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11/4's - Rolling Papers, Authentic premium Papers |

These standard one and a quarter inch rolling papers are great for the smoking enthusiast looking to make a quick rolled cigarette. In our collection we have a variety of products from the biggest rolling paper manufacturers like Raw, Rizla, Zig-Zag and also novelty papers like the Bob Marley papers.

Rolling papers are an essential component of the herb scene, can a stoner with no papers be said to be a stoner at all? There are few herb enthusiasts who haven’t had an encounter with a hand rolled joint and for the vast majority of people you’ll find that they had their first experience with a rolled joint. There is a strange culture of craftmanship when it comes to rolling joints, nearly everyone seems to have their own unique method of rolling. These methods are often fanatically defended and fierce debates are fought over what is the single best way. We are a non-partisan organisation when it comes to this and we strive to provide the papers that suit all manner of rolling techniques; including quarter inch rolling papers.

A whole host of premium paper brands provide quarter inch rolling papers, from Spanish paper giants RAW to industry classic Rizla. Quarter inch papers are perfect for those who like to roll three skin joints or maybe even more exotic variants! A good, quality rolling paper is essential to the rolling process, you don’t want to have to put up with tears and non-adhesive gum! We stock a whole range of superb papers from legendary manufacturers including: RAW, the Spanish paper giant renown far and wide. Futurola, who supply papers that plug the gap between medium and kingsized papers. For a more fancy roll check out these striking  gold leaf rolling papers from Shine. For those of you who like a little flavor in your roll there’s these fantastic strawberry flavored rolling papers.

Quarter inch papers come in hemp varieties for those who prefer its natural taste and slow burning qualities. Untreated with bleach and other industrial chemicals hemp papers are a great choice for more discerning smokers. We have a huge range of quarter inch hemp papers including: Zen quarter inch hemp papers with 0% formaldehyde. Bob Marley rolling papers, for those of you who love the endorsement of legend. Of course paper legends Rizla have their own range of hemp quarter inch papers.

Hemp is a similar plant to the herb you know and love. It has a far lower amount of THC concentrated in its flowers. This is down to government regulations that require the levels of active ingredients be restricted heavily.

Hemp paper isn’t new, it’s been around for thousands and thousands of years. Hemp paper has been found in Chinese tombs dating back thousands of years. As far back as the ancient Han Dynasty dated around 147 bc. Hemp has been a favorite of the paper industry for decades, until the early 20th century at least when it was restricted heavily by governments. Hemp is slowly rising back to its massive popularity and has become a massively popular material in the rolling paper industry thanks to its smooth taste and slow, even burn.

Hemp is one of the most useful plant crops in the world, it has a whole host of different uses. It can be used to make cloth, plastic, food, livestock feed, paper, and much much more. It excels as an industrial material thanks to its fibrous consistency and amazingly fast growth, it is among the fastest growing crops in the world.

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