Whether you're looking for the perfect beginner vape, or if you're a veteran hoping to level up your vape experience there's one thing that you want. You want to make sure that your vape hasn't been put together by amateurs. 

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Arizer is one of the most experienced vaporizer manufacturers on the market. They were there from the beginning of the modern vape market, and every step along the way they have been at the cutting edge of high-quality portable vaporizers

Each of their releases is an improvement on everything that has come before it, and they aren't afraid to experiment with super-compact or desktop vaporizers.

Why Arizer? 

Arizer was among the very first vaporizers that helped popularize the vaporizer market. Before this, vapes were a niche product that ranged from over-expensive luxury items to cheap budget devices. Companies like Arizer and Pax helped popularize the mid-range vaporizer, took a nice gadget, and turned it into popular consumer electronics. 

This long history means that Arizer has a huge amount of experience and hard-won knowledge. This has led to them creating an incredible range of products that range from powerful portable vapes to accessible and easy-to-use desktop devices. 

Arizer was one of the chief architects of the vape industry as it stands today, if you want to enjoy a device from a company that knows what it's doing and set the standards for thousands of other brands, then an Arizer vape will serve you well. 

Arizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where Are Arizer Vaporizers Made?

Arizer is a Canadian-based company. Not only are they headquartered there, but all of their vapes are also assembled there. All of their research, development, testing, and quality assurance is carried out in the Great White North!

Q2: Are Arizer Vaporizers Safe?

All of Arizer's vaporizers are carefully inspected and tested to ensure that no solvents or harmful chemicals come into contact with the air path. You can be sure that no matter how hard you drive your Arizer's heating system, you won't be at risk from any nasty fumes. Of course, it’s always good to put your device through a few test cycles to make sure any residue that is leftover from manufacturing is burnt away. 

Q3: What Type Of Arizer Vaporizers Are There?

Arizer vaporizers can be divided up into two broad categories: Desktop and portable. 

The Extreme Q and the V Tower are both desktop vaporizers designed to deliver potent heating experiences within the comfort of your home. The Solo, Air, and Argo vaporizers are all portable vapes that are designed to let you enjoy them wherever and whenever you want. 

Arizer Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Arizer Air 2

The Air 2 is a very versatile vaporizer that epitomizes a quality vaporizer. It has some features that are usually found in luxury vapes, but without a premium price take. It is perfect for beginners thanks to its simple control scheme and user-friendly setup. It's great for experienced vapers thanks to its sheer power, customization, and powerful heating system.

The Air 2 uses a hybrid heating system that combines the power of conduction and convection to create incredibly potent results. This type of heating allows you to be the very most out of your dry herb by vaporizing every part of its surface area. 

The Air 2's full temperature control allows you to enjoy full temperature control, which lets you dictate the potency and strength of your vape experience. This is one of the finest portable vapes on the market today and will serve users of all levels well. 

Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is a desktop device. This type of vaporizer is designed to provide long, potent vape experiences. While it isn't portable, needed a fixed power outlet to function, it can deliver vape sessions that are above and beyond that of a portable vape. 

The Extreme Q is the perfect first step into the world of desktop vapes. It features a simple control scheme that is further augmented by a remote control that allows you to adjust your vape experience from the comfort of your couch. On top of this, the Extreme Q features a balloon system. This gradually fills plastic bags with vapor. These can then be detached and enjoyed away from the rest of the device. 


The Argo, or Arizer Go, is the most compact portable vaporizer in the entire range. It is an incredibly compact vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand. Though it is small, it is packed with power. Though it is small, it has sturdy construction with a metal and plastic finish that allows heat to dissipate away without the device becoming too hot to handle. 

Though it is small, it still features a full OLED display that is clear and easy to read. This allows users to see everything that's going on inside the device and precisely control their vape experience. 

It features a hybrid heating system that combines conduction and convection heating. This is a seriously impressive design feature for a vaporizer this small, which usually relies on conduction alone! This is the perfect pocket vape, and its ease of use makes it attractive to newbies and vape veterans alike.

Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is an older unit, but it still outperforms many of the newest portable vaporizers on the market today. It puts a strong emphasis on flavor, offering a striking purity of taste thanks to its non-reactive stainless steel oven. Its dedication to flavor goes beyond this with its unique aroma tube system. These glass pods fit into the airpath and can be pre-loaded with a huge variety of herbal blends. They can be used to increase the power of your vape experience or to give it a unique flavor profile with herbs like lavender or lemongrass. 

Final Thoughts on Arizer

Arizer vaporizers have a proven track record of fantastic, high-quality vaporizers. No matter which of their ranges you decide to pick up, you're sure to be more than happy with its performance. 

Each of their ranges has its own specific appeal, from the extreme portability of the ArGo to the incredible focus on the flavor of the Solo 2. Regardless of your own personal preference, there is an Arizer vaporizer that is practically custom-made to suit you. 

Arizer is well established, and we're expecting to see them on the cutting edge of the vape market for years to come.