate with you wherever you go. 

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