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420 Glass - Bongs, Pipes & Dabbing

In a nuclear fallout they say that the only thing that would remain alive is Cockroaches, but not any more as the 420 Glass Bongs would also remain standing like a defiant symbol of human achievement and endeavour. These bongs are supremely designed with an artistic flourish that would make an artist of the stature of Picasso proud to be able to put his name toThe products are crafted with a mixture of military precision and artistic creativity that combines both skills to make a bong of majestic productivity. As soon as you put a 420 Glass Bong to your lips and inhale deep into your body an intense unforgettable experience will commence that will truly illustrate the power of the pipe.420 Glass offer a range of merchandise such as Percolator Bongs, Bubblers, Beaker Bongs and whole host of other equipment that will be sure to meet your each every need. One of the many outstanding products on offer is the Shower Head Perc Bubbler which has a tendency to penetrate every fibre of your body.

After smoking one of these bongs your very DNA will read 420 Glass, expect to have an extra chromosome which will be called the 420 Glass Bong. The 420 Glass range was devised with you the customer in mind- offering premium, value for money, glass pipes and bongs. The products take all the best features and designs from high end glass and putting them within easy reach of everybody. What 420 Glass want is to make all of the best bongs accessible so that you can smoke the best, you can be the best, and more importantly you can get the best high. So come ahead and sample some of these immense products and see for yourself the kind of precious high that you'll receive because once you go 420 Glass you'll never go back.

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