Marley Naturals

If you're going to take inspiration from a major figure, you'd better make sure that you can live up to that name. Luckily, Marley Naturals are one of the best bong and pipe brands in the herb scene, they more than earn the right to their name.

"Herb is the unification of mankind," - Bob Marley

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The herb scene isn't short of prominent figures, but there are few as iconic as Bob Marley.

One of the pioneers of reggae, it goes without saying that Marley was a pretty major herb advocate.

Marley Naturals isn’t some faceless brand cynically appropriating the rasta legend's name. They were developed as a joint venture between Bob Marley's estate and Privateer holdings. While the company is based out of Seattle, Washington, they have plenty of roots in Jamaica. To keep the family connection strong, Cedella Marley, Bob's daughter, has a place in the company as a spokesperson. The company has even set up a program to support charity groups in the US and Jamaica, called Rise up.

While Marley Naturals are involved in a huge range of products that touch on nearly every aspect of the herb scene we know what you care about is their glass. 

Marley Natural bongs, pipes, and bubblers are expertly crafted aesthetically beautiful glassware. They have tons of appeal for newbies and aficionados alike.

Why Marley Naturals?

Premium Products Inspired by Bob Marley

It's well known that Marley had a deep love for dry herbs, and saw it as much more than just a way to kick back and relax. He held the Rastafarian view that herbs held a spiritual significance.

It's only natural that any bong with his name on it will be built to the highest standards and respect. 

Marley Natural states that it is their mission to produce excellent bongs and pipes crafted with awareness, authenticity, and genuine respect for nature's nourishing benefits. All of their materials are responsibly sourced and integrity-driven. 

This means that a Marly Natural bong isn't just well made, but created with genuine attention and focus invested into the most fundamental aspects of the dry herb experience and culture.

A company with a cause

Sometimes when you're shopping for a new bong a bit of guilt can creep in. This is only natural, and to be frank, it just goes to show what a thoughtful person you are (you should reward yourself for being so good, perhaps with a new bong).

Marley Naturals, use responsibly sourced materials to make all of their product, so you can shop guilt-free with that in mind. On top of this, they have also set up Rise Up, a social impact program that gives aid to those imprisoned for nonviolent marijuana charges. This goes as far as to offer free legal aid in some cases. 

Premium quality glass

Names and social causes are all well and good but don't be fooled into thinking that Marley Natural is a charity. They are serious craftspeople dedicated to producing some truly incredible pieces of glassware. All of their products are manufactured to the highest standard and their bongs, bubblers, and pipes are considered true premium quality pieces by herb aficionados across the world. 

Marley Naturals Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my Marley Naturals products?

While there are some variations, most glass products can be cleaned with similar materials and techniques. Over time, grime can build up in the parts of your bong, bubbler, or pipe that come into contact with smoke. To break this up and wash it away, use isopropyl alcohol. If you run into more stubborn patches of grime, then use a soft bristled brush or pipe cleaner to gently scrub it away. After this, rinse it out thoroughly and set it aside to dry. Ensure that all residual alcohol has evaporated before use.

2. What are Marley Naturals?

Marley Naturals are a premium bong brand that was launched in partnership with Bob Marley's estate. They bring together the incredible quality and socially concessions manufacturing processes to produce products that have incredible craftsmanship and ethically sourced materials.

3. Are Marley Naturals products built to last?

Marley Naturals products are made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials. With a little care and attention, you can be sure that these products will last you for as long as you need them!

4. Rumor has it plants respond to music. Is this true?

Marley Naturals believe this is true. Their head of plant cloning, Ian, believes they respond to energy, emotions, vibrations… all sorts of things, just like humans. They get a lot of positive emotions. It’s very connecting to the growth of the plants.

Marley Naturals Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

1. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Taster

This ultra compact piece of glass is a taster; a tiny pipe meant for single hits. It is made out of stunning smoked glass that oozes style (and hides some grime build-up in between cleanings). Using it is easy, simply push its tip into some pre-ground herb and twist. This should secure it in place and allow you to light it for a short, sharp hit. If you're a casual user, or if you just want something for smaller less involved sessions, then this should be perfect for you!

2. Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler

This stylish bubbler allows anyone to enjoy a strong, tasty dry herb experience with amazing water-cooling and all in a compact package. This is an elegant piece of expertly hand-blown glass. It is comfortable and easy to handle (a vital feature for a piece this small) and simple to operate. Best of all, its generous bowl makes it perfect for sharing with friends. Its water cooling is increased by the addition of an eight-slot stem that breaks each hit into a flurry of smaller bubbles, this increases their surface area increasing the among that can be cooled by the water.

3. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

This unique piece is a stunning spoon pipe with a beautiful gold accent on its stem. Pipes are an easy and portable way to enjoy dry herbs, and the incredible lightness of this piece makes it perfectly suited for this role. It is simple to use and easy to maintain.

Final Thoughts on Marley Naturals

The Marley Naturals brand is much more than a cash-in or something just for fans. This brand offers incredible glassware that will cater to even the most exacting dry herb aficionado. This combined with their ethical sourcing of materials, and socially conscious initiatives make them one of the finest bong brands in the world today. 

So whether you're a newbie hoping to purchase that will last or a veteran who wants to make sure their next purchase is of the highest quality. Marley naturals is a must for you.