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Ashtrays | The best collection you will have ever seen

Here we have one of the most distinguished collections of smoking ashtrays. If you’re just looking for a simple ashtray then we have some great glass or metal ashtrays on show.

Though if you’re looking for a more unique item that will catch the eye of your friends then we have a selection of decorative Molino ashtrays and also a wide range of fun, novelty ashtrays.

We even have some mobile ashtrays and cigarette snuffers that puts out your cigarette instantly when you\'re on the move.

How to Choose the Right Ashtray for You?

It can be difficult selecting just the right cigar Ashtray from all the different styles available. These Ash Trays are made by all different brands such as Bug Box, EHLE, Roor, Honey Supply and many others. If you are a passionate smoker, then the right cigar ashtray will definitely help you to increase your smoking experience based on the sizes, quality of designs, colors and other factors.

The most important consideration while buying an ashtray is to make sure that it will be big enough to hold your cigars. Cigars comes in varying sizes. You can go for a simple mode with a single cigar, if you don’t want a cigar ashtray to occupy too much space in your room to make sure that it will never stand out and not get you stuck on your daily activities. On the other side if you want to enjoy smoking with friends, then you can go for more comprehensive model, with enough space for a greater number of cigars.

It’s very important for your Ashtray to be deep enough to prevent ashes spread with airflow in your room. In general, the material from which your ashtray is made should comply with the room style and other factors:

Glass Ashtray:

Glass Ashtray can easily get broken, if you are living with children or pets. In that case you can choose ashtrays made from plastic, because they do not break. They also can be found in a variety of colors and patterns which is always a plus. However, the glass astray is much easier to clean unlike other materials.

Metal Ashtray:

Metal Ashtrays can vary depending on the weight. Some of the model are very heavy, very hard that knock down on the table and other can be very lightweight ones for convenient Handling.

Wooden Ashtray:

If you are not a smoker and think that ashtrays can be helpful in decorating your house. What can be more beautiful than a wooden ashtray. They are available in a variety of style, sizes and colors. On the other hand, it is a good option for smokers who like something unique to carry for outdoor smoking.