Bongs & Water Pipes

Everyone Does It has a wide range of glass products and is well known for the bongs and water pipes. Whether you just want something simple or a collector's item you can find something on either extreme and everything in between. You will find the best glass brands in the game here like Higher standards, GRAV Labs, and Empire Glasswork. You will not be disappointed when looking for your new piece in our collection. 

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Bongs FAQ’s

1. What is a percolator?

There are many different types of Percolators these days, there are; downstream perc, honeycomb, tree, matrix, showerhead, and inline. A Percolator allows a smoother smoke as it adds an extra filtration system for the smoke. It cools down the smoke before it hits your throat for a more pleasant experience and better-tasting herb. 

2. What is an ice catcher?

The ice cater is pinched glass in the body of the bong that will hold the ice in place. In percolator bongs that sit at the top and in regular bongs, they can take up the whole body. The ice is there as a last stop of filtration and allows the smoke to cool down, even more, giving off an extra-cool smoke. 

3. What can I do if an attachment does not fit my bong?

There is always going to be a specific addition that you want for your bong but is a different gender or size, well the industry has made male to female adapters. These adapters can change male to female or vice versa as well as changing the size either to a larger joint sizer or smaller one, allowing your bong to be very versatile.

4. What is the difference between bongs and dab rigs?

There are slight differences between the two, but usually that can be used interchangeably. Bongs are usually used with dry herb while dab rigs are used with wax/oils. For bongs and dry herbs you use a bowl and for dab rigs you will usually use a banger nail with the wax. The biggest difference of the two is that dab rigs are usually shorter and bongs are taller. This is because the herb can last longer without losing potency while for dab rigs the oils/waxes need shorter distances to stay potent. 

5. How can I clean my bong?

Take out the bowl and the downstream if it is removable, place both into separate plastic bags with salt and isopropyl alcohol until the glass pieces are submerged completely. Drain the old bong water and add salt and alcohol into the bong. Close the opening with plugs and shake the contents until you see some of the resin coming off of the sides. You will then use warm water to rinse the bong, mouthpiece, and downstream and put all of the pieces together. 

Different Types of Bongs

Bongs come in many different shapes and sizes. The amount of different bongs is really endless. Bongs can be made with many different materials like glass, metal, acrylic, plastic, and bamboo, but of course, the most popular one is glass due to it not altering the flavor and it provides the best performance when it comes to the heat. 

Bongs also have different styles and shapes, there is the tube style, beaker style, round base, percolator, and many more. Most of these bongs perform the same way; the only upside to the beaker bong is that it has a larger base which means more stability. The percolator style is the only one that really stands out as it gives the smoke an extra filtration system that the others do not provide.

There will be ups and downs about all of the different types available, it depends on the preference you have about what is a must have at the top of the list. 

Why are bongs still popular?

Bongs have been around for hundreds of years but with new advancements like adding water and percs the bong has grown in popularity. Before you would smoke from a pipe or have to smoke from a cigar which both let the tar and other carcinogens through whereas the water pipe can filter out some of those toxins through the water. Water pipes also deliver a smoother and cooler smoke making it easier to inhale and less harsh on your lungs and throat. 

Bongs have many benefits not only does it provide a cleaner smoke, but the hits are more intense, it is extremely easy to use, and it is not something you only use once. You are able to fill up the chamber with as much smoke as you want to allow you to take in bigger hits and experiencing the more intense hits.

With a bong you never have to worry about having wet paper and not being able to lite your joint, taking away the uneven burn. Bongs bring in many benefits and differences when compared to smoking in other forms which is why we do not believe the bong is going anywhere any time soon. 

How to select the perfect bong for yourself?

1. Main use

When picking a bong you need to first decide on what it is going to be used for, whether you want to smoke dry herb or concentrates, or maybe both. This is something you need to decide as they both use different attachments to smoke from, but this can be changed. For dry herb bongs you will be looking for a taller unit, if you are strictly going to use it for waxes a more condensed unit would be best, but of course, if you want to use it for both get a medium-sized unit that allows the switch out from a bowl to a dab nail. 

2. Percolators

The next thing you'll want to consider is a percolator, this will help diffuse the smoke to provide a smoother cooler smoke. Usually percolators are used for dry herb only as it gets to the point of combustion and the extra filtration will eliminate some of the toxins leaving a cleaner hit. Concentrates do not reach the point of combustion so the extra filtration system is not necessary when using a dab rig. 

3. Material

Bongs are made out of many different materials nowadays, you have the acrylic or plastic bongs which are probably the cheapest, but are plain looking with no real pazaz. Ceramic pipes hold a bit more value as they are still a cheaper option than the glass bongs and are more durable.

They are able to be modified so they tend to have more character and design aspects, but the material is hard to clean and can get very dirty over time. Of course the favorite is glass as it is a classic and can be added to in order to customize it to your needs. When deciding on a glass bong lookout for scientific glass as it is the most durable material as it is thicker than others. 

4. Budget

Budgeting yourself is important when shopping for water pipes as they can get extremely expensive. Usually if a bong has more colors, and an intricate design it is more expensive. If this is your first bong you may not want to spend a lot of money up front, but the benefit of buying a nice glass piece is that you will have it for years.

You will want to come up with a budget and a rough idea of what you want before browsing around. Ultimately, purchasing a bong is a personal preference as it is something you should have for years. 

How to use bongs and water pipes? 

Let's start off by explaining exactly how bongs or water pipes work. This is quite simple, when inhaling the smoke it travels through the downstream and into the water where it will start bubbling. This process is not only cooling down the smoke but filtering out some of the ash and tar from entering the airways. Once it passes through the water it enters the tube where it cools down even further and presenting you with cooler smoother smoke. 

Now that we know how they perform, let’s jump into how to use one. You will start by prepping your bong, insert the downstream if it is removable and ensure that the bowl is on their snug. Next, add your water through the mouthpiece, adding enough to cover the bottom of the downstream.

If you are using an ice cater make sure that you put the ice in it before beginning. You need to grind the herb to a coarse grind, enough to evenly light but not too small to fall through the bowl. Next, pack your bowl but not too tight, ignite and take a slow steady draw.

When the tube or chamber is full you will need to clear it, to do so remove the bowl from the downstem as you continue to pull in the smoke. Once the chamber is cleared you are ready for the next one. Once you finish you will need to clean your bong. 

To keep your bong in pristine condition you will want to clean it after every use, but I know that's a lot to ask so cleaning every few uses will work too. Cleaning is easy, and usually doesn’t take too much time. Start by emptying the ash from the bowl and put it in a ziplock with alcohol and salt, do the same thing with the down stem. Move them around and gently shake the bag to release the resin from the parts.

Once they are looking clean take them out of the baggies and rinse them off with warm water. You will then do something similar with the bong, add alcohol and salt and clog the openings then shake around the liquid until clean. Once it is clean enough rinse it with warm water and you are set. 

Bong parts & accessories guide

All bongs are made with the same basic parts: the bowl, carb, downstream, base, and tube. The bowl of course is where the herb goes and is usually removable. The carb is a small hole that allows the user to clear the smoke from the bong. Downstem is is the pathway for the smoke to travel to the base of the bong into the water.

The base of course is the bottom of the bong and can look very different depending on the bong. The tube is what leads to the mouthpiece. These are what you will see on every bong, then there are additives like a splash guard, percolator, and ice pinch. 

Bongs don't only have to be simple, there are many bong accessories you can purchase to really customize your bong to fit your liking. Things like ash catchers that add an extra layer of filtration, customizable bowls, different percolating downstems, and different adapters to bring it an extra step further. The color options, styles, and designs are all endless, allowing you to customize your bong to your exact needs and wants. 

Pros and cons


  • Traps different particles and molecules to prevent them from entering the airway to provide a smoother cleaner smoke
  • You can get much larger hits from a bong than other devices
  • Bongs are very easy to use and usually easier to clean than other options
  • The water cools off the smoke, that can make it easier to inhale and also have ice catchers that can cool the smoke down even more. 


  • Can be fragile so you need to be more cautious with bongs
  • You need to clean and change the water constantly to keep it from forming build up to quickly
  • While the water filters out different particles it also filters out THC so you may need to use more herb 

Who are bongs for? 

Bongs are for anyone who wants a smoother cleaner way of smoking. If you like the feel of a pipe in your hand or the effects it gives, the bongs are essentially the same but with water to enhance your session.

There is an array of different types of bongs that if you do not like you can just try the next. You are able to customize them to your liking with different add ons, and because they come in many different colors and designs you can have almost anything you like. If you like smoking in style then bongs are the right option for you.