Beaker Base Bongs

In this collection, we have all of our top bongs and bubblers with a beaker style base. This style of bong is one of the most popular and superior there is and it's all down to this product's wide base that makes for the ultimate smoking experience. 

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Quartz Beaker w/ Banger Nail
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This Piranha Quartz Beaker is perfect for those searching for both convenience and quality. This upgrade of the classic beaker stands at just 5” tall. Its size makes it the perfect dab rig for someone who likes to take their...

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Quartz Beaker w/ Terp Vacuum Banger Nail & Carb Cap
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Details  They have really thought of everything over at Piranha. This rig comes equipped with a nail and a carb cap. This beaker is made from quartz glass which is perfect for daily use.  Features: 5" tall Quarts glass Piranha...

Quartz Beaker w/ Thick Bottom Reactor Core Banger Nail
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Description Thick bottom reactor core banger attached! Standing at 5" tall, this little piranha quartz beaker is ready to get the job done. it has an attached reactor core quartz banger which features an extra thick bucket bottom panel in...

Heavy Duty Beaker Bong
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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Handcrafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is a water pipe that stands just over 14 inches tall and is engineered to rip with maximum filtration. With a wide...

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Eyce Beaker
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Eyce Beaker Bong The Eyce Beaker Silicon Bong introduced a whole new concept into the bong world. It's super easy to use and clean and features an extremely durable silicone construction - the times your dog accidentally destroyed your glass bong...

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DankStop - Beaker Base Water Pipe
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While a simplistic piece, this beaker bong is one of our most popular, for a number of reasons. It comes accompanied by a deep glass bowl, ready to be packed full of dry herbs. It has a fixed downstem connecting...

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8" Grav Labs Round Water Pipe
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8" Round Water Pipe | Grav Labs GRAV 8-inch Round Water Pipe features a rounded glass chamber and a clear fission downstem so you can see your experiment unfold before your eyes. Features Fixed downstem Geometric pressed pinch For flowers...

11" Glass Bubble Bong w/ Rubber Grommet

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11" Glass Bubble Bong w/ Rubber Grommet The simplicity is what makes this bong beautiful. It has a wide bubble base on a sturdy stand for stability making it a very durable bong. It is made with thick glass and...


Beaker bongs have the advantage of a larger reservoir, they can hold more water and therefore are able to achieve much better levels of water filtration and even cooler hits. Due to the larger surface area, the water in these innovative smoking devices is also able to stay cleaner for much longer so it should hold much better flavor, and won't need to be cleaned as often as a smaller device. 

In addition, the beaker base bong has another handy practical feature giving it one-up on regular glass style bongs. The weight of the water in these products actually helps to stabilize the bong and guard it against knocks. 

We stock a vast range of beaker bongs and feature all popular brands such as Grav Labs, Higher Standards, Trailer Park Boys. We also have an excellent range of beaker base bongs with added percolator beakers and ice catchers for the best smoking experience money can buy... 

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