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7Th Floor Silver Surfer - Vaporizers & parts | everyonedoesit.co.uk

The 7th Floor Vaporizer Company manufactures strong and reliable products proudly built in the United States of America. All vaporizers come with a three year manufacturers warranty, making 7th Floor vape company second to none for customer satisfaction worldwide and in the UK. Their focus is quality, efficiency and durability.

The company claims that design function is the unique most important aspect to keep in mind when developing a new vaporizer product. You will notice that they have kept all their vapes as user-friendly as possible, and they’ve done it real well. They also invest a lot of time and effort in the look of their products, all their vapes are incredibly beautiful and detailed. Art is totally part of their assembling process.

Notable products are the Silver Surf Vaporizer aka SSV , an affordable and amazing whip- style vape. This vape comes with automatic heat control that works with how hard you vape with it and gives vapor that is absolutely amazing. They also have the Da Buddah a very slight step down from this offering a more budget solution for those wanting the same quality at a cheaper price.