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All Bongs & Water Pipes for Sale - Greatest Collection

Since man’s early history, water pipes have taken many forms. From early water bongs found in China and Mesopotamia to the US patent for the first manufactured bong in the 1960s, the modern day bong has remained a favorite for indulging in some relaxing smoking sessions throughout time. Smokers are some of the most inventive people out there, and the bongs of today provide a shining example of that spirit. Since you’re no caveman (or woman), maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a classy and durable scientific glass, wooden bamboo, or even silicone bong. With the largest selection available, Everyone Does It is the best online smoke shop when shopping for your ideal water pipes and bongs.

We offer all styles of beakers, tubes, bubblers, and recyclers, with seemingly infinite percolator variations so you can stick with what you know and love or try something new. From wallet-friendly acrylic bongs, to higher-end scientific borosilicate glass pieces, our full range features top bong and pipe manufacturers from all around the world. We are extremely proud to feature the very best brands like Amsterdam Glassworx, Grace Glass, Sheldon Black, Hitman Glass, ROOR, Black Leaf, EHLE,Weed Star, Grav Labs, Illadelph, and Zob… all at the lowest price in UK.

If you want to experience unmatched quality water pipe, then you are at right place. We are proud to be one of the world’s largest smoke shop with 4000 + bongs & water pipes for sale. We have different types of bongs like percolator, beaker base, straight tube, scientific glass & ice bongs to best suits your needs.


A percolator helps you to cool down smoke & achieve a smoother hit and way less coughing. Here at Everyone Does IT, we carry wide range of percolator bongs such as Roor Tech 10 Arm Stemless Perc Bubbler, Grav Labs 16 Inch Beaker Bong and many more, vary from different shapes and sizes.


As name suggests, this a bong style with beaker base to get you a bigger hit. The beaker base bong has advantages of larger water reservoir, which means more water can be used to achieve greater levels of filtration.


Straight tube bongs are the most popular style of bongs with a single cylinder and usually a removable downstem and bowl slide. We carry wide range of straight tube bongs such as 12 Inch Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem by Grav Labs, 14 Inch Straight with Double Disc Perc by Devious Glass , 45cm Straight 8 Arm Tree Perc Glass Bong by Headdies and many more, vary from different shapes and sizes.


As the name suggest, ice bong allowing you to place ice cube inside the tube for a frosty cool hit. Here at EDIT, we stock ice bongs in glass and acrylic materials from leading brands like Headdies, Roor, Grace Glass, G-Spot and many more.

Just have a look below and no matter whether you like great glass bongs on unbreakable acrylics for those messy nights. You will find what you need here. If you need any help, feel free to jump in a live chat now with one of our bong experts. Whether you want a big one, a small one, a 2 foot one, a 4 foot one, one for ice or one for water. If in the slim chance it is not here, we will find it for you.