Yocan Evolve Plus Review

Thick clouds, portability, and simplicity are what make the Yocan Evolve Plus a great dab pen for users of all kinds. Today, we will take you through our take on the Evolve plus with our Yocan Evolve Plus review, and give our personalized review of this affordable dab pen and all of its components. 

This is a dab pen that makes for a great travel pen for the more seasoned users of vapes, and a great starter pen for those new to vaping with concentrates and dab pens - a simple, clear cut device that asks little of its users with a one button operation. 

And with a storage container to keep extra dab material on deck, you can be out and about with the Yocan and always be ready for a quick refill. 

Using The Yocan Evolve Plus Dab Pen

The process to load your Evolve Plus is quick and easy. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the atomizer. Then unscrew the coil cap and load the heating chamber with your wax dab. It is best if you load the dab extracts directly to the coils, but do not let your dab tool hit the coils at all. 

Once your wax is loading in place, put the coil cap back on the atomizer and screw back on the mouthpiece.

Press the power button on your Yocan 5 times in rapid succession to turn the device on. LED lights on the Yocan will illuminate to signify the device is active. Hold the power button down, inhale slowly and evenly from the mouthpiece, and enjoy. 

Battery Details

The Evolve Plus is a pretty portable device, but it is shaped a lot thicker than your average pen vape, and can thus accommodate an 1100 mAh battery instead of the standard pen-sized 650 mAh battery that we have come to expect.

This makes a world of difference, as the power of an 1100mAh means you can go several days without needing to charge the Yocan up. 

The Evolve Plus is equipped with a micro USB charging system, so you are far less likely to struggle while out and about trying to find a way to charge up your device. 

Perfect Portability

This may be a heftier dab pen than some of the traditional dry herb pens, but that is about the only thing that distinguishes it – it is still just as portable as those exact same pens. We mentioned the dab compartment earlier - this only adds to its functionality by ensuring that you are never lacking.

Remember - battery power plays a part in this too. What good is a portable device if you are having to constantly scramble to top up the charge? Luckily, this is not a problem with the Yocan Evolve Plus due to its powerful 1100 mAh battery, a departure from pens that traditionally use much smaller batteries.

Temperature Control

This may seem like something of a contradiction, us labeling this section “temperature control” when Yocan does not give you much control over the temperature at all.

That said, you can modulate how much heat is flowing through the coils by “tapering” your hits - holding down the power button during inhalation, releasing for a few seconds, then repeating. This gives you even temperatures and prevents overheating of the coils. 

Vapor Quality: Expectations and Reality 

This is a dab pen, not a desktop vaporizer, so there is a limit in terms of what you can achieve with a pen. That said, even if the vapor quality is quite standard and passable enough for a dab pen vaporizer, the best way to ensure you are maximizing your session is to modulate the temperature control by easing up on the power button during draws. 

Hardware and Design Quality

This pen is durable and strong enough for the long haul. It does not feel like a flimsy object that could break with one wrong move. From our vantage point, we have not seen any performance issues either.

You also get the benefit of a makeshift carb cap with the unique atomizer system present in the Yocan - this helps keep temperatures consistent and hot enough to continue giving that terrific dab lift. 

Overall Thoughts

Is the Yocan Evolve Plus a groundbreaking portable vape? Not really, but this does not exclude it from being a quality device for beginners and seasoned users thanks to its portable, simplistic attributes. 

Seasoned users will love the Yocan Evolve as a reliable traveling partner, complete with a storage compartment for extra materials so that you have access to your treasures whenever you need them.

A powerful battery, great, consistent heating, and a one button operation make the Yocan an affordable, no-nonsense purchase.

We think this is a vape in the B territory - nothing that will knock your socks off, but gets major points for its utilitarian attributes.