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<p>CVault are the industry’s leading authority on storage and curing solutions for fresh herbs and plant matter.</p>
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<p> For well over a decade, CVault have been producing these lightweight, stainless steel containers with airtight seals for keeping herbs fresh and maintaining exactly the right level of humidity to cure the contents. Central to the performance of these containers is the Boveda Humidipak – the science behind the magic. The Humidipak is a patented 2-way humidity control sachet which keeps the relative humidity inside the storage vault at 62% - the optimum level for storing fresh herbs and ensuring that no moisture is gained or lost inside the holding environment. </p>
<p> Popular with individuals as well as commercial outfits, today the CVault is available in a huge range of sizes to suit every purpose. The airtight seals keep the freshness inside and because these containers are impenetrable to light, your herbs will not degrade or lose any of their natural flavours and terpenes that can be quickly eroded by direct light or UV rays. </p>
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