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Atmos Vaporizers have been growing increasingly popular within the portable vaporizer industry for quite some time now and have gained a reputation for supplying great Vaporizer Pens. Atmos Nation, the Vaporizer manufacturers, are a current global leader and innovator in both efficiency and design. Atmos have been known to make us of their in-house engineering team who go to extraordinary lengths to work on even the smallest of details in order to design some of the top, top products within this industry to the highest standards of quality control and manufacturing. Atmos is a global brand, and have key links with national and international distributors which allows them to procure the highest standard of materials for it's innovative product designs.

The Vaporizer industry is constantly growing and expanding and Atmos Vaporizers are well and truly spearheading the cause. Atmos were one of the industry pioneers and innovators as they seized the market for portable vaporizers when only thick, chunky desktop vaporizers were available at the time. With the series of improvements in technology, Atmos were able to stay ahead of the curve be innovating and managed to secure the first patent for a portable vaporizer pen. Atmos was and currently still is towards the front end of cutting edge vaporization technology. Atmos Vaporizers have been able to maintain the highest quality product designs way ahead of the competition using their superior research and development team.

Throughout the years, Atmos have developed strong business relationships with manufacturers that are interested in the latest technological advancements in the portable vaporizer industry. Atmos possess very healthy relationships combined with huge amounts of experience with manufacturing facilities world-wide. Atmos Vaporizers prides itself on genuine, honest and true business practices which aid to build longstanding relationships with partners. Atmos is proud of their genuine customer support team which is made up of highly skilled/trained, professional Atmos staff. The customer support team is hugely knowledgeable in all aspects of the Atmos product line as well as related products within the Vaporizing industry. Additionally, all Atmos products are backed by a

5 year limited warranty, so customers can rest easy in the safe knowledge that all purchases made with Atmos are smart decision.

Atmos are 100% committed to working to improve every aspect and feature of the Atmos Vaporizing brand. This means constantly working on improving new and existing products while also meeting and satisfying the demand of the Atmos clients and marketplace. Each review and testimonial that is sent in to Atmos Vaporizers is scrutinised and examined and the company builds towards satisfying their loyal consumers 100%. Years and years of experience have surmounted in huge pools of knowledge and talent at the fingertips of Atmos Vaporizers.

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