Your Guide to The Best Bongs of 2018

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Cool BongWhen it comes to smoking, using a bong is one of the healthiest ways to consume your favorite materials and a quality bong can do a lot to enrich your experience. I mean, if you're serious about smoking it is probably time to upgrade from that bong you bought in the sketchy corner deli.

Bongs are a relatively recent trend in the West however they have been used in other cultures for centuries, in fact we are way behind. Archaeologists have discovered bongs made from bamboo, horns and earthenware that date back to the 13th century! During the middle ages the bamboo bong gained prominence in Asia, making its way to Europe in the 18th century and finally arriving in the US in the 1800s.  

Things have gotten a little more complex from then and choosing a bong can require a lot more thought and understanding. What it really comes down to is the experience you want to have. This article is going to educate you on every bong known to man, you are sure to be an expert after reading it.  

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Cheap Bongs 

Although lesser in price these bongs have certainly not ‚Äėcheaped¬†out‚Äô on quality.¬†Of course, they won‚Äôt have as many features¬†as the more expensive¬†ones but they will get the job¬†done. With all three coming in at¬†less than $30 you can‚Äôt really go too far wrong.¬†¬†

Cool Bongs 

Mini Colored Cool BongThe first, coolest and arguably the funkiest looking bong on the market is the premium label Mini Coloured Glass Bong GC003. This multi-coloured beauty is decorated with an array of colors and comes with a built-in sidecar mouthpiece. If aesthetics is what you are looking for then this bong hits the nail on the head. Great for sharing around with friends and perfect for parties, however, don’t let its good looks fool you into thinking it is of sub-standard quality as this is defo not the case with this beauty.

Five words, The Acrylic Straight Bong 2 Colors. The cheapest and best value bong featured in this article, these come in an attractive balayage of colors from purple and blue to red and yellow. Complete with an acrylic straight cylinder this piece is just a few inches shy of an impressive 2ft. With such a large capacity for smoke, this bong is certainly not for the lily-livered… or should we say lily lunged! 

Glass Bongs  Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong

Fitted in what appears to be a striking magician’s box, the Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong Straight Bubble (quite a mouthful that one) are nothing short of magic and one the best glass bongs available. The quality smoking device has a long cylinder which sits atop a generously sized glass bubble to ensure a clean smooth hit every single time. With heat resistant glass and a luxuriously designed case to protect your bong from any little knocks or bumps. The Boxed Borosilicate is available on the website as part of our extensive glass bong range.  

Water Bongs  

Cool Percolator BongGlass bongs and water pipes have a great filtration system for tobacco and any other materials you may be smoking. They are perfect for newbies as the bubbles produced make for a much smoother smoke. The warm water can also work to kill off any bacteria and offer a cleaner inhalation. Water bongs are not only easy to use but they can also utilise and preserve terpenes (organic compounds found in plants) in your dry products making the taste and aroma much better.  
One of the most popular water bongs has to be the 8 Arm Tree Perc Incline Diffuser Bubble by Grace Glass. This bong does exactly what it says on the tin and is equipped with an 8-arm percolator to ensure users broke up and cool smooth smoke. The design of this bong is brilliant and it is also made from a tough quality borosilicate glass.  

Water Bottle Bongs  

Borosilicate Glass Bong Ice BubblesIf you're even remotely into smoking or bongs then making your own water bottle bong is one for the bucket list. The quick, convenient, and cheap method can be very effective when correctly constructed and is perfect for when you have run out of rolling papers, and can't make it to the shop for one reason or another... You will, of course, need a water bottle and a few other household supplies. Methods vary and you can usually improvise some equipment also.  

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Gas Mask Bong 

It is fair to¬†say that the boat is still very much out on gas mask bongs and that they have ‚Äėsomewhat‚Äô mixed reviews. One thing we do know for a fact is that you will look¬†pretty funny¬†wearing them. So, how do they work? The concept is simple, you¬†more or less strap¬†the mask on, fill it with smoke and create your own personal hotbox.¬†The pieces can be bought separately but they usually come together with the mask attached to the end of the bong.

Gas mask bongs are a fun gimmick to use with friends and if you’re an avid smoker you’ll probably want to try it at least once. One downfall however to the party favorite is the obvious factor of getting smoke in your eyes. Which the majority of people find pretty uncomfortable. You could also only be getting one hit, and once all the good stuff is inhaled the only thing left is stale smoke which is not ideal. All in all, if you want to inhale large amounts of smoke you may be better off investing in a high-quality gas bong. Your wallet and health might just thank you later. 

Pipes and Bongs 

Black Sherlock PipePipes Vs. Bongs, who comes out on top and what are the differences?¬†For simplicity,¬†nothing really beats the classic pipe. They are one of the fastest and easiest ways to smoke your substance of choice and the majority are¬†pretty small¬†and portable.¬†For a¬†product that won‚Äôt break the piggy bank they‚Äôre also a good choice. If you like pipes but want something a bit¬†higher¬†quality then there are¬†more expensive ones with multiple¬†features, styles, and choice of materials. The best of these often have¬†‚Äústate-of-the-art filtration‚Ä̬†and include sealable tops as well as¬†built in storage.¬†¬†

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Bongs are in general bigger than pipes and a little less portable, however, they’re more social and great for when smoking in groups. What they lack in discreetness they do make up for in other features. Bongs can range from 20-1000 dollars and as conventional as it may sound you really do get what you pay for. Smoking out of a bong will not only feel smoother but it’s much more visually appealing.

The best features of high-quality bongs are their versatility with everything from controlled temperature to interchangeable pieces for different materials. In terms of the better smoking device, it is really all down to personal preference.  
If you want something simple and easy to use that you can take on the go then a pipe will be the perfect choice for you. For filtration and dependability, bongs are the way to go.  

Cleaning Your Bong 

We think we speak for everyone when we say that there is nothing worse than smoking out of a dirty bong. Nobody wants to do it and yes, your friends will judge you for it.  Putting hygiene aside if you want to get the most out of your smoking experience you’ll need to make sure your equipment is clean. Not to mention that the bacteria build-up can cause a lung infection, and no one want bronchitis.  
Heavy smokers should consider cleaning their bong once every two to three days and for casual smokers, it is best to clean it after every use. This won’t take too much effort as bongs are pretty easy to clean and you can always substitute cleaning materials.  

We recommend using: 
  • Salt (Rock, table, sea salt)¬†
  • Alcohol rub¬†
  • Hot water¬†

Once you have these, the rest is simple. For the bottom of the bong mix together the salt and some of the alcohol rub, cover the top and give it a good shake. If your bong is pretty dirty you can always leave it to soak and give it multiple shakes. Once finished, rinse with the hot water and leave to dry. To clean your stem, pipe, or bowl we would first recommend soaking the equipment in hot water so that any build-up can be easily removed. Then place your pieces in a container with salt, rubbing alcohol and repeat the shaking process. Rinse with water and you are all finished. Make sure to allow all the pieces to dry properly before re-use.  

Percolator Bong

Cool Bong - Percolator BongPercolator bongs are really the coolest of the cool at the moment. They are a tad more expensive but if you really love to smoke and make your friends 'vein poppingly' jealous at the same time then a percolator bong is the way to go. Percolator bongs represent the pinnacle of glass workmanship, it's hard to believe that people can do such delicate work with glass to make all our smoking experiences reach 'next level' cool.  Don't believe me?

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