Beaker Base Bongs

Beaker Base Bongs

Beaker base bongs are designed to offer the most impressive draws and hits of any style of bong. You can thank the cylindrical shape sitting atop a flared bottom for these great hits - chalk it up to better surface area and better airflow to your lungs. 

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In fact, this design is the reason for these bongs being able to hold more water, and this means increased filtration which means increased quality of your sesh. That also means longer sessions, cleaner water, and better, more cooled down draws. 

In addition, the design promotes a stable, grounded bong, making it easy to store and less vulnerable to absentminded knocks or bumps. 

Different Types Of Beaker Base Bongs

Scientific Glass (Borosilicate Glass)

Perhaps the most commonly seen type of beaker bong, the scientific glass style has been a reliable staple of the beaker bong collective. This is a tough form of glass, resistant to everyday bumps or shocks, and promotes great flavor. It is simple to clean, and built to last.

Silicone Beaker Bongs

These bongs are practically bulletproof by design. These bongs can be tossed across the room without breaking (though we do not recommend trying this). The material is flexible, strong, and does not leach unappealing plastic flavor into your hits. 

Ice-Catcher Beaker Bongs

Made of either glass or silicone, some beaker style bongs feature an ice catcher. This is merely a groove or “nook” in the base of the bong that can hold ice cubes that smoke can pass through during a sesh.

With this feature, users can put ice into their beaker bong and get an added boost to flavor and smoothness when inhaling. These are especially useful for those who struggle with harsh hits and need a boost to their sesh. 

The “Percs” of Beaker Bongs

Percolators, or “percs” for short, are a distinct feature of beaker style bongs. Percs serve one purpose, and that is to get you the best possible filtration. There are a number of different percs out there - with creative names like Honeycomb, Showerhead, Tree, and so on.

Honeycomb allows water to percolate through a series of small holes, while showerhead and tree create whirlpool-like patterns to infuse your smoke with a clean, fresh taste and smoothness on the throat. 

With far more room than your traditional bong at the base, these percs are made a reality with the unique proportions of the classic beaker bong, so you are able to have an assortment of different styles to choose from in terms of percs. Traditional style bongs usually just have to settle for the effective, but limiting downstem diffuser.

Terms To Know

Joint: Male or Female, Sizing

The “joint” of your beaker bong simply refers to part of the bong that holds your bowl and/or downstem. A female joint means a hollow opening, whereas a male joint means the bowl’s opening must be open in order to be fastened to the bong. 

Diffused Downstem

We covered percs in our previous section - you know the purpose of a good diffusion system. Downstem diffusers are extremely common, and useful; they are directly connected to your bowl and effectively filter water in all directions. They extend at an angle directly into the water.


This merely refers to the “tube” or uppermost section of your beaker bong where you inhale from the mouthpiece.

Dab Rig

A dab rig has a slightly different setup at the “joint,” which will have an opening for either a bowl or a “nail” or “banger” (more on that in a second), which is where you would put wax concentrates/ dabs for smoking.

Nail or Banger

This is a bowl that features an opening that draws smoke into the base of your bong as your wax dabs melt from the hot surface and give off intense, potent smoke. This smoke passes through your rig and is filtered through water. 

How To Use Beaker Base Bongs?

Beaker bongs are used just like any other mainstream bong - simply fill the beaker with water, usually with the water level sitting just about a half inch above the airholes in whatever style perc you have.

If you are unsure if you got the water level correctly, a few test hits with just the water should let you know if you have poured too much or too little. 

Once you have the water part settled, go ahead and light up your dried herbs until they glow orange and inhale at the mouthpiece. For dab rigs, you can begin heating the banger with your hand torch and then placing your wax dabs into the bowl. 

Remember to keep your draws gentle and not sharply inhale unless you want a coughing fit. 

Our Favorite Beaker Bongs

LA Pipes

LA Pipes is the kingmaker of terrific borosicilate glass beaker bongs, and they remain top sellers today thanks to their eye for detail and sturdy designs. 

Eyce Beaker Bongs

The coolest beaker bong designs on the market can be found with the team by Eyce - they feature acrylic, silicone, and glass designs for your enjoyment.


The bongs by Grav are made of sturdy glass, and we feature their spin on beaker style with their bell shaped base - a cool look for a mid-sized and affordable brand that never skimps on quality and satisfaction.