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Black Leaf Bongs , Pipes & Vaporizers

German produced Black Leaf have garnered a reputation for themselves for producing high quality glass pieces, bongs, vaporizers and all sorts of smoking accessories. Black Leaf Bongs have proven to be extremely popular. They offer a wide range of products and their selection features an impressive line-up. Black Leaf offer a number of options which range from your standard glass pipe and bubblers to unique and stylish tree percs and mesmerizing honeycomb styles. Before any product is manufactured there is a long thought process put into it. Each and every Black Leaf product is built with affordability and functionality for the consumer in mind. This means that the selection of Black Leaf products are fantastically suitable for both beginners and the experienced smokers.

The Black Leaf company was founded as a branch from a world famous distributor called Near Dark. In order to express his personal tastes, Near Dark owner Ernst Meerbeck created the new distribution line as he could not stand on the sidelines and be content as he missed out on the exploding market that is the glass production industry. Meerbeck's decision has led to the ever-growing line of glass smoking products being distributed by Black Leaf. Black Leaf also operate a very successful headshop overlooking the Hanfbach which is located near Cologne where there is a dedicated population of hardcore smokers that are filled with a desire for superior smoking products.

Black Leaf is constantly striving forward and trying to improve and expand it's range of water pipes, vaporizers, hand pipes, bongs and accessories in order to feed the growing customer demand. Black Leaf are also known for having a great and interactive consumer relations department and are extremely eager to engage with their customers on social media which helps them gather information and valuable input from their growing and dedicated consumer base. Thanks to their extremely competitive price point combined with the stylish and slick design, Black Leaf have built a strong reputation for reliable, efficient and durable products at a fair price.

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