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Since man's early history, water pipes have taken many forms. From early water bongs found in China and Mesopotamia, to the US patent for the first manufactured glass bong, created in the 1960s. Through the years the modern day water pipe has remained a strong favorite for those indulging in a relaxing smoking session. After all, smokers are some of the most creative people out there and the best bongs of today provide a shining example of this.

Since you’re no caveman (or woman), why not treat yourself to one of our classy and durable scientific glass bongs, or if you want something a little different - opt for a wooden bamboo or even silicone device. Whatever you desire, we have the very best and largest range of bongs and water pipes here at EveryoneDoesIt US. We offer all styles of beakers, tubes, bubblers, and recyclers, with seemingly infinite percolator variations so you can stick with what you know and love or try something new.

From wallet-friendly acrylic bongs, to higher-end scientific borosilicate glass pieces, our full range features the best bongs and pipe manufacturers from all around the world. We're also very proud to feature the most innovative brands there is, such as Grav Labs, Grace Glass and Killer Bongs, all at the best value you will find the the US. If you're looking to experience unmatched quality bongs and water pipes, well then you've come to the right place. 

Here at EveryoneDoesIt we're proud to be one of the world's largest smoke shops with over 4000 of the best bongs and water pipes for sale. Why not check out our collection today, we have something to suit everyone's needs. 


Benefits of Water Filtration:

Water filtration is what sets apart the good from the great, it's basically the process of filtering the smoke through water and it has a number of great benefits...

▪️ Temperature: Cooling your smoke is what will make that hit much less harsh, it's also significantly better for your lungs. 

▪️ Toxins: In addition to cooling, water filtration can filter out nasty chemicals such as tar, leaving them behind if your water.

▪️ Taste: Using a glass bong can help to preserve the terpenes more effectively in your dry product. This means improved taste and aroma, just as nature intended. 

▪️ Ease of Use: Forget your rolling papers, and don't worry about getting that perfectly shaped cone. Simply pack, light, and hit. 


As the smoking industry continue to grow, new technology and innovations have seen an explosion in popularity for these seemingly simplistic devices.

Whether you need the basics, something that filters but doesn't break the bank, or one of our premium pieces created from specialist borosilicate glass, we'll help you find it. We're sure you have plenty of questions, before parting with your hard earned cash, so read on for our best bongs breakdown. 

We'll give you a crash course on types, features, materials, brands, and much more, so that you can make a fully informed choice. Or, if you prefer to browse on your own, check out our selection here. Each product will feature an in depth product description and everything you need to know from manufacturer's warranties to addition accessories. Don't forget to check in regularly to keep up to date with our huge sales and latest offers also!


Types of Bongs

Straight Tube Bongs

Straight tube bongs are the most popular and classic style of bong we stock, they usually come complete with a removable downstem and bowl slide. We carry a wide range of these with straight tubes like 12” Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem by Grav Labs, 16” Beaker Water Pipe and , Empire Glassworks 11" Glass Rose Kit and many more, varying in different shapes and sizes.

Beaker-Based Glass Bong

As the name suggests, this style of bong comes complete with a beaker base, perfect for larger hits. What makes these more special than the ordinary glass bong is the greater surface area. Giving the advantage of a larger water reservoir, meaning more water can be used to achieve greater levels of filtration and improved flavor. 

Percolator Bongs

A percolator glass bong will allow you to cool down your smoke and achieve a much smoother hit - far less harsh on the throat. Here at EveryoneDoesIt, we carry a wide range of percolator bongs such as the 7" STAX Dual-use Bong, Grav Labs 16” Beaker Bong and many more. 

Ice Bongs

If water filtration just isn't doing it for you then check out one of our ice bongs. Ice glass bongs allow you to place ice inside the tube for the coolest hits possible. We stock these popular products in both glass and acrylic materials from leading brands like Headdies, Roor, Grace Glass, G-Spot and more. Check out our range below or feel free to jump into a live chat now with one of our experts. No matter what type of bong you're looking for we can help, and in the slim chance it's not here, we'll make sure to find it for you. 


Popular Bong Features


Percolators: Percolators are contained within the neck or body of the bong. The idea is that the smoke has to travel further through u-bends or  honeycomb percs and by the time it reaches your lips, it will have significantly cooled. Making each hit smoother, and more flavorful. 

Ice Notches/Pinches: All of the best and innovative bong brands are constantly trying to find new ways to maximum your smoking experience. A tried and test classic is the use of the ice notch or pinch in the neck. This is where ice can be stacked to give your smoke one last cooling stop on it's journey to your lungs. 

Moulded Grip: Moulded plastic with exacting grooves for your fingers will allow for easy manipulation and movement, making your new bong much harder to drop and break.

Diffuser: Whereas most bongs use a downstem pipe with a single opening into the water, a diffuser features multiple small openings. Smoke flowing out through the numerous openings allows the smoke to be exposed to more surface area and more cool filtration. It's just one more step in achieving high-quality hits. 

Recycler: A recycler adds an additional chamber to a regular small bong style set-up. Within the recycler, water and your smoke will be on a constant cycle as you pull it. It essentially means that your smoke travels through the water multiple times. It's super cooling, excellent filtration, and ensures incredibly cool, flavourful vapor is produced.


A Wide Range of Materials



Plastic is the most forgiving material, it's best suited for parties, festivals, and travelling. Simple moulds allow for efficient production of acrylic plastic bongs, which are far less brittle than glass. So, you know that one tumble isn't going to be the end of your investment. 


With a glass bong you can watch your smoke travel through your device, and this is particularly enhanced if it has a percolator or recycler. These products are of course more brittle and best suited for at home use. Not to mention glass makes for the best flavor and purer hits. 


The earthy, rustic nature of wooden pipes make for a modern statement piece that could easily blend in with your decor. Naturally primitive, wooden bongs are slightly harder to clean, and absorb moisture and oil, giving them a shorter service life. 

Borosilicate Glass

This specially designed material is highly resistant to thermal shock, and is what all bongs aspire to be made from. It's tough, easy to clean, and super heat resistant, this is the current gold standard of bong materials. 

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