Beaker Base Bongs

In this collection we have all of our top bongs and bubblers with a beaker style base. This style of bong is one of the most popular and superior there is and it's all down to this product's wide base that makes for the ultimate smoking experience.

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Beaker bongs have the advantage of a larger reservoir, they can hold more water and therefore are able to achieve much better levels of water filtration and even cooler hits. Due to the larger surface area, the water in these innovative smoking devices is also able to stay cleaner for much longer so it should hold much better flavour, and won't need to be cleaned as often as a smaller device. 

In addition, the beaker base bong has another handy practical feature giving it one-up on regular glass style bongs. The weight of the water in these products actually helps to stabilise the bong and guard it against knocks. 

We stock a vast range of beaker bongs and feature all popular brands such as Grav Labs, Higher Standards, Trailer Park Boys. We also have an excellent range of beaker base bongs with added percolator beakers and ice catchers for the best smoking experience money can buy...