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C Vault - Keep Your Herb Fresh And Safe |

C Vault are the herb scene’s leading authority on storage and curing solutions for fresh herbs and plant matter. For well over a decade, C Vault have been producing peerless, lightweight stainless steel containers with airtight seals for keeping herbs fresh and maintaining the exact right level of humidity to cure the contents. You invest your hard earned cash in quality herb, so naturally you’re going to want to keep it safe and fresh. You also want to make sure that it’s in peak shape for when you’re ready to partake.

The C Vault Herb storage tin is a miracle of engineering, but how does it work?

During the design of this container C Vault pulled out all the stops. To do this this broke the design process down into two stages; in the first stage they searched for the right container and in the second they looked into how to maintain a consistent humidity within it. When they were searching for the container they looked at a variety of materials such as wood, glass, and aluminium. Eventually they came to the conclusion the stainless steel was the right choice, ensuring that the C Vault is airtight, lightweight, durable, and completely lightproof.

The experimentation to find the right method of humidity control was extensive. They worked with Humidipak, a company that developed the world’s first two way humidity control packet. After months of testing they came to the conclusion that the best humidity range for storing a product is between 58% and 62%

The Humidipak is central to the performance of the CVault containers and the science behind the magic.  The Humidipak is a patented 2-way humidity control sachet which keeps the relative humidity inside the storage vault at 62% - the optimum level for storing fresh herbs and ensuring that no moisture is gained or lost inside the holding environment. 

Popular with individuals as well as commercial outfits, today the C Vault is available in a huge range of sizes to suit every purpose. The airtight seals keep the freshness inside and because these containers are impenetrable to light, your herbs will not degrade or lose any of their natural flavours  that can be quickly eroded by direct light or UV rays.

Protecting your herb from sunlight is of paramount importance when you’re drying it. UV radiation breaks down THC levels in your herb. Another advantage of storing your herb in the dark is that it helps break down chlorophyll, which can scratch your throat when you attempt to smoke it. Keeping your herb in the dark makes for a much smoother smoke.


Very dry herb is fantastic for blunts or joints but if you’re looking to enjoy it with a bong it will be of little use to you. Dry herb can get very crumbly, which means that it can be incredibly hard to pack into a bowl. This is because crumbly herb offers little traction and can fall down your downstem and into your water reservoir. Especially after a particularly hefty hit.


C Vault promise that the combination of their air-tight container and the 62% humidity maintained by the Humidipak will create the perfect environment to house your dry herb in. Maintaining your herb at the perfect and constant humidity it means that wont lose or gain any moisture. Herb doesn’t come cheap and if you want to maintain it at it’s best, dankest quality for long periods of time then the C Vault is for you. Its innovative technology and sturdy construction will guarantee that your herb will remain unchanged from the day you get it right round until the day you consume it! Whatever way that may be! For a wider selection of herb accessories check out our web store!