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    12" Upline Flared Stemless Water Pipe | Grav Labs

    $178.99 $249.99

    Grav Labs Stemless Water Pipe

    The Upline Flared Stemless bong is one of the most unique designs that has come out of the Grav Labs studios. The smoke starts off by traveling down the fixed downstem into the base where the main water chamber is. 

    From this chamber, the smoke has to make it's way up a long, narrow shaft with 5 restrictors in it. The restrictors create a forced stacked perc effect and means that bubbles will climb all the way to the top of your rig, which means a longer cooling path than other bongs, this is different to other standard size bongs on the market.

    Once at the top, the bubbles can dissipate and let nothing but clean, cool, filtered smoke into the side mounted mouthpiece. 

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