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Why You Should Get a Rosinbomb Rocket

Posted by CSR Team on

Why You Should Get a Rosinbomb Rocket

If you've been paying any attention lately, you'll know that concentrates are booming right now.

The market for oils and wax is expanding faster than ever, and the good people over at Rosinbomb have come out with the amazing new press device to give the average smoker a go at making their own concentrates.

 To put it to you straight, Rosinbomb devices are absolute BEASTS. They make two devices, the OG M-50 Press, which is a much bigger device closer to industrial pressers, and the newest Rocket Press – a smaller device for newbies and casual pressers alike, that still packs some serious heat and strength.

Read on to find out what makes the Rocket so amazing, and why you should consider investing in a decent press.  

Why should I make my own rosin? 

The most obvious reason for purchasing a Rosinbomb press is that you're interested in making your own rosin, which is probably why you even clicked on this blog.

With micro-breweries and artisanal crafting getting increasingly popular, DIY culture is extending to the cannabis community, with more and more people growing their own plants and making their own concentrates.

What are the benefits of making my own rosin, you ask. Surely, I can just get it from a dispensary? You can, but it's much harder to determine the quality of concentrates in comparison to dry herb.

At least with dry herb, a trained eye can look at the color, texture, and crystals on a nug and assess its quality.

With concentrates, its damn near impossible sometimes to assess the quality of the herb used to make it, which means you can get ripped off with lower quality material.

Also, making your own concentrates is just so fun, which is probably the biggest reason you should take the plunge.


Why do I need a press? 

So now that we've established that you're fully on board with making your own rosin, the next step is choosing a great press.

A lot of people say that there's no need to splash out on a press, and that you can use household items like hair straighteners or irons. If you're serious about making your own rosin, using household items like these simply won't do.

First of all, to make rosin you need an incredible amount of heat AND pressure, and household devices like irons and hair straighteners only exert as much pressure are you are physically capable of – which isn't that much.

It goes without saying, but a machine presses it a lot stronger than you – no matter how much elbow grease you put in.

And as your mom/dad/teacher/patronizing older relative probably told you, if you're going to bother doing something you should do it right.  

Why choose a Rosinbomb Rocket? 

Rosin Extraction

If you're looking to start pressing your own concentrates, the Rosinbomb Rocket is a great place to start.

With the Rocket, Rosinbomb have taken the great quality of the M-50 and condensed it into a smaller package at a fraction of the price. While before investing in a rosin press might have seemed way out of the average smoker's league, the Rocket gives everyone the ability to take rosin production into their own hands without risking the quality of their material. 

The Rocket is an amazing device for newcomers; it's so straightforward and user-friendly, easy to maintain, and packs a huge punch.

The Rocket is capable of exerting over 1,500lbs of pressure on your material, which coupled with intense heat gets you the most concentrate out of your dry herb as possible.  

How to use your Rocket 

The Rocket requires no assembly at all, simply take it out of the box and turn it on.

After letting it heat up for 10 minutes, place up to 5 grams of your dry herb between some thick parchment paper and slide it in between the two metal plates, and press the plates together.

The plates of the press have been precisely engineered to convert THC crystals in your dry herb flower into dabable hash through intense heat and pressure, so be careful when handling material on the plates.

You can keep an eye on your temperature with the handy LED monitor on your Rocket, which is an important factor when pressing different strains of material.

After a few minutes you'll notice the sticky rosin oozing out of your herb. After you've finished pressing, allow your rosin to cool for a few minutes, and then it's good to go – your very own custom-made concentrates.

The Rocket is easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe down the plates with some isopropyl alcohol and it's good as new.