Why you should use a Bubbler for smoking Herbs

Often viewed as the love child of the common bong and pipe, Bubbler has become one of the most popular tools of the smoking trade.

You truly get the best of both worlds with a bubbler; but most of all you get a great hit! Can the bubbler rival the bong or pipe?

That’s up to you to decide, so we have decided to include some of the best reasons to invest in a bubbler for all your smoking needs.

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What is a Bubbler?

If you haven’t already arrived at this conclusion, then you should know that bubblers are used for smoking herbs.

They are most certainly not to be confused with bubble machines; otherwise that would make your little cousin’s birthday party pretty awkward.

The bubbler marries both of the most favored attributes of the pipe (with its small design and structure) and the bong (utilizing the water feature for added filtration) to create one truly visceral smoking experience.

Often made from glass, the bubbler looks like a pipe with a large bulb under the bowl used for storing water.

It has a glass stem dropping from the bowl into the water, which cools the smoke much like a bong does.

While you can use a bubbler without water and hit it dry, it is highly recommended that you use water to ensure adequate filtration, cooler smoke, and a better draw.

Marley Natural – Smoked Bubbler

Fun Size

Bubblers are a handy addition to anyone’s kit, especially if you’re a bit of an adventurer. The bubbler’s most appealing aspect has to be its size.

We all like our kit to be discreet, and no smoking tools come as compact and low-key as the bubbler.

An added bonus is that the bubbler also makes less noise than the traditional bong when taking a hit, the days of waking mum and dad in the dead of night are over!

Unfortunately with the small size of the bubbler you will have to sacrifice the size of the bowl, ultimately meaning you will not get as much of a hit.

While this may not seem like good news for the experienced smoker, it will help to regulate the hit you get. The bubbler provides a much smoother lighter draw for those who don’t want an intense hit.

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On the plus side once again; the bubbler is a small piece of equipment. There is less material used in the manufacture of it rendering it much cheaper and affordable. For prices as low as $10, this is incredible value for money.

Easy to Handle

Due to its small stature, the bubbler is much less cumbersome to use than traditional bongs. This makes it a fine choice for newcomers. There are usually no detachable aspects of the bubbler, making it a highly functioning single unit.



The Martian Glass Bubbler


It has often been claimed by users that the bubbler ensures you get a much more concentrated taste.

This taste can often be lost on when using the bong due to its water filtration system and the fact the smoke takes physically longer to travel to the user.

Quite the looker

Although the bubbler is miniature in stature, this has not hindered the design aspect.

Bubblers are known for their gorgeous look and decor and are available in a stunning array of different designs, colours, and concepts.

One thing is for certain, a bubbler is truly one of the most stylish smoking tools. Have a look at our web store to see some examples of just how inventive bubbler making has become.

Keep it clean!

Unfortunately, the one main crux of the bubbler is that it gets dirty very quickly and quite easily. As with all smoking apparatus, a bubbler requires regular cleaning.

Anything that you take regular hits from is going to need a good through clean. Besides being potentially harmful to your health, an unclean bubbler can become blocked and taint the taste of your chosen herb.

You wouldn’t eat off a dirty plate or drink from a filthy glass, so don’t smoke from an unclean bubbler!

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In short, the bubbler is a fantastic item to have in your arsenal. The bubbler is ideal for those who want small, controlled hits without shelling out the cash for a full sized, bulky bong.

If you’re looking for the compactness and efficiency of a pipe combined with the ease of smoking from a traditional bong, look no further than everyone’s favourite smoking hybrid; the bubbler.